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  1. On a June 1 live broadcast hosted on AfreecaTV, Hara discussed her image and also her chemistry with Heechul, one of the MCs she works with on 'A Style for You'. When asked by DJ Choi Gun if she doesn't like being deemed as 'sexy,' Hara answered, "I don't think there is any need for me to be sexy. I don't want to purposefully change my original image. I have a cute and bubbly persona, so I don't want to disappoint the fans that like my natural charms." The idol delved into her relationship with Heechul and revealed that Heechul bullies her by verbally and physically abusing her (in a joking manner). When asked which MC she wants to remove from the show, she responded, "Kim Heechul. He always badgers me. I don't know why he curses at and hits me," creating a wave of laughter. Hara also added, "Now I'm more comfortable doing broadcasts. Even when I make an inappropriate comment, it'll be edited out. That's why I'm able to joke around with Heechul on the set." Source: allkpop
  2. Former KARA member Nicole made her debut in South Korea a few months ago, and now will be moving onto Japan! Although it was previously said her Japanese debut will be in April, it seems plans have been pushed back a bit. Japanse media, Oricon Style, reported, "Nicole will be starting official promotions in Japan. She will be releasing her debut single in Japan on June 24." According to the full report, Nicole's schedule includes a performance of her domestic solo debut track, "Mama", at the 'KCON 2015 Japan X M! Countdown' on April 22 and then her official Japanese debut in June. Her debut single in the summer will be called "Something Special", a song about first love with a choreography that heavily uses the arms. Source: allkpop Image: S_M_Cho on twitter
  3. Girl group KARA is making a comeback next month, and the girls have divulge a little extra information to make fans anticipate their return even more. Since the release of their mini-album MAMMA MIA in August and following promotions for the title track of the same name, KARA has been busy promoting in Japan as well as focusing on individual activities. It has been revealed that KARA, who just confirmed their comeback this May, recently chose their title track for their return. The girl group will return with a much more mature concept and are focusing on their comeback with a fresh set of staff. Agency officials told TV Report that this upcoming album is being handled with more care than ever. “KARA is preparing to show off their charm with their stage choreography. Look forward with much anticipation to their comeback this May.” Source: koreaboo.com
  4. Image

    Gorgeous Hara~! I love them all
  5. Hara on #kimheenim (Heechul), #astyle4you and #noohscent ig
  7. Recently, KARA member Goo Hara has been chosen as the new face of American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger Denim in Korea. On April 9, she attended Tommy Hilfiger Signing Event to promote the clothing brand at Lotte Department Store in Seoul. She attracted attention for her beautiful face and slim figure. Hara is currently hosting the weekend fashion program "A Style For You" with Heechul, Bora and Hani. Meanwhile, KARA will release a new japanese single "Summergic" in May. Source: dkpopnews
  8. On April 5, KBS′ A Style For You aired with Goo Hara, Heechul and SISTAR′s Bora in a meeting together. As they were conversing with each other, Goo Hara looked at Heechul and said, "I think you′re more handsome than Won Bin." Upon hearing the compliment, Heechul slowly began to turn red, very caught off-guard and panicked as he told Goo Hara to stop it. "There are people you can and cannot mess with!" said Heechul. When Goo Hara said it′s her personal opinion, Heechul added, "The opinion came from you, but I′ll be the one getting cursed at." Photo Credit: KBS Source: mwave Heechul really got embarassed with Hara's comment, haha. Their love and hate friendship is so cool.
  9. TV Show

    Thank you for the stream! As always
  10. "Alice-in-wonderland-style" loved it This is one of my favorite KARA PVs already <3
  11. From new article about Hara's fashion.
  12. Nicole, a former member of girl group KARA, has taken a look back at the girl group’s long journey. In celebration of KARA’s eighth debut anniversary, the current solo star posted a heartfelt message on her personal Twitter on March 29. With Nicole as one of the four original members, KARA made their debut in 2007. She writes, “Hi everyone. The day has come again. Just recently, I have realized how much time has passed, and I can’t believe that it’s already the eight debut anniversary. I am so thankful to everyone who has been with us over the years, and I am also truly grateful to everyone who has congratulated us and shared the happiness. I hope this will be a good day for all of us.” It appears that KARA continues to hold a special place in Nicole’s heart, regardless of her decision to part ways with her group members last year. She made her official solo debut in November with “Mama,” the powerful title track of her first mini album. Source: soompi
  13. 20150329 WEIBO UPDATE Re-up source
  14. All the goodies are pretty, but I'm honestly in love with this "bicycle" KeyChain ;-;