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  1. Gyuri sure will give a very impressive lesson for her students as she's teaching on how to become a compulsive man! ahaha.. I;m sure she has her own way and theory to say in class.hehe
  2. wao, since amuro looks so good in her short hair, I reckon that Hara would have the same effect as well. Still, as time being, poeple may start missing her long hair, even Hara herself also missing her darling long hair so much hehe I thought Gyuri used the short hair wig and not the extension?! hrm.. Goddess still better off with long hair, I guess. I gotta say Nicole stood out alot with her short hair compared to day when she was with her long hair. It's pretty noticeable when I watched the episode where Leetuek and other Suju boys hosted the variety show and Kara showed up as the guest of the day.
  3. I gotta choose mister! Just love the choreography,the MV , can't get enough of butt dance! hehe
  4. While I was tune in the music bank and seeing them performing Pretty, I feel ok but they were not giving me much deep impression as I thought that time Christmas just around the corner and I thought it was due to my holiday mood and so I was not so annoying with their repeat. After that, honey showed up and they performed live on Music Bank and then I said ok, is them again and search the MV on youtube. After watching it, I started to have interest on them and then until now, my interest on them is still there! hehe And so, I;m not immediate fan hehe
  5. I choose Seungyeon. I don't know why I feel that her smiley eyes are those eyes that can show her sincerity when you're with her haha.. Unni seungyeon!!! ah.. Jiyoung as well, I can be her good unni and try to teach her my aegyo! hehe.
  6. I think as my ages grows, I started on more to sexy and femine look comparing with cute look. I just think they might go for cute and bubbly look in their private life but when they comes to the job needed, they might just switch to the sexy and feminine look haha. I love the wanna MV! hehe
  7. I personally reckon butt dance is the one who can turns me on to the max hehe... I love mister too! I love wanna including the MV! hehe.
  8. oh no! They should go for WGM! hehe.. They look so sweet to be together! Eunhyuk! How come he's so handsome that day and our HARA, as pretty as always =) What a forbidden love hehe
  9. My girls do have tons of lovely, bubbly and cheerful songs. I need to give my biggest thumb to I am. It's very sorrow song sung by sweet, lovely , touching voice from KARA! I'm glad to hear each of them able to show their high tone of their voices! I really hope I can hear similiar songs from them in the future.
  10. She does a little resemble Hara ... When I search some images on google, there are also some photos she does not alike hara too. Hrm.. I think it could be the matters of angles, make-up and lightning effect ehe Still, Hara is the cutest ever!
  11. it has to be JY! she's the youngest and so she still got the baby look among other girls! Nonetheless, she's growing wee mature day by day! LOVE HER!
  12. I first saw her is when she was live performing Pretty girl on musicbank... I was sort of like browsing through the whole group and yup Nicole and Hara caught my attention.... Nicole for her bright smile and Hara for her natural beauty! Later, I started to pay attention on this group and found out that she's a doll before she debuted as a artist! She could be the only face that I want if I go for the plastic surgery!
  13. She's too cute with the glasses!
  14. She's a bomb even though she's not smiling! She's so fine without a smiley face! hehe...
  15. What a signature look for hara! She's just perfect for the headbands as if headbands are only made for her! oh ! She's so cute! and pretty!
  16. any CF will do good to them, since they are pretty young girls! hehe I may want to see them....car-riding? or cloth-lining? or skin-care? or bevarage? (since they have done the chicken CF) or promote the goodness of KOREA!?
  17. I love star falling from the sky! It's so catchy that I love it ever since I heard of it! And also can brighten up my mood and ready to go for the day! A little boost-up thing for me ! hehe
  18. poor ji young but she's so young that have a lot of time to promote herself and beat down unnies! nicole! past : Star golden bell .... Present : Vet course ..... twitter? and what's next?
  19. I never expect of any story line of this mv and it does not have story line hehe.... The overall thing is okay but the castle setting is a little cheap. It's too fake and less shading on it and that makes the viewer feel dull on the whole castle setting. What's up with the castle block? The moon is okay and the tiny lightnings that make up something like a star is okay... but then not for the KARA on the block! I think if they do something about the castle, the whole production would look much better! I like the short hair cut of SY... it's totally refreshed and a finishing touch on her image in the group! Love nicole's getting-shorter hair as well! A very refreshed metamorphosis! plus her mysterious expressions! The most attractive part to me is the choreography! A totally brilliant twist amongst other competitors! Just love it! Compromising some surprised tactics that's different from their previous kind! good job!
  20. The black and white and also the dotted outfits really pull off the strong woman aura! and so these 2 does suit the "wanna" song! hehe love it!
  21. At 1st, I wanted to choose white so that any stain could get it colored. In other words, they are very fine with any color.... However, I thought if I opt for white, the purpose of having this poll may useless.... and KARA sure owns their personal identity color and so I choose pearl peach resembling sweeet, romantic and girlish! I like peach too! it's lovely and makes me think of lace!
  22. I'm hara! I thought I may get Nicole.... haha.. coz I'm not as pretty as hara! Anyway, love them!
  23. Seungyeon owns princess look . Sometimes, she does look like one of the royal family when I look at her. I still love nicole ! hehe...
  24. Rainbow got too many members.... also I think all of them seems have almost the same image.... so I'm not interested with them.... plus, they are newbie and they still have a long way to go ..... they still have lots of things to learn.. Kara..... has finally find their own personal existence, reputation in the Kpop industry. I'm not nervous at all... hehe... In fact, increasing the competition among them could be a nice strategy of DSP? haha... I'm certainly be more confident on kara comparing with Rainbow!