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  1. Name : Lunakyuna Country : Malaysia Message : Dear our most freaking cute hamutaro Han Seungyeon unnie, happy. happy. happy birthday to you. Thank you for this awesome 7 years. Let's make it to 70 years hehe~. Thank you for working hard for KARA, for KAMILIA and most important thing is for YOU. I love you. I love KARA. I love KAMILIA. Have a blast birthday. Enjoy yourself. Just to let you know, I'm happy when I see KARA happy. Love you babe. =)
  2. national goddess of park gyuri.

  3. I can't live without park gyuri

  4. gyuri makes me smile. =)

  5. yup !! twice~ and i really really really want to meet them again.. KARA are such a beautiful angels...
  6. Gyuri Hara..... aaaahhhhh cutest ~

  7. I WANT TO GO TO GDA!! so baaaaddlyyy

  8. .i was mesmerizing by Gyuri's goddesses face.

    1. nadia98


      Hey! I can't pm u, so I post a comment here. I've been update my story. Check it out~ :D

  9. KARA is freakin GORGEOUS!!