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  1. they all look prettiest in the winter magic b cover. the jumping covers were nice but weve seen that style alot. jumping covers were kinda meh, i dont like the style of jumping as much. jcl covers, well, to be honest i really dislike sy's hair.
  2. Album

    congrats on the sales! mine just came in. lol on nicoles bday. im so excited spastic!
  3. Album

    i feel so late... i downloaded step asap, but only this week was i able to get my hands on their inki and mucore comebacks lol. kbs america and sbs america are like 1 week behind the korean ones so my copy of inki that says 9-24 is the comeback with date and step, and due to the hours of the store that sells the dvds, i couldn't get that until the 27th. so while their promotions are ending for you guys, they just started for me! so its kinda like i get 6 weeks of step. finally being usa kamilia pays off!
  4. i love sonic (up til sonic adventure 2) and hedgehogs are notoriously untrusting of humans so i love that sy could raise them. besides theyre so cute and unique. just like kara. ^^
  5. gyuri. shes got such a captivating expression, her hair style perfectly frames her face, her legs are great, and she pulls your attention. jiyoung is also looking really mature and beautiful. and seungyeon is very artsy and unique.
  6. Album

    i dont know 2ne1 did two songs on a regular stage. and according to my korean friends karas popularity is good. they are usually most peoples 2nd-3rd fav. they dont have as many huge fans as snsd or 2ne1 but also fewer haters. which im ok with
  7. Kind of a long story. My little brother and sister have a mental condition called Autism, and I have a less intense form called Asperberger's Syndrome. It's a mental condition that effects a few different things. I you are really curious, wikipedia has a nice article on both. Anyways, my mom is actve in an organization called Autism Speaks that supports Autism research. Every year they spnosor a walk to raise funds. This year one promoter of the walk was a tattoo shop near my home. To honor the Autism walk, they offered tattoos shaped like blue puzzle pieces (the symbol of Autism, like the pink ribbon for breast cancer), for like $20 a piece, and all the proceeds go to Autism Speaks. However, they also let you donate money straight to them without buying a tattoo. Instead they hang a little thing with your name on the wall that also says Autism speaks blasse-blah. When I walked in the store, I saw 5 of these papers right beside each other. They all said "Kara" in the same handwriting. I was immediately curious of course, so I asked the manager what was up. They were the only duplicates of any name on the whole wall of like 50-60 names. The manager said the woman who had made the donations had made a $25 donation, even though they only asked a dollar from each person. So they gave her more. I kind of took it as a sign, and decided to donate $25 dollars myself. Only, not in my name. Check it out: Not sure if kara knows anything about Autism or anything, but I just didn't care to have my name on their wall 5 times. Part of me kinda hopes maybe people would ask what was up with those specific donation cards and recieve information on Kara from the shop owner. I showed him Mister (he's a 41 year old white American guy, I was hoping that the butt dance would intice him lol) but he didn't really care for the music, which I was expecting. But he wrote that info down and promised to give it to anyone who asked about any of those five cards. So let's hope someone does, and maybe at least 1 new kamilia can be spawned. Also, I hope (however much I may doubt) Kara hears about this and appreciates it. I doubt any of them have ties to Autism, but it's possible.
  8. haha i couldnt give much. but every little bit counts. i just pray this goes well
  9. Album

    the limited edition was just one extra track. i too orderded from yesasia and i saw nothing about a poster. the regular edition has a different shorter booklet and doesn't have the track 'my heart for you (dear kamilia) so it's (to me) still worth the extra money. if theres an edition with a poster and you orderded it but didn't get it, the only thing you can do is contact their customer support.
  10. Album

    ive seen those comments too. seriously go watch the july 24 2008 or whatever debut performance of rock u. then watch date live. it's a huge improvement. then she could barely speak let alone sing. there was some show where some male friend of hers talked about her having improved in her shyness and she started tearing up. i cant remember what show. but he was right. hara has done great. i love kara for their music, but they're more than singers. they're real people.
  11. Album

    nobody hates you. we all know hara is still becoming a better live performer. compared tn her first rock u performance shes a totaly different person.
  12. I think that it's too hard to just choose one favorite. but as for a least fav, i can identify that without thinking. it's plain and obvious; Pretty Girl. But I want to go by album and point out my least fav from each album and mini album. The First Blooming: Probably Tear Eraser. It just never feels like it gets anywhere. Like it's stuck in the same muck throughout the song. Very monotonal. It's not bad, but the choruses are just too flat. Lol it almost reminds me of some song from the disney movie aladdin. Rock U: Rock u itself. It's not a bad song, but I think my problem here is that it really fits nothing else Kara has done. My little sister described it best when she said it sounds like something that belongs on nick jr or playhouse disney. But I actually listen to this more than Wait. I can't even think of what that song sounds like lol Pretty Girl/Honey Repackage: Well, you already know Pretty Girl. Pretty good minialbum otherwise. Really like Honey, I am (ing), and even Yodel and My Darling. Pretty girl just never hits me as a song I want to listen to. I don't like their promotions, dance, or anything. Only thing I find not unbearable about this song is that hara looked SO freaking adorable in that big poofy hat. But I think this song kinda sounds j-poppy. Too j-poppy, even beyond their actual j-pop lol. Revolution: wow so hard! I love this album so much. Not a single song I don't like. It's their best promotion, best work so far. I really don't know. Seriously can't choose. Lupin: I can't believe Rollin' is so disliked! Lol It's my fav from lupin. My least fav is umbrella. Once again the same issue as Tear Eraser. Just never feels like it goes anywhere or does anything. The chorsuses do a nice change. But they never really give any oomph. Lol but I love their performances live, the "dance" is one of the most fun to watch. Jumping (Korean): Jumping itself. just never really felt excited when this had teasers or anything. then the mv was kinda meh. and the dance didn't really interest me. I was glad to see them more mature. but i feel the song was too repetitive, and it was like no fun. Most kara songs are fun, for the up tempo ones. this was up tempo, but still never made me think 'Yay jumping just came on!' like any other single (besides pretty girl and rock u lol) ever made me go. and it's the only other one i've never put on repeat for like an hour. Girls' Talk: Not counting Jumping (I'm more accepting of the Japanese version because it's less repetitive) I would say SOS. Not a bad song, in fact I don't mind it or skip it that frequently, but it's just the least favorite. And I'll count their Jet Coaster Love and Go Go Summer singles together, since there are so few songs between them: Gotta be Girls Be Ambitious. 1 reason is that I'm a guy. second reason is it's just WAY to j-poppy in the wrong way. Step: really early in this album's realease, but already I say Strawberry. It's good, reminiscent of honey, and no big gripes. But it just landed in last place of the original songs on the album. Not at all bad though.
  13. Album

    im so impatient for their comeback. i am lucky they are starting with mucore. living in usa, and not having a computer, i can only watch mucore and inkigayo because the local korean stores sell those on dvd. i cant see it live but its fine this way. i cant believe its still 5 days!
  14. Album

    i have a feeling rider or date will be the other song they perform on comeback stages. not sure why but those seem most appropriate. i too would also like to dear kamilia live, but it wouldn't fit (literally and metaphoricly) on inkigayo, music core, so on. for my developed opinion of the album, i really like it a lot. my fav album by them is revolution, and this kind of a evolution of that. i just wish it had more than 5 original song. when can we expect korean lyrics?
  15. Album

    wow i'm so happy! this album is epic! step is so fun and energetic and alive and just so KARA! i love the album so much. and it touches my heart that they made ima oktritai arigatou into just for kamilia. they really want to sing that song for us. none of my korean friends even know what kamilia means. i feel so happy that kara has so openly thanked their fans with a song just for us! i've never known any other singer i like to do that.
  16. ^ lol love the gifs! @red4summer i know we don't know the concept yet but i was just pointing it out as a funny fact. i just watched the teaser too much and happened to see it.
  17. They're totally plugging all their own old songs lol. Earlier I saw jumpning on a wall in the mv teaser, but i thought it was a coincidence. But now I've seen pretty girl written in this one, I'm thinking maybe it was on purpose lol. silly dsp
  18. never struck me that hara would fit a rock concept so well. but there you go! love you hara! she's hot as heck in this. wish it were more than 3 weeks promotion
  19. i'm glad they are doing it day by day. means we've got something to look forward to each day. hope gyuri gets to rap again!
  20. yay baby jing! love her. her cheeks and smile are getting better with time (and they started out pretty awesome)
  21. i love her eye smile so much! death... but the good kind lol. can't wait for more new ones
  22. ham looks great. nice profile but theres no smile! dsp knows how to keep fans in huge anticipation
  23. its still not clear Gyuri is the leader even to koreans. a friend asked if i actually like kara. i said yes. he apparently is good friends with seungyeon's dad's pastor (my friend is a pastor here in virginia not far from sy's old home so i trust him). but he thinks sy is the leader! ugh i felt so wierd correcting him...
  24. i don't know about the hair. i always liked everything else she tried but i dislike red on her. she's pretty but it's not her thing. !
  25. i'm really interested in seeing what they mean by rock. 2ne1- ugly, snsd - himnae and cnblue - i'm a loner were really great rock styled kpop songs, so kara could easily make an amazing rock type song. if it's kara it'll most likely be great anyways.