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  1. i am an intl fan too (va, usa) but i disagree about jap vs kor language no mattering. i love kara through and through, but i really liked the mature concept of lupin. they lost that when they hit japan. they definitely moved to a jpop style with jcl and ggs. which are good songs, but not even near my top ten, or even top 15. they're nowhere near their old style either. i get ingkigayo on dvd and i'd also love them to promote in korea so every week i have a new kara performance to look forward to. dsp has basically cheated k-kamilia (and korean connected kamilia) since lupin promos ended, because jumpin korean was sort of a rip off being so repetitive, and all the songs on ep also being on girls talk, as well as others not released in korean. i feel like since i became a fan over a year ago (which was after lupin) dsp has kept to japan. a small part why i love kara is cause i love korean language, but no other group makes it sound as good as they do. their jap is good but i love korean.
  2. aw, I'm dissapointed. But I'm going to do my best to find tabs. I'm ok at guitar, so if I try hard I might get something on my own. I'll try to make some. If I do, or maybe find some, I'll post for sure! Its so cool to play their music.
  3. @red4summer Haha yeah... I think they would be MUCH nicer than this. Heck, I think I would try to play dumb, to be funny! Nah, I'd never be able to control myself!
  4. I think that one thing they could improve on is their ballad songs. They simply don't do enough. I love ballads, and this is the one thing about Kara that really is a fault. It's not necessarily the girls' fault though, they can only sing and release what DSP gives them. But I hope that one day, they will release an album with at least 1/3 ballad songs! They do them erally well (like I am... Ing), so I don't know why DSP doesn't expose this side of them as much. I guess they want them to be almost strictly a dance group?
  5. Gyuri- Rachel- it's powerful and shows leadership Seungyeon- Katey- very happy and outgoing Sunghee- Sarah- funny and loving Hara- Britney- pretty and quiet (the good, thoughtful quiet:p) Nicole- umm... uhh... well, Nicole is very fitting, it's sexy and goofy. but if anything else... (WOW this is hard...) i would have to say Ashley Jiyoung- Stephany- Cute, young, and full of energy
  6. oww... why you guys like hurting me by making me choose? lol... I went with pretty maknae jing. I remember first seeing that picture, and thinking how gorgeous she was... I had to choose between that, just goddess, beautiful hara, gorgeous hammie, and nicole and toy story.
  7. Oww, I can't answer this! Although, I did. kekeke... I went with Magic. I love Guri's rap in it so much! And it's a great song over all. But then they all are! Ahh! That's the best thing about Kara. Unlike other girl groups, I listen to and love all of Kara's songs (except maybe one...), instead of like with SNSD where there are like half their non-singles I erally don't care for.
  8. Gyuri. That make-up-less face is just... Ugh! *shudder* GORGEOUS!!!
  9. Kara's first impression of me: (anything in brackets is in Korean) GYURI: [hello, how are you?] ME: [i'm fine doing.] (<-my pathetic broken Korean) GYURI: [Nicole, talk to this guy in English, his Korean SUCKS!] (lol I know Gyuri wouldn't be that mean, but she would have Nicole talk to me) NICOLE: Hi, nice to meet you! Are you enjoying Korea? ME: Yes, I've had a great vacation, thank you! NICOLE: What's your name? ME: Alex. NICOLE: Nice to meet you, Alex, I'm... ME: I know, you're Nicole! NICOLE: [crap, he knows who we are!] SEUNGYEON: [are we ever gonna get any peace? sheesh...] JIYOUNG: [quick, let's run away when he turns away!] HARA: (already 200 feet the other way) No, not really, I know. But I think that they might be impressed with some things about me, but WAY wierded out by other things. I'm difficult to befriend, but I am still very friendly and respectful when i meet new peopl.
  10. I LOVE Rollin'! So much! It's great. UI can't really say why. but if I have time to only listen to one song, and I had the Lupin EP, i would go with this song for sure.
  11. Wow, I love statistics! yeah, lol, I know, i'm a nerd! But anyways... I really appreciate your work here. It's cool to see that there isn't to much of a gap. I love how all the videos are broken down and everything. Keep up the hard work! FIGHTING! Off-tpoic, is there a link to your work for the SNSD screentime work you have? i'd love to se it, too!
  12. Seungyeon. How is she 24!? Haha she's blessed with amazing genes, I guess. Or shorts, or skirts, depending on the song. Lol...
  13. I thought of Rock U, too! but when I read he songs you meant, I think those sound moer like Seungyeon. but I know I'm probably wrong though! Oh well, it's cute either way!
  14. Jiyoung. Not even a contest. I love all of them. But for smiles, I gotta say Jiyoung.
  15. I watched a music video of Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra on youtube. I liked it, and fell in love with Miryo, but got the feeling they weren't right for me. I still love them. But I scrolled down to the related videos. I saw a video called someting like 'Kara- Wanna [HD]'. The thumbnail was a picture of Nicole. I thought, 'she's pretty, let's see if "kara" is any good.' I watched it, and HAD to hear more. I went to wikipedia, found info on them, started looking up their singles, and really enjoyed them. Then I got their albums, and I loved even more of their non-singles. I found out about this site, and the rest is, well, cliche as it is, history.
  16. I say Jiyoung. She's so cute and funny in interviews and tv shows. I think she would be the best match for a friend for me. Although, I may also like Seungyeon. I can't really give a reason why, but she just has this magnetism that pulls me towards her. I know Nicole would be fun, due to a dream I had (kekeke... We were best frineds, i think because our closeness in age, so a lot in common), but since that dream, I want to have a chance to hang out with someone else. Gyuri, hmm... I think would stilll be very fun, but I don't know what it would be like. It would be very unpredictable. Hara, that would be interesting. We would go to every awesome restarant (wow why can't i remember how to spell that?). And Sunghee would be like... I don't know... Just non-stop laughs!
  17. kekeke I'm a guy, so I'm a bit self concious about doing this dance! But... I do enjoy dancing, and I learned a few minor hand motions from some songs. But since I don't watch live performances a lot, I really don't have the chance to learn. Best I leave the butt-dancing to the pros!
  18. I'd enjoy seeing that! I saw Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Sunny do the mister dance, as well as many other groups' members, but never any of Kara doing Gee. But then, I don't care so much for the dance of Gee. But I like it very much as a song in it's own right, so it would be really fun!
  19. I said blue. If not the obvious choice of pearl peach, which we all know is best, then I'd say a nice mid-light blue. Not quite a baby blue, but just darker.
  20. Perhaps the end of IY did more damage to her than (at least as far as I'm concerned) initially predicted? After all, thanks to IY, even though she wasn't the leader, she pretty much was the face of Kara. Easily the most recognizeable, even among other celebs, as Kara? Weren't there many times a male celebrity claimed that Hara was their ideal girl, even? I saw it at least three or four times. Since she's not as important as a vocalist, but more as a dancer, then without IY she's going to drop in popularity. I still love her as much as ever, I only ever saw one WHOLE episode of IY (the one where they make some bean paste or something, I don't know; there was some guest male celebrity that all the girls wanted on their side, can't remember his name; narsha ftw), so I never based my love for her on that show. But for other fans, as they say, 'out of sight, out of mind.'
  21. Keke I still have very limited access though, sadly. I can't chat, and I can't even get on allkpop at all.

  22. oh no, you're cool! I hadn't been on here for a while. then all of a sudden, i realize i was behind, and had to ask "what's jet coaster love?' like an idiot lol. i didnt have internet access for almost 3 months! :0 hope you're well!

  23. (can't use purple due to my limited internet access, sorry!) I love Gyuri in this video! She's the most mature of Kara, but she can still very well pull off a cute look! And her voice sounds great as always!
  24. Haha yeah trying to figure out all this bull that's going on... it's kinda depressing...

  25. I'm so sad that she is doing this now. In America, plenty of women live on their own. But not this early, at just 20. Most live with either roomates or a boyfriend. I expect that in Korea, it's even more so? I wouldn't really worry about theft, but if they're telling her business about the exact city district and such things where she will be living, I'm more worried she wil have to deal with people bugging her than her being stolen from. If she stays with DSP she may still have protection, so theft is maybe unlikely. But if everyone knows where she lives, she'll never get any peace. Also, is this an indication she is more at odds with the other members than it seems? Because, why else would she want to really live alone? I hope Hara isn't having trouble with the other members... I hate this crap...:mad: