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  1. Lol it's actually Hara? lolololol how ironic, as if she were meant to be part of the group. I wonder if they know? Eh, but knowing our goddess, she'd shoot down any attempt we made to prove her wrong. She said it is, so it is. Let it be from now on that the word be changed in all greek dictionaries from 'hara- 1.(n) joy/happiness' to 'KARA- 1.(n) sweet melody 2. (n) most awesome-est Korean girl group to ever be'
  2. Three weeks after Nicole was born I was. So she's closest to me in all K-pop (that I know of lol), so she is special to me for that. I think it's cool someone in my fav group is so close to me.
  3. Lol my friend Rami looks ver much like Nicole. She looks nearly identical to Nicole when Nicole is wearing glasses, they have the exact same semicircle eyes. But Rami has a cuter nose, and is cuter in general imho.
  4. I say Jiyoung, hers is best imho. Though I'll admit, Nicole does have the best butt. But overall, Jiyoung is best. Her stomach and thighs are especially attractive.
  5. I think it would suit Jiyoung great, but Hara shouldn't go short. But I could be dead wrong though, lol...
  6. Album

    I can't wait for this one! They're releasing a whole album in Japanese? That should definitely give them an edge in this K-pop invasion of the J-pop world!!! Kara Fighting!!! I'm not a big fan of J-pop, but that's mainly because it's full of puke-inducingly cute groups that I can't stand to hear or watch. Heck, That's why I hate Pretty Girl (prepares for major flaming). But if it's done like Jumping was, then I'll be perfectally happy listening to it! But I don't think I'll listen to Jap Lupin more than once or twice. Original is almost always better when it comes to songs redone in a different language. I only heard Mister Jap so much because it was the only one with an mv. But I'm very anxious to hear this new album. It may be what Kara needs to pull ahead in the very important Japanese market. Sorry, SNSD, I love you, but 2 rehashed songs won't do NEARLY as well as 7 original songs. Of corse that's because the company, not the girls, so I blame SM, not SNSD. Anyways. Go Kara, congrats on all your success in Japan, and hope to see you releasing something near me pretty soon, or at least performing! All of us here will continue to support you as long as you continue to be Kara, whether you be Japanese Kara or Korean Kara. Let's just see what Japanese Kara is like, it's always interesting to see artists branch into other languages.
  7. ! Maybe that's why I watch her least, because we're similar? Lol... I got confused on the which would you date, so I picked the guy who sounded closest to the girl I like. I figured I would get . Hmm... Maybe really is my long-lost half Korean sister? Lol... I don't want to watch my own sister buttdance!
  8. I juat turned 19 on monday, so I changed my vote lol... Not it's one more for that group! yay! Go 19 plus!
  9. Wah! I love these threads! And Seungyeon's is the longest. Nicole and Jing have less than 20 pages.
  10. Hmm... I wasn't around when you left, Sunghee. I came to Kara very lately. I love both versions of Kara, with you, and with HaJing. I can't say I love one more than the other. There are more pics/vids/songs by Kara as 5. So I technically pay more attention to the 5 than the 4. But that's really just a matter of circumstance. I still love you like I love Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole, and Jiyoung. I just wish there was more of you to see and listen to. Such an amazing voice. I really don't follow any solo Korean artists, but I think if you went solo, I would definitely follow you. You'll always be my favorite Saint. But it would be just as amazing to see you back in kara. Either way, my list of vocalists I think are best would not be nearly complete without a very high level mention of you! Please come back, I need my vitamins! Kim Sunghee nuna hwaiting!
  11. Thank you! And just use VVV. I'll also respond to Alex or Suhan.

  12. I say all. I love all of them equally. THough I usually have one particular member that I pay most attention to at any given time. Doesn't mean I love her better, that just makes it easier to get as much enjoyment out of each girl as possible, which maximizes the enjoyment the group as a whole gives! First it was Nicole, then Hara, now Jiyoung.
  13. I'm doing pretty well. Anxiously awaiting Kara's jumping mv to premiere, I lpve what i've seen so far of the choreography! Meanwhile I'm padding the wait time with SNSD, their next release is sooner, so I'll just enjoy them while I wait for Kara's come back. What do you think of Seungyeon's new hairstyle? I love it!

  14. Hey. I haven't chatted with you in a while, how are you doing?

  15. So, first my favorite member was Nicole, then Hara, now Jiyoung. Who will be after her; Seungyeon, who usually hovers at second place, or Gyuri, who I don't watch much because I don't care for leader tpes, but has best voice?

  16. I first saw her in the Wanna mv, just like the other four. And my impression of her was 'Oh man, look at those dimples! And the puppy eyes!' Then when I saw Rock U, I thought she and Nicole looked like they could maybe be sisters or cousins. She is SO cute!
  17. Aww... She does look exactly the same, but older! Maknae hwaiting! Love you Jing! Saranghae!
  18. She is really cute, but I need to stop reading these eating thrads when I'm hungry. Jiyoung, I'm going to lunch at Chipotle's becuase I won a free gift card, want to join me? Please?
  19. I like straight bangs/wavy hair. But I also like bangs and pigtails. I'm surprised tat got so few votes!
  20. You're trying to kill me, aren't you? Brian Stell 10-22-2010 12:02 Cause Of Death: TOO MUCH EPIC MAKNAE AEGYO!!!
  21. I listen to a few groups: Kara, SNSD, f(x), T-ara, and BEG. Seohyun has been mixing a lot of sexiness into her cuteness lately. I love it, but she doesn't still embody that maknae feel. And she's 3 months older than me, so that affects it too. Krystal is great but she never felt maknae-ish imho. Sulli does but she's not actually the maknae. I really don't watch a whole lot of T-ara or BEG outside of mv's and performances. For my money, Jiyoung is exactly what I see when I think of the word 'maknae'. She's the perfect example. And she's 3 years younger than me, so that makes it feel more so. Nicole is only three weeks older than me, so if she had stayed the maknae, it might feel the same too. But Jiyoung is a perfect way to show to people who don't know k-pop terminology what the words maknae and aegyo mean. One video of her and there was no question in my mind! Maknae saranghae!
  22. Can't wait to hear the full song! Good to see they're doing some original stuff for the japanese market!
  23. Annyeong nuna! I love you as much as everyone else! But I just watch you less, because you're the leader. But I respect you most of all kpop girls! Gyul hwaiting! Saranghaeyo!

  24. Annyeong Seungyeon nuna! Hope your doing well! I pray for your health! Come back and see us on the east coast again! I know tons of people that would love to see you all perform live here.

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  25. Nicole! The closest to my age in all kpop-dom! So sexy, and such a great dancer! America loves you! Come back and perform for your former home! ANd make sure to visit the east coast!