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  1. There was a video from some tv show (can't remember which) that I believe was at some point subbed by the sweet melody team, which had Hara waking the other four up in around 2010 or 2011. Then Nicole made breakfast, before jiyoung headed off for school and the eldest unnies jammed out to some music. Anyone have any clue what I'm talking about? I can't find it here or YouTube :'(

  2. so, ive known about big bang ever since i was a kpop fan. heard about them initially through simon&martina. didnt really like them though. took me a while to really start liking kpop boy bands. only like late last year did i really start caring for suju&shinee, who i would call my favs.

    but early this year, i tried out some of big bangs solo stuff. i had heard high high before, and didnt really like it. but i took another look after getting slightly addicted to fantastic baby. i was impressed particularly with top. he was so smooth and charismatic, while hardly doing anything, just letting his voice win you over. and i found taeyangs, seungri, and daesungs voices each to be really good too. so i checked out more of top (really love turn it up and bbugigayo), as well as the other three. not a fan of gd though. just, dont care for his rap style. hes good though (especially the new one of a kind). but my two favs are top&seungri. i have tons of each of their solo stuff, and many of tops collabs. also got some of taeyangs solo stuff. but as for big bang together, well, i really only like fantastic baby. i never really liked lies. but it is pretty fun to sing sometimes. lol. and even sometimes i get into singing and rapping along with gd. thats one thing i like about big bang, its the only boy band where i actually like the members. lol. i would almost turn gay for top-hyung or seungri LOL not really but you know. i dont care about the members of shinee individually, and out of suju i really only like donghae, siwon, and shindong. so yeah. guess im a vip.

  3. god i cant make it out to california... i saw carson and i thought there is a city with the same name in new jersey... that would be a pretty smart place to host a kpop concert, many koreans live in new jersey, not to mention here in VA and up in NYC. i want so badly to go but theres just NO WAY i could get there OR afford the tix... T.T ugh... so close again... all those artists... and never does kara come close to me... they need a major kpop concert in DC, that would work

  4. (almost) all chicks in (almost) all anime look practically the same as every other chick in their respective anime. that being said, i gotta say, they are cute. the real girls, i mean. they are very pure and natural. like the general lack of makeup. tbh i kinda feel wierd cause im the same age as nicole. but part of me is starting to like siyoon. hope to see some more from them soon. especially like... pura...puratty... katty... karetty... <lol sounds like karate! yes... lets call it karetty! hope to see some karetty interactions between unnies and yeodongsaengs! :)

    ps is it ok for me to suggest a pairing name? cuz come on it sounds pretty awesome! :P

  5. POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!! lol kidding but that was the first thting i thought of though for real... i like the whole idea of symbols for group members, exo does it well. its kinda like, since im a guy, i dont really like the boys themselves, but their symbols are cool. so i can represent by way of symbols instead. like how in exo-m i like chen and kris' scorpion and dragon, so now with dsp boys (i refuse to spell it with a z) i can pick a member with a symbol i like. so far sungmin's is coolest, but we'll see when the others come out. And thanks for sharing these!!!

  6. i just hope theyre somehing i can enjoy, not all cute like b1a4 or whatever their name is... something with the asexual coolness of suju&2pm. maybe a bit rock inspired. ive just got no use for cute boy groups, clearly. i hope theyre something intense, like a male version of a mix of 4minute and 2ne1. you know, in your face, loud, powerful, crazy, and unorthodox. but not steer to close to big bang. not a fan of them, for whatever reason. yeah, just be loud partying intensity.

  7. first impression of sunghee nuna... umm... was break it, 2 years ago, and i guess it was along the lines of "wow, she has an amazing voice and control, and she should totally replace that elf chick that marries the king uy in lotr!" lol sorry idk their names i only ever saw the first one like twice... anyways, since i had seen all of kara5's mvs before i saw break it or if u wanna, i was expecting that, whoever this member that left was, she would probably be pretty underwhelming. i was underestimaing her before i saw her, but boy was i way off!

  8. something about just how she smiles says goddess. like not necessarily her bewuty itself, but also the elegant way she carries herself, her sophisticated aura, and her mother-like caring personality all lead to the goddess image. that said, were she to decide to truely drop it fully and permanently, i guess i would have to respect that. but in answer to your question, no, i'd like to see her keep it, becase it fits her. imho goddess doesn't imply arrogance, since after all the fans gave it to her, and it fits her like a glove!