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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. There was a video from some tv show (can't remember which) that I believe was at some point subbed by the sweet melody team, which had Hara waking the other four up in around 2010 or 2011. Then Nicole made breakfast, before jiyoung headed off for school and the eldest unnies jammed out to some music. Anyone have any clue what I'm talking about? I can't find it here or YouTube :'(
  2. So, I always though that Sungja, especially in the If U Wanna mv, looked like she had Elf ears. I think they are one of her cutest features ! But a few minutes ago, I was watching the Oh! music video by SNSD, and in a few shots, Sooyoung looks like she has the same ears! I would post pics, but I can't... If someone could , I would greatly appreciate it! But tell me what you guys think... Didi Sungja and Sooyoung come out of a fantasy novel or omething? Especially with Sooyoung's height!
  3. Ok, delete this thread if need be. I have been promoting Kara since I joined here, on other forums. My primary one is Alizee America, a forum about a French singer I support. I started a thread about Kara there, so people could learn about them. That forum is nowhere near as active as this one, but I will certainly still try. The Kara thread can be seen here. Check it out. I used the profiles for each girl found in their own forum, but I edited them slightly to save space. If you want me to remove them, I will. I did give credit to Karaholic and Louise. But also Check out Alizee, she sings French (with a tiny bit of English, and one Spansh song) Pop, and she as four cd's. each very different from the last. Also, post links to other forums you are on in this thread, and to Kara-related threads on csuch forums. If this thread belongs in a different forum, feel absolutely free to move it. But tell us where you have shown some Kara love!
  4. im glad you can have so much enthusiasm for the US fan meet. i would love to go but its such short notice. maybe if i knew a few months out, i could go. i am proud of being one of kara's few american kamilia, but i just cant do anything about this particular concert. but i support them how i can, and im glad you do too! ^^

  5. god i cant make it out to california... i saw carson and i thought there is a city with the same name in new jersey... that would be a pretty smart place to host a kpop concert, many koreans live in new jersey, not to mention here in VA and up in NYC. i want so badly to go but theres just NO WAY i could get there OR afford the tix... T.T ugh... so close again... all those artists... and never does kara come close to me... they need a major kpop concert in DC, that would work
  6. Is thaht in new jersey!? what state? i dont see!!!!!! if its neaar east coast i will totally GO! i wanna win
  7. umm... I really like the short bobs from 2010-2011... but i may have to say my favorites are the braids she did during mister promotions in 2009... dont know if thats what i voted for, but thats what i think now at least. um... its just so unique, and it really fits her well. i like how it's not nearly a korean style at all, but she makes it look so hot...
  8. anyone have any pics of this or anything, cuz i really would love to see this
  9. 내 프로필에 환영해죠! and im closing in on my 2 year anniversary... man, the nostalgia... back when we're with you was new, and japan promotions realy hadnt even started

  10. *gasp* 미안해 sorry i missed your birthday! happy belated birthday!!!

  11. thanks for sharing! wow... theyve all changed so much... i think gyuri stands out to me as the most changed member, she has lived up so well to being our groups surrogate mother!
  12. im sure this will sound wierd, but seungyeon has a very attractive neck. the collar she has on her dress in girls power looks ubermegahypersupersexy. like thats her perfect accessory with her long slender elegant neck andperfect jawline and small face. i hope to see her wear more of them in the future.
  13. 생일 축하해 happy birthday!

  14. ooh too cute! look at her eyes theyre so lovely! shes ama-jing! thats a perfect baby face
  15. my curiousity has gotten the best of me, im desperate to hear sy in english, see what her accents like
  16. first impression of sunghee nuna... umm... was break it, 2 years ago, and i guess it was along the lines of "wow, she has an amazing voice and control, and she should totally replace that elf chick that marries the king uy in lotr!" lol sorry idk their names i only ever saw the first one like twice... anyways, since i had seen all of kara5's mvs before i saw break it or if u wanna, i was expecting that, whoever this member that left was, she would probably be pretty underwhelming. i was underestimaing her before i saw her, but boy was i way off!
  17. i guess this thread is still relevant, so i too say i love the short! she's one of few girls who can truely pull both off, and not just as a fad or short (lol bad pun) term thing, but even a whole year with it looks wtunning
  18. something about just how she smiles says goddess. like not necessarily her bewuty itself, but also the elegant way she carries herself, her sophisticated aura, and her mother-like caring personality all lead to the goddess image. that said, were she to decide to truely drop it fully and permanently, i guess i would have to respect that. but in answer to your question, no, i'd like to see her keep it, becase it fits her. imho goddess doesn't imply arrogance, since after all the fans gave it to her, and it fits her like a glove!
  19. omfg nicole is killing me... those glances sideways she does is speed up are just... like... death... but you know, tue pleasant kind lol if such a thing exists... but i really like her kinda... girl next dor unique natural llok in girls power too.
  20. shes so glamorous and sexy! like korean (or since the song is japanese would you say japanese) race queen. if she were starting a race i were in, i dont know if i could stop looking at her long enough to start the race! lol and her girls power image is great too; gyurinoona is so mulititalented
  21. she is so rocknroll i love it! dont see enough of that in kpop. but kara keeps it alive! rock on hammie!
  22. oh man ive been away forever... like since jumping was new... ha that songs practically old now lol...

  23. hehe thank you! nice background btw!!!

  24. Single

    not impressed. dont like the video or song. maybe cause here in va its 70 degrees and wet. and im disapointed step ended way too early. i dont like tacky cuteness. i almost dislike this as much as pretty girl. well ive got secret and snsd to listen to this fall. cant wait for karas next korea comeback!
  25. i love jiyoungs current short hair. it looks so good and different and mature. not sure if hara can pull it off