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  1. dang she's brave. & i love everyone's reactions. & she looked so cute when she came back up with a smiling face. <3
  2. aww. she looks so cute with the bunnies. hammie & bunnies = love. ;D love the second picture the most.
  3. i vote for seungyeon.<3 tiffany looks sexy & seungyeon looks cute in it. still like them both tho.
  4. how is it scary? D: love all of her expressions. & still looks cute when she's not smiling but i like it when she smiles. <3
  5. haha. i saw the episode for that & thought that it was so cute. & it seemed so alike. ;D
  6. i will always love her long hair but short hair suits her too. long hair makes her cute & short hair makes her seem more mature. (;
  7. haha. thanks for sharing. they were both so shy which makes them so cute. xD
  8. she looks so cute in these pictures. when i started liking kara, i really thought she was the youngest. X;
  9. dang. never knew she had that many piercings. o___o; love her piercings. O;
  10. they both look cute in it. ;D jiyoung looks cute in it while taeyeon looks.. idk. but i still like it. X:
  11. haha. i love the first picture. but she looks so tired. D:
  12. i like the gif with seungyeon. >< they both look so cute in it.
  13. wow. didn't notice her dimples till now. thanks for sharing. (; & i love her smiles.
  14. wow. didn't know she had her own personal space. O; & it seems so full & she could still keep it so clean. o___o;
  15. i love the first picture. xD she looks so cute holding the puppy's ears. & the puppies are so cute. ><