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  1. For those people who have missed hammie's cameo for "A Bit of Love"... Click HERE for youtube videos! (thanks flamestalker and ElJunRa!) btw is it done?lol cause ive been waiting for another episode of her x.x
  2. Hopefully Hammie accepts more modeling offers! lol I like seeing different "kinds" of her and also to make up for Karaya, I wanted her and Nicole to be part too ><
  3. Hammie's airport fashion...kekeke just like a kid that Mister outfit during the concert was haawwt, hopefull we get a hammie fancam -- Okay,so Aechak is hosting another hammie event...Its her SIXTH DEBUT ANNIVERSARY and its once again welcome to intl. fans. So for hammie fans that have no idea about this... * It doesn't have to be hand written, you can just go HERE and post there. Just click the button that has a pencil and korean. *As far as I remember, I think you will be asked for a password, write any password, because you need in order to edit your msg again. Please do ask me if you have any questions (: Also, If you havent heard about aechak's second goods, here you go
  4. LOOOL rhe-c we thought the sameee thing. I noticed that Hammie didnt get to "interact" with the guy...again lol except for the pic thingy but thats about it. Instead, she gets a birrrthhdaayyy suprise LOOOOOOL #foreveralone buuuuttt as a Hayeon shipper, I am satisfied
  5. LOL ikr even in anime, she's foreveeeer alone http://25.media.tumblr.com/25b1d492e963caea40edff3878b951bd/tumblr_mjktccBKQ11qjhpqlo1_1280.jpg and omg THAT smile is killing me
  6. FINALLY, my gifs would now be useful WARNING : CUTENESS OVERLOAD OhMYGoood byebye -- okay lol i dont get the format anymore,but w/e ^ and of course Soostal, you can share any hamme gifs we;ll gladly take them all lolol
  7. Oh my, hammie in traditional clothing but april is too loooong and gonna be on the second half of the drama Really looking forward for her traditional acting? lol
  8. LOL the first few seconds of her anime part sounds so wrong lol and I gotta say even her anime ver loooovees pinkupinku and that hedgehog...soo cutee ...IM IN LOVE WITH THE OPENING SONG SOO ADDICTING
  9. ABSKDHBASDAS that tape scene was adorable And anyone cant disagree that her acting has certainly improved! Hammie so proud <3 now im excited for her historical dramaaa
  10. Nope, according to _songie@twitter this poll is about "which celebrity are you most anticipating to do well for 2013?" and the akp one is more endorsement
  11. Actually the best part is girls voted for this poll lol, hence the rest are all guys lol guess a lot of girls cant get away from her charm, including me
  12. Hopefully she gets, and the other members aswell, OSTs.
  13. Heard all thse stuffs about the cable and non-cable shows on twitter, she's already getting bashed...http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ksuh6e Well, I've seen hammie act 3? times already(2 sitcoms and Urakara) and I gotta admit, I cringed. Maybe its because the directors made her do all those aegyo lol Also, it looks like she will be the bad guy here, wonder if thats gonna add more fire? Hopefully, she exceed our expectations,like always, and blow us and knetizen away.
  14. Ohh, thank you. lol i misread the calendar. thought it was the broadcasting
  15. Just wondering, Ive been kind of behind...but wasn't she supposed to be on Song Challenge? any cuts?