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Status Updates posted by timstarr

  1. egg hunting is driving me cccccrazy clap clap clap

  2. its all about yoo right? where is the egg?

  3. i was just stalking your profile bcoz of the egg hunt then i saw that our bdays are just a day apart..just saying ^^

  4. haha..i pretty much did all the kara episodes.i just didn't post it..

  5. haha..thanks..yeah, sure you can use them..you dont even have to credit me since there's a watermark on those..plus check out my art corner..i posted some banners there..i'll add more to it..

  6. haha,,i was a gyuljing at first..but jini is so cute too..haha..i still love gyuljing although jini comes first.not by much though..

  7. oh.. a HaNi fan..haha..i'm a JiNi..hehe

    don't worry you're not alone on that..its every kamilias dilemma.. i think my bias changes everyday..hehe..

    nice meeting you..im from california ^^

  8. hi !! yeah..i really do have a few kamilia friends..especially here in KH!

    nice meeting you ^^

  9. thnks ^^ ikr its addicting..

    LOL at the english i kept hearing i don't like samsungs?..hehe

  10. thanks thanks ^^ check out my art corner..there's some sigs there.. ^^

  11. hi nice to meet you..and thanks ^^

  12. of course i remember ^^

  13. i really like your title..SOKAISM..its catchy and you already know from the title what your tumblog is about..i likeit but still depends on you :D

  14. oic..good for you..its kinda addicting and sometimes i forget the time..haha..but its fun though

  15. hehe..cool! i followed you so dance okay? hah..talk to you in tumblr

  16. haha..thanks!!what's yours ?i want to follow you too ..

  17. its quite addicting right??..haha..

  18. really? so that's yours..i saw a lot of reblogs in my dash..haha..when did you start?

  19. no..i'm not one of the best..im the best!just kidding!!...i wanna follow you to? whats yours?

  20. yup..hehe..do you follow me??cool!

  21. your gif request will be delayed..i was trying to reinstall my photoshop only to find that my sister lend our cd..

  22. put me in the pm list of the fanfic okay?