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  1. Spazz

    Ahh~ I love this song so much!! <33 The girls' voices are so lovely and crystal-clear; they really showed us the true meaning of "Sweet Melody"! ^^ Amazing harmonization from them as well ^^
  2. Wow... I knew that KARA worked very hard to get to where they are now ever since their debut. I knew that KARA went through a lot. But I never knew that Ham, especially, sacrificed so much for her group. It just goes to show how much she loves KARA... Ham was put through such terrible ordeals... yet she still performed on stage with a smile on her face. Beneath that cheerful personality is a girl with steel-hard determination! After reading this, I have developed a newfound appreciation and respect for Ham. I will never forget how hard she persevered on and followed her dreams; she will always be my role model when things get tough ^^ She and her teammates deserves all the awards they are getting now!! Hamtaro~ Hwaiting!! ^^
  3. Ahh~ Rollin' is my favorite song from the mini-album and I really loved Yoreullae... Guess I have very weird taste >.< My least favorite song currently is probably Magic. I don't know... I can't seem to warm up to it. Maybe I need to listen it more ^^ I might grow to like it ^^
  4. #1~ This is awesome! I am glad that KARA's hard work has finally paid off, that more and more fans are recognizing their talent and listening to their music! ^^ It seems that KARA members are thankful for the support of their fans too ^^ Go KARA~ Fighting! Conquer 2011 like you did in 2010!! ^^
  5. DVD

    ^ Yes, pretty much >.< It's "Ima Okuritai 'Arigatou'" like what xichigo said and not "
  6. And I bet you are one of those crazy Kamilia, huh? ^^

  7. This isn't a word-for-word translation but... basically, it said that the main song in URAKARA is the one that is going to be released as a new single in March. ^^ Where did you get that? I need to see the whole article!!

  8. Spazz

    I'm so happy Gyul dyed her hair back to its usual black color. She looks gorgeous! ^^ Although I need to get used to not seeing blonde!gyul anymore... Nevertheless, it does not matter what color her hair is; goddess will still be a goddess and that will never change ^^ And baby Gyul is just so adorable with the apple~
  9. Spazz

    ^ Me too! I love KARA's ballads, they are all so sweet and I don't know why... but they really make me feel so happy when I listen to them. ^^ If it's the URAKARA theme song, it would be even better! The song can get extra promotions from the drama haha ^^
  10. @neris Maybe he/she is short of cash? This is pretty crazy, if you ask me >.< I really hope that fan has tons and tons of money because no matter how awesome and wonderful KARA is, they aren't worth spending an entire month's (possible) salary on. I hope "weaker" Kamilias wouldn't feel disheartened and start thinking that cold, hard cash is the only way to prove their unwavering support ^^ Because that's not true ^^
  11. Spazz

    ^ ^ I think you wanted to post in this thread? Anyway, I'm so happy that KARA is doing so well in both Korea and Japan!! ^^ Who cares what KARA is classified under? A golden disk win is a win!! 2011 will definitely be a better year for them. Wow, if anyone here were to audition for the DSP idol thing, they might be label-mates with KARA! ^^ That will be so cool!!
  12. umm... it's not an online game, it's something that you have to buy and play on a gaming console ^^

  13. oh ^^ haha thanks for liking it~ he's not from an anime, but a game, and the icons is made from a fanart. he's green from pokemon. check it out! it's really fun ^^

  14. I voted for KARAnimals! I love their poses!<3 They seemed to be having fun! And I loved watching them play on that Japanese game show in their cute costumes ^^
  15. DVD

    Hi stevenstanley! Thanks for the tip ^^ And I doubt Gyul will kiss that hot guy; they'll probably lean forward and then she'll be like, "No, I can't do this..." because she's too immature for love!!! ^^ Ah~ it's just a theory haha. Translations for the tweets under the cut:
  16. Korea's 5-member girl group KARA released the promotional video (PV) of their second single, "Jumping" (on sale from November 10). While the song is about heart-breaking love, leader Gyuri (22) also stated that "It will be like the Japanese anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. In order to seize back lost time, we "Jump"! Such is the image we want to portray. Through the catchy rhythm, we hope to make this a spirit-lifting song." The new attention-grabbing dance of KARA's "Jumping" is different from the signature Hip Dance from their Japanese debut album. It is a dance whereby one raises both hands, while slightly cocking their hips upwards in a cute manner. Seungyeon (22), appealed to KARA fans, saying, "This time, the dance is much easier to imitate than the one in Mister. So, we would very much like it if you dance along with us!" Source: News24 Translated by: melpOmeNe! @ karaholic Thanks xichigo for article tip
  17. I love the Christmas layout, and I am definitely feeling the Christmas spirit every time I visit this page! Merry Christmas KHers!! ^^
  18. Hi! Are you sure that it's Japanese and not Chinese? Because that name don't seem to make sense to me right now... >.< May I ask whose name is it, so I can get a better idea? Thank you ^^

  19. DVD

    @yeosin_enairol YESSS!!! That guy is hottt!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that haha ^^ He's acting as a businessman who's attending an important conference in Korea with the Korean foreign minister. He's staying in Seoul for 3 days. And he will become Gyul's target!! And if you're interested, here's the translated poster and the intro page that stevenstanley posted ^^ "Love Agents" isn't the literal translation by the way, it's "agents who make people fall in love with them". The former sounds cooler so I used it >.< And "URAKARA" means "the other side of KARA", you know, the hidden, completely opposite side to them. I think that on their "missions", they aren't supposed to be the cute and friendly idols we know, but "cool and stylish" agents ^^ By the way, URAKARA is a midnight show, right? Do people actually stay up all night to watch shows on a Friday?
  20. I've seen the show, and I noticed the boys too, but I thought they were just random trainees! I didn't think that they might be the next SS501! They seem really cool and working hard, too! KARA will gain new juniors! It will be fun to see them interact ^^
  21. That is a lot of money!! The girls must be so happy and proud for their achievements, and it's hard to believe they only debuted less than a ago! Congratulations! ^^ And Platinum for Mister! KARA is slowly rising to the top, because even prominent J-pop artists in the industry for years do not achieve Platinum very often. Hope KARA can keep this up, and continue their record-breaking streak next year! ^^
  22. DVD

    Here are tweets from their official Twitter, thanks neris for the tip ^^: Most recently: Past tweets, starting with the most recent:
  23. Aww Jing is so puppy-like with all her adorable expressions! She has so much chemistry with Sungje! Her voice is definitely improving day by day ^^ I love this song! It's so happy and festive, perfect for Christmas! I'm already feeling the Christmas spirit~~
  24. Ouch! Those falls DO hurt. >.< No one wants to fall... falling down not only harms the bones and muscles and stuff but it also kind of ruins the whole performance. But it's okay to fall, as long as they get back up again and give the best they can afterwards. Metaphorically and literally ^^ KARA has always been like that and that's why I admire them so much ^^
  25. Album

    Omg... I could have been on that plane! My family's taking JAL to Hokkaido later this year and I'M NOT GOING. If I were, I'll probably be looping the album throughout the flight~ T.T