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  1. Wow, KARA look so cute in chibi avatar form! @dmns^^ It's kinda like the Japanese version of Korea's TalesRunner. Ironically, KARA appears in the Japanese and not the Korean version. Seems like a fun game though ^^
  2. Album

    Hooray! KARA won! The girls must be so happy! They have all worked so hard and performed so well... They totally didn't expect it, but even so, they still manage to put on their best effort and enjoy the stage with smiles on their faces. ^^ Their spirit is what makes them deserve this win so much! I shouldn't be greedy and ask them to win more trophies haha ^^ One is good enough for the people to recognize their efforts ^^
  3. Omg, I love the new layout sooo much!!! It is so pretty and cute, and the puzzle game is so addictive ^^ It makes me want to visit KH more and more often just to see this awesome page. Thank you so much GFXHolic designers and iTee admins, for all the hard work <33
  4. Album

    @misiak Omg, I love those duck emoticons so much!! <3 Where is my Platinum, wheeere~~ I wonder if the Music Station Super Live will boost KARA's sales for this album, just like how the regular Music Station boosted Mister's and Jumping's sales. If so, 200k or even 250k wouldn't be too hard to reach hahaha ^^
  5. Yay!!! It's nice to see Kamilias from Japan giving KARA the love and support they so greatly deserve! May KARA continue to break more records and soar to greater heights ^^
  6. Did you guys see the keychain pic? That's the cutest thing ever ~ cr: livejournal
  7. Album

    SOS and Baby I Need You are totally cute and awesome! Though my favourite song is still Sweet Days haha ^^ I love the new songs so much, and I'm sure fans in Japan will too. As for sales, didn't UMJ predict a 200k for Girls Talk? I think they will sell 35k in the first day, and after listening to the songs, I am positive that KARA will hit the target! It's their VERY FIRST Japanese album, after all. ^^
  8. Album

    ^ I'm really sorry guys, but I don't like Ham's new haircut at all. >.< Nevertheless, those were awesome performances! I love the energetic and fun vibe from BURN and those Jumping costumes totally rock! A pity they didn't do the "Bird Dance" though; it might become a hit in Korea too, just like Mister... I feel so happy seeing KARA on stage again after so long ^^ Can't wait for the next one!
  9. Single

    ^ And they have 5 members o.O Kara really surprised us! And to think I was so worried that their sales would be badly affected this time. I really underestimated Kara's popularity haha ^^ Believe in Kara! Hwaiting ~
  10. Single

    I guess the "bird dance" can be renamed the "butterfly dance"? ^^ I really hope the sales will be "steady", as what tinaomina mentioned. I mean, as the days get closer and closer to Girls Talk's release, wouldn't fans wait for a few more weeks/days to buy the whole package instead, rather than buy a single and then buy the album a few weeks/days later. It would be a waste of money. Then again, singles tend so sell better than albums, so I hope Kara can keep this up ^^
  11. Album

    I don't know... to be honest, as much as I love those costumes, I really hope Kara will change their outfits to something less revealing because I feel that the bikini is a bit over the top... I don't want poor Nicole to be the target of perverted fans and critical anti-fans. >.<
  12. Album

    "Love Is" has such a beach-y feel, especially with Nicole's bikini and all, but it's winter!? Anyway, I love the colourful outfits ^^ I wonder if appearing on music programs in Korea will boost Jumping's sales, like in Music Station. Maybe Music Core can raise awareness, so people who haven't heard of their comeback yet (o.O) can buy their album and boost next week's sales, resulting in wins for Kara? Ah, what am I blabbering about; I must be too excited for their long awaited comeback!!! ^^
  13. Single

    I'm really glad that Kara get to appear on Music Station in the end, because with its help, Jumping's sales will totally skyrocket. It will be like Mister, except that this time, their appearance will be broadcasted during the peak of their sales, so maybe clinching #1 is still possible. ^^ That aside, OMG, KARA GET TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT IN PERSON??? That's so lucky of them >.<
  14. Album

    At this rate, KARA will definitely win something! I am positive they will, because the songs in this album are just too cuuuute!! I can listen to them forever! ^^ I'm probably the only one who likes "With" the most? Haha ^^ Sha la la la la~ KARA will "jump" to the top ~
  15. Thank you so much!! ^^ It's really pretty!

  16. I'm so excited for this! It has been ages since the last Kara-centered tv show!!! I think Ham, especially, will be very happy about this, since she couldn't appear on a previous drama. Now she can, together with her bandmates! ^^
  17. Album

    I was a little disappointed with the teaser... but I am confident that the PV will be tons better! ^^ In fact, so what if DSP decides to cut down on the PV budget? Kara have always been economic idols; they can succeed purely with their charms and talents. The epicness and awesomeness of "Jumping" will not be compromised by a low-budget PV (hopefully that won't happen haha) @stevenstanley That picture... Was that a time capsule?? Anyway, the girls look totally cute huddled together like that ^^
  18. Single

    I don't know which is better, Jumping and Girls Talk having equal but average sales, or Jumping's sales being compromised with Girls Talk high up on the charts. I think Music Station will help the girls in some way or another, no matter how late it is broadcasted. I mean, just look at Mister. ^^
  19. Album

    Is Gyul's hair black/dark brown in the picture? Because if it were blonde, it would turn out with a lighter shade in this black-and-white format o.O Anyway, maybe this is the PV where we can see Ham crying ^^
  20. ^ It's great that they are getting more attention! Jing's voice improved HEAPS since her Lupin days! She was totally awesome in the PV, fierce while still maintaining her natural cuteness. ^^ Maybe one day she and Hara will join the 'ranks' of their unnies?
  21. OMG! I've been looping this song for hours and hours and I still can't get enough of it! ^^ Which is strange, because I've never looped any of KARA's songs that many times before. Or any song for that matter. And it isn't even released yet! Such is the power of "Jumping" ^^
  22. Wow... 2 events in 1 night... and yet, they went all out to help the less fortunate! I really, really admire their kind hearts and charitable spirit ^^ Hwaiting ~
  23. Congrats to KARA! This is very, very amazing, for a newcomer to the Japanese music industry to achieve such a feat! KARA is getting more and more popular each day! Hope they get a Platinum soon? ^^
  24. Single

    ^ It states that KARA will reveal their title track to the public for the first time, so I hope it's the full version of "Jumping", and hopefully in Korean too, since it's a Korean show and all. ^^ But I'm not sure if they will be dancing because it states they will be recording the song for the visually-disabled people. KARA will appear on the show and talk about their feelings on their successful Japanese promotions though. ^^
  25. Album

    Whatever the plan is, I'm really excited! It has been ages since their second album Revolution and soon, there will be a whole lot more new KARA songs! I wonder how many songs will be included? 10? I hope there will be a ballad included too, KARA's ballads are awesome, and it would be their first ballad sung in Japanese! If "Burn" isn't a ballad, that is. ^^