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  1. looking her new pictures we can`t believe that she`s just a high school student 1 year... her classmates must be ultra jealous of her looks and fame lol
  2. well both jae and nicole doesn`t know much about korean culture and history i suppose.. but i`m really glad to see nicole in other variety show... she`ll be soon the queen of variety shows lol
  3. 2 songs to promote, like pretty girl and honey days. I have sure that kara will wins awards promoting both musics soon. For me wanna music is better but mister dancer makes the performance really cool to watch
  4. not only kara`s comeback was strong,but also the fanboys supported them with great enthusiasm.... let`s see after how many week kara will receive their first prize.... i bet after 4 lol
  5. hara and namie amuro hahha you`re right, she could be namie yooooung sister... but +10 years it`s a huge difference for siblings lol
  6. hahahah i think she thought that ajussi have the same meaning of oppa and decided to said at that time.. now her korean it`s much more better.. i wish i could speak like her lol
  7. can`t wait to see kara debut in music shows again and list their new cd.. a new concept between the last single and the first album will be the new one? i hope kara win many prizes and beat other groups lol
  8. i think gyuri,nicole and seung yeon must had really hard time during the 10 months of hiatus. Not just stop all activities for 10 months, but the expection for kara was huge cuz they were labeled finkl 2 at that time. Not rock you come back, but their 2nd mini album showed to everyone that kara was a great and capable group that can make a lot of success!
  9. asians girls still look good without make-up .. different from west.. lol support the good artists!
  10. lol... nicole is always soo cute and dorky on the pics and shows lol i`ve sure that they received this proposal just because of their cute and successful image that they built during the first semester. Even other groups that are considered to be more `successful` didn`t received the proposal from them...
  11. apparentely kpop took a tottaly different way from jpop.... there`s a huge difference between kpop and jpop concecepts from girls groups.. for the ignorant westerns that doesn`t know anything about asian music, it`ll be really easy to know that X is kpop and Y is jpop..
  12. an light upgrade between break it and honey concept. That my guess for kara`s new album. Most of the fans that kara have know were catch by their cute style, so they shoudn`t totally abandon their cute style.
  13. i think something between break it and honey will be their new concept... a light change of concept for something more mature would be the correct move to do now..
  14. that was a great article telling about the current kpop scene. First of all snsd new song it`s really good, better than `gee` and they will make a lot of success with it. About the new groups 2ne1 and 4 minute, 2ne1 performances are always soo great and their music it`s really cool, they`ll make big after releasing their first album. About 4 minute, their debut song it`s not that great, but i`m supporting hyuna there. And Kara, their cute concept that bring them to the top have to remain, even i prefer the old `break it` concept, i`ve sure that now isn`t the time to change their concept. Let`s wait new kara song. who`s jyp3 ? lol.. never heard about them
  15. if the `upgrade` seens something less cutely, i hope that something between `break it` style and `honey` style would be awesome. I`m still a big fan of old kara `break it` style . I`m looking forward to see the girls again soon performing cool musics like their debut time.