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  1. Loving all the teaser images so far !! Especially the Queen and Oppa Nicole ones..haha I love love that Runaway song. I think Nicole mostly rap in there although I think Hara and Jing is rapping too(Having difficulties finding out who is actually who..haha). Love that husky voice that she finally managed to showcase. Looking forward to Cant be A Lady/Damaged Lady And I am satisfied with her hairstyle this time.. it is not a big makeover that maybe some of you have anticipated but i really like this hairstyle on her.
  2. Not sure if anyone shared Hanabi yet? The second song in TYSL. Loving it so much !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiQz_f6CnoQ&feature=youtu.be
  3. Oh gosh , she looks great in that video !! Her dance moves were on point too !! Totally unexpected. I do feel weird on why DSP would suddenly drop a practice video out of nowhere even if she is performing this for the MTV Japan. Anyways, I am glad that she has some activities of her own. Saw on twitter that Nicole had hinted about this song before on one of her previous tweets. I am going to take her tweets seriously now..haha
  4. In my opinion, the We Got Married segment did manage to capture Nicole's essence - sweet and sincere. Definitely not as loud as Mir or Key , but Nicole did contribute to the show in her own subtle ways. On the other hand, Key is just being himself so we can't really fault him and in the land of variety, loud is gold..lol..so its no wonder that he dominated the conversation. I am wondering if the WGM conversation segment reflects how the 91 line interact with each other with people like Mir or Key being more domineering. By the way, does anyone know what Kara's choreographer tweeted about Nicole ?
  5. She sounded really hyper during the radio show .. Good to see that she is not afraid to speak up..the DJ was super hyper though..lol I found a picture on twitter where Nicole gave flowers to a Restaurant. Not sure if this is recent but maybe she frequents this shop while in Japan ? cr : sssssakii
  6. Wow..seriously she looked so good like this. This changed my mind about her center parting. If her styling can be like this all the time, it can really accentuate her pretty eyes. I believe the girls shared some inputs to the MV, hence the ankle injury thing. Maybe she will attempt a ballet performance during the next concert..keke
  7. ^ I've seen tweets referring that the bag that Nicole is using is from MOLDIR, which is a line designed by JYJ's Kim Jae Joong. I like her style today ! Quirky chic Nicole style
  8. ^ Yup yup.. it is a new MBC reality series called Dad! Where are you going? airing on Sundays. It is something like 1 Night 2 Days but with celebrity dads and their children.
  9. Honesty, I was expecting that she won't be joining the show. I am not putting high hopes for Cole to have her solo activities, even after this Japanese promotions. She did have a MC gig for GDA though. Hope there's more to come. I agree that she has to step up in terms of exposure. She is lagging way behind everyone now. It is a bit frustrating when you see other members doing well and then there is Nicole. To my knowledge, you have to audition for roles in dramas or varieties, unless the PD specifically wants you. I am not even sure whether she wants to pursue solo activities .I don't know what is happening behind the scene but if I am worried, maybe she is even more worried. Her letter did indicate that. From her tweets, she does seem content spending her time doing her own stuffs, like making more jams and doing pilates. I think I am being too critical here but I just don't want her to waste her potential. Now is really the chance to establish herself outside of Kara. Not expecting much from her , solo wise, but I hope she can prove me wrong. Most importantly, as long as she is happy anyways. Will always be supporting her nonetheless.
  10. lol. she does looked like she is eating her plane ticket...haha i agree that the combination of the black hair and bb cream made her look fairer. Still not used to her center parting.The center parting and the way her hair was tied at the Yumi Katsura Wedding Collection doesnt work for me. It looks awkward if you look at it from the front. Her japanese seems smoother now..haha..and good to see her smiling around at the airport pics. was a bit worried for her recently.
  11. The subunit idea is great. I mean why not ? HamCole as a subunit is a killer combo there. So much potential. Nicole has nothing much on her schedule anyway while SY needs to show off her dancing (popping) skills more. Both of them could show off an image that is totally different or stronger from the current Kara5. Too bad it's just fan-made. Haha. At least it gave me some excited moments. Haha
  12. I really enjoyed watching those fancams of her being the MC. She seems to take her duties very seriously. Working on her lines and so on. I like how Yonghwa tried to loosen her up too. Their interactions are great with chemistry. I like that black outfit. Looks good on her
  13. I was really satisfied with her performance too . She looked great yesterday !! The dress she wore yesterday somehow made me realize that Nicole is not as flat chested as I thought ? Lol SBS gayo wins KBS for now. The entire stage preparation and the colors segment kinda worked for me.
  14. Ahh..so it was from the karasia in seoul making. I haven't got the time to watch that yet. Haha..thanks for the update as usual. Yup, I am sure Nicole just honestly prefer Mystic White's song that is more to her taste. I am just worried people might take her tweet out of context .. haha She looks fierce in yesterday's gayo although her ponytail was a bit too long-ish for me . her face was blocked by it a couple of times..lol. Saw her and Hyuna interacting a little bit yesterday in the ending. Kinda nice to see her socializing around more other than with her usual circle of friends. Anticipating SBS and MBC too !!