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  1. I want to turn back the time, give me time machine

  2. Hard to say but easy to write 'i love you'

  3. my GyulJing's feel *^*

  4. Miss my fiance T.T

    1. bongxinh


      Hi, kinan_dhyta

      I'm Builehang =)

      I readed your fic "our daughters first love", and i really want to trans it into Vietnamese.

      So, can you allow me trans it? Of course I will take out with full credit. And, i'll send link that i posted for you?

      Please, allow me! =)

    2. kinan_dhyta


      sure, you can do it ^^

      sorry, for my really late reply

  5. I think it's Nicole, that's because of her friendly and dorky side of her that made her seems easily to approach and the second i think it's Hara because she's dorky and clumsy in reality show that's made her looks cute. I think the third is Gyuri because of her DJ-ing radio so she might have lots of friends because of that but it didn't show on the camera, keke. The least i guess the maknae and fake maknae, they might friendly too but sometimes didn't show themselves to the outsiders I guess, so they didn't have much friends as Nicole does.
  6. No, it's just a misunderstanding. All kara member still close to each other, may be at that time camera didn't catch their moment so it seems that they weren't that close anymore.
  7. For me, it would be "INSPIRING". Well i'm touched by how they keep fighting hard through the hardship and being on the top like now. Gyuri= her confident make me envy, i'm trying my best to be confident like her Ham= her hardworking and her mature Hara= her caring side that she always show to her members (i wished i could show it like her too, but i'm not really expressive,keke) Nicole= her dork and i like the side of her that never give up and competitive Jing= her adapting and the way she read the situation around her (she's the mood maker along with Nicole i guess).
  8. Yeah, her voice really hypnotized me , i love other girl band too but she's the one that i treasure a lot for her beautiful voice. I'm happy, finally i can hear her solo part. I listen to it over and over
  9. It looks like she's clapping for cheering herself
  10. Just want to share the moment that she made a mistake in a show She used to say her closing comment but i think she forgot, keke
  11. I prefer group activities, because sometimes i found they become comfortable when they are together in show, like happy together tease and bicker all the time. It's funny, and refreshing at the same time.
  12. I would like to see a duet between Taeyeon and Gyuri unni, because i love their voice and i want to hear them singing ballad. I agree that the leader should get more attention to, a special show for the leader to show their abilities in singing and dance since they are also great in leadership.
  13. Her hand gesture makes her adorable for me , and i like to see how she explain everything using her hand, it looks like she is a teacher who would explain clearly to us to make us easier to understand her statement.
  14. For some reason i think maknae learns to tease Gyul unni from Ham unni, she just follow her unni to tease the leader more, keke. I like it when Jing tease Gyul unni all the time , and sometimes like she wants to see her unni get mad at her (just my opinion though)