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  1. aaah! i should've choose nicole..! eh should i just choose jiyoung? seungyeon? hara? gyuri? well then.. i'll choose them all!!
  2. i know someday you guys can reach that dream! your dream is my dream as well.. long live kara!! im happy being a part of kamilia
  3. woooow... tottally a natural beauty!! you really are a true goddess! <3 <3
  4. hahaha what a funny picture.. poor nicole for being laid in such a weird position.. LOL Hani combination are the best <3
  5. ahh.. i finnally get it!! the dance called karapara dance! it looks great when they dance to it! cute~
  6. greaat!! sugoi kara!! i knew they WERE BORN THIS WAY.. XDDD
  7. yaaaaay~ !! another single! im glad they're still together ! cant wait till june!
  8. wooooow.. kara keychain on vending machine?! cool!! they got really popular in japan! yaay~ i wish i got the machine in my country...
  9. hey nono_chan and welcome to KARAholic!