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  1. [c] flogzable OLD LINKS If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! http://www.karaholic...showtopic=14436
  2. Yeah we all know for some Kamilias the butt dance is hard to master. But does anyone here mastered or just simply know how to butt dance just like the way the girls did?
  3. If I'm gonna choose it has to be her legs.. It shapes her whole body figure. And simply by staring at it, it taunts your eyes craving for that sexiness :Q____
  4. I think Gyuri will come back here in Cebu. She loved our place and she posted everything in her instagram Cebu related.

  6. Both languages are good to listen. BUT, when in Korea, they do K-Pop image, while in Japan, they do J-Pop image. The latter is one of the reasons why they are famous in Japan for adapting into their own style of music there.
  7. 1. Damaged Lady is my least appreciated KARA song. I didn't dig the promotions right now. 2. I hate it when some fans from other groups jump ship to KARA because they are coming back for a promotion. 3. Nicole was the one who lured me to KARA, but later my fondness for her faded because of Gyuri. But I still love Nicole to tidbits <3
  8. Condolences to Gyuri nuna~ stay strong! Nadia's gonna be happy seeing you in heaven
  9. I'd go for the '88 line, since they're the oldest obviously, plus they have that mother and sister figure to their younger ones <3
  10. Patiently waiting for the teasers. It's been almost a year already since the KR comeback, and I expect the performances to be so boom again. <3
  11. Album

    Hey, has anyone seen or have a copy of Taiwan version of Lupin? I saw it at yesasia selling, and it comes with a poster.
  12. DVD

    Yes there's English subtitles on the Korean version. I got mine weeks ago and still hasn't opened yet XD
  13. DVD

    Ohhhh you make me jelly you guys hahaha still have to buy my copy though XD So what version has the DVD? The Japanese or Korean?
  14. With Sunghee's life now that she's already married. It's now impossible. She has a bright future ahead aside from KARA. But hey, for all of us, she's still a part of KARA and will always be.
  15. Finally back here in KH.. Tuning in to SSTP now! Seems they called Gyul(a few secs only) after calling Hara awhile ago. Gyul's voice sound like she's sleeping.
  16. It's ok for me for the other songs, but for Break It, a part of me is yes, a part of it no. It's just that this song is only and solely for KARA4. </3
  17. Finally the last goodbye on Step in stage. We'll miss you again on the KR stage, congratulations on the past 3 weeks and good luck again in Japan!
  18. Been busy for the past few days. Hard to accept that she'll be leaving the show, we'll really miss her DJ-ing and her laughter alot
  19. Due to her hectic schedule she's leaving SSTP. At least she can rest for a while after all the upcoming schedules she's going. But I do hope she'll be back on the radio if ever that time comes.
  20. I just read the news on Gyul leaving SSTP. I understand her hectic schedule, but definitely I will miss her laughs on the radio
  21. Single

    If they where to promote a ballad song then it's good. For a change. And DSP's at it again, surping our monies Still buying this album and waiting for the Jap comeback.
  22. Congratulations, 2nd week in a row! KARA hwaiting! And hey, the outfits are deym amazing <3 Edit: Shindong, you lost the bet. But you're so cute dancing to Step. And big props to Sistar too, I think they have the potential to become #1.
  23. Spazz

    ^ Ohh that priceless smile on her face makes you happy <3 Wondering if she's not tired with her busy schedules though. I'm worried for that T___T
  24. So this was after Music Bank? I didn't check their schedule I hope Elcy got cams to since (he/she?) posted pictures on the site. Thanks for sharing red.
  25. A big NO. I think they have misunderstood, for the reason she was spacing out it doesn't mean she's an outcast of the group. Quote from GooBurberrHara's post in this thread: