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  1. Roommate is kinda boring, but i'm excited about youngji being on it. I guess i'll start to watch the show again for her and hopefully it will be better.
  2. Woohoo~~~ My album arrived! It was worth the wait. It is so pretty I love it!!
  3. yay!! I'm so glad that the album did great on the first day! So happy for the girls!!
  4. thank you for welcoming me!! yeah i'm new here..

  5. Hi~ i see you are new! welcome! welcome!

  6. Omg~ Hammie! wae you so cute! she always looks so cute especially on animal farm!
  7. Awwww~ they are so cute! they seem to get along really well hope they can be best friends forever<3
  8. WOW Goo Hara!!! she looks stunning in these photos. Her make up, outfit, and everything were great!
  9. Honestly i don't see the difference. She still looks the same to me maybe because of the camera angle or lighting that make her nose looks different...
  10. I like both, but I think she looks better with fair skin because she is pretty with her natural skin tone.
  11. Hara looks good in all of the outfits. She has the body that can pull off almost any kind of clothes.
  12. Congratz to our bbs! Pandora is an awesome song! I like it very much. I'm so happy for KARA
  13. It was real?! i thought it was Photoshopped lol. Anyways the poster is really pretty! no wonder Hara twitted it!
  14. Hara's teaser is so so sexy! I really like her hair in the teaser video. It gives out the sexy vibe