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  1. Oh my.. that 'former'.... but I guess we have to accept it. Anyway, I'm so happy for Nicole. She's having her time. She looks happy and she keeps on updating us. Can't wait for her return.
  2. Well.. nothing surprising. I do believe that Damaged Lady is really a good song and it had a good concept which the girls made work perfectly but most of all, Kara as performers are freaking amazing. They're always so energitic and charismatic on state. Loved their performance tonight.
  3. ....................................................................waiting
  4. The girls looked particularly hyper, especially Hara during the end.. can't wait for fancams XD
  5. Yes, Nicole will perform, she just wasn't there for practice like Seunga and Puretty girls (Somin and Chaekyung?) took their spots.. ^^
  6. Kara shines the best when there's the 5 of them whether it's on stage or on variety shows where they're more comfortable and they know they have each other's back to rely on. That's why I strongly believe that if they appeared as 5 on Radio Star, there wouldn't have been any 'drama'. Even if I prefer group activities, after "Kara Solo Collection" I started longing for solo activities, not in drama, pictorials, shows ecc but as solo artist. That solo collection was flawless, it showed the different talents, colours and artistry of these five amazing girls. That solo collection deserved to be promoted better, though I know it was more for the fans but still... I'd like to see more of rockstar Hammie. Or even our Jing and her guitar or Jing and running around in her uniform as she sings Hey Hey Hey. Why do other groups has members going solo but Kara can't? Is it because of money DSP because promotional activities need money? Heck, how much money you get from Kara.... Done with my rant.. *sorry*
  7. Wow, showing the changes through the years.... it reminds me once again why I started loving Kara, why Kara is the only group I really love and truly follow and support. Their hardwork through the years, it's just amazing. DSP won't be the smallest company but they're not big either and think that Kara became this big is amazing. Still one of the top group in Korea who has a solid fandom, sell albums and can hold a concert not only with 2-3k people (talking about concert, I wish for K-Kamilia to get their own 2nd Karasia Seoul).. And still the #1 Kpop girlgroup in Japan same with solid fandom, selling singles, albums, best albums and holding a successful/emotional tour.
  8. I thanked you on the other thread but I will thank you again for such a detailed work, it must take a lot of time and effort ^^
  9. Really great job and thank you for all of this.. ^^ This should be shoved to those people's faces when they say that Kara do nothing in Korea.... They got endorsements, pictorials, concert appearances, shows appearances, MCing and a lot of other things not only as a group but as individuals as well.
  10. Single

    UMJ has been doing this for awhile, milking Kamilia and KARA's selling power like there's no tomorrow.... Put aside the fact that sales in general for girlgroups are declining.... (and this great 'an expensive release after another' marketing strategy, which I wouldn't even want to call strategy).... THERE'S NO PROMOTION AND NO EVENT.. unless you consider their performance on Karasia, Sukkiri and a bus going around a good promotion.. like are we taking the SJJD path with all the lack of activities? Just to look at it positively, at least the girls are resting.... or preparing for festival, end year special stages.. AND French Kiss is still selling in its own way proving how solid the fandom and Kara's selling power are.
  11. How much I wish DSP would go all out and organize it perfectly? That'd be too much to ask though There should be collaboration stages between older and newer artist, or more tribute to older groups' successful songs.. maybe it was hard since current idols were busy and the older ones just confirmed it.. It'd be a good opportunity for upcoming DSP artist.. Puretty? Park Siblings? To be introduced.. Well, I'll still look forward to it ^^
  12. So is this going to air in December or what? I really thought that the best would've been airing this during their comeback.. but whatever, can't wait for this ^^
  13. Last day of KARASIA2013.. Hara talked about working hard for another KARASIA next year, but for me the question wasn't about having another concert, another tour but how many members there will be 5, 4 or 3? I said that I wouldn't think about it until January though I can't help but wonder what is going to happen. No, actually I already got an idea since it seems pretty much decided from Nicole/Nicole's mom side that what they want is a contract with another company for her solo activities and a group one for Kara. If DSP agrees then KARA5 is still possible, if not...... If DSP can't manage her solo activities, if they find it hard to get her anything (which honestly I find it hard to believe) then why don't they just let her sign that solo contract with another company? That'd mean still having Kara as 5 which is the best scenario, for them, for fans and for profit. Or what if it's not DSP not being able to give her solo activities but the other side not wanting anything from the company but to leave? The other side has a lot of connections, they must have something planned (a company to sign to) already. And for other side, I don't mean Nicole as well.
  14. Loving her latest pictorials, this and if I'm not wrong the next one is with High Cut.. She looks so beautiful, not a girl but a young lady already, a very elegant one at that.. our baby Jing <3
  15. Single

    Did I miss it or Nicole's vers. isn't sold out yet? Why hers alone.. are fans a little bit upset or what?
  16. During Damaged Lady promo, baby Jing looked so bad-***, cool, hot, mature and now she's back at being our cutie maknae. This is why I love the contrast between their korean and japanese promotions, you can see both side of the girls which they pull off so perfectly.
  17. Spazz

    Tweety Cole <3 Darker hair definitely fits her the best, I wasn't that fond of her blonde and blonde/pink in TYSL PV.. ^^
  18. Single

    Winter Magic 2.0 for the simple fact that it's a winter single that perfectly fits Christmas as well and I love it, it's so nice to listen to. It sounds soothing, very Kara-like. Their voices blend so well, sweet melody as always.
  19. In the past I used to go with Nicole because she's an all-rounder. She can sing, dance, rap and her stage presence has always been known but.... LOL I voted before reading everyone's comment and it seems that Kamilia thinks alike.. saying that "Guilty" was amazing would be an understatement, seriously. Everything about it was perfect and as much as I loved each of the solos, I think it deserved an official promotion the most. It was dark, strong, powerful and passionate.. perfect and so different from other female soloist so....
  20. Runaway is flawless.. even though I know that groups always go with upbeat songs, it was title-track material. Damaged Lady is good, it's a Kara song.. even non-Kamilia should be able to recognized it. I like it, I like how strong it is and I like the image revolving it most of all. Kara oppa were fabulous ^^
  21. There are so many things that the girls achieved, things that no one could ever imagine when they debuted.... 6 years passed but they still have so many things I'd like for them and for me, as a Kamilia. 1. KARASIA going all around Asia. 2. more solo songs -- their Solo Collection was flawless.. 3. more of the girls skills -- Gyul's piano, Hammie's dancing, Jing's guitar.... shows are too tiring imo and it takes so much time..
  22. I was introduced by Nicole.... but I currently love all of them equally.. XD
  23. I.. I like both.. I like the mature, charismatic Kara in Korea and the bright, cute Kara in Japan.. We get different side of them which proves how versatile the girls are. When it comes to ballads though I like their japanese more ^^
  24. Woah.. this is interesting XD 1. Kara is the only group that I'm really into 2. I got into Kara thanks to Nicole 3. Initially I mostly paid attention only to Nicole and Gyuri but now I love them all equally 4. I used not to understand why Hara was considered the prettiest -- but then I realized how flawless in any way she is 5. There was a time I wished for DSP to market Jiyoung as the nation's little sister, nation's first love for Kara to get a national status -- LOL, then I realized that Kara doesn't need it 6. As a fan it bothers me when others bash our girls but I'm the most sensitive when it comes to our protector Hammie and baby Jing 7. After Sulli "scandal" with Choiza, I wondered if Hammie could be dating a man with a +10 years of gap, since like Sulli she talked about a father figure ideal type
  25. Album

    It's a pity that they couldn't promote longer but it'd be selfish of us to ask for more since they have to prepare for their japanese tour. I can say that I'm really proud of them and thankful too. They worked so hard and gave performances that were all so full of energy and passion despite their busy schedule. And Hammie telling Nicole to speak in english to thank fans? Thank you girls XD I'm thankful to Kamilia, I don't know but I feel that we got stronger, more united and organized. I noticed it because of how faster than before we get fantaken pictures and fancams @ concerts, music shows recording, after recording a variety show ecc.. not only group ones but individual too. Each individual fansite seem to collaborate and also Karaboard connected a lot with international fans too.. really great. Kamilia <3 I can really say that DSP, Kara and everyone gave me another satisfying promotional cicle that was worth the wait. I know that we'll probably have to wait another year now but we got many other things to look forward to for now that it won't feel too long ^^