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  1. wow, she is soo... beautiful and cute even when younger. When you think of pre-debut you think not as pretty, but not the case here.. amazing. She must of been born to become a star with her talents and looks. I bet she got a lot of business cards to enter show biz lol.
  2. hmm her face right now is much rounder than those pictures, it looks she gained more weight which made her prettier lol does that make sense? I still think she was cute then though, she still some of her swollen cheeks here and that last picture looks scary lol. It was probably sunlight but I can see why they would be afraid of her with that look.
  3. ahh, I thought I liked the long hair more but these pictures are stunning! she looks amazing and pulls this style off with ease. I would like it if she stayed with this style and change it up every now and then like Nicole. soo beautiful.
  4. oh my, they suit her style so well and really emphasizes her cute face. Beanies looks good on a lot of female celebrities but SY would defeat them all with that hamster face lol. *writes down buy beanies* lol I wish I looked that cute with a beanie.
  5. this is a very tough question, she can pull off all those hairstyles with her pretty features but!! I have voted for Rock U because it looks very cute and feminine on her. I was also thinking about Lupin which also looks good, but for some reason I prefer longer hair on her, I think it suits her personality more.
  6. Profile

    waa I'm amazed how intelligent she is, even though she's busy she can still achieve those marks, very inspirational. I love her profile, into gadgets more than clothes lol, and an anime fan omg!, no wonder she is looks and sounds like a cute anime character.
  7. thanks for translating this stuff for the fans who stare blankly at the Korean language. I really like the twitter avatar picture she is using now, it's seriously cute and her tweets are so funny lol, so sweet and cute. can't believe she uses words like "kyaa" lol *faints from cuteness overload*
  8. Yes I agree, she must still be sensitive to things concerning languages because she had a tough time with her Korean, but it's seriously cute so I wish she would try to speak more because more people will see that side of her and love her more.
  9. Ima go with the mister outfit, I've always liked the mister outfits as they always wear pants made for the butt dance which make the pants more special looking. Most are kinda similar though, maybe that's why I picked Mister one. Second one I would pick is the silver outfit, they all look really pretty there.
  10. I agree with MizuiroKaze13 lol even though it's some what of a easy answer, it would be the best one! Even though I agree with KARA I want to say another one, sugoi! lol because of their recent Japanese debut, that word describes them and the things they can acheive.
  11. hmm this is one nice and creative question! props to the OP. I also really like the idea of bedsheets of KARA, that would make my day! What I would like would probably be clothing that I can show off, I like to wear caps quite a bit and a KARA cap would be awesome. I also like to use my PSP quite a bit and a KARA edition of it would look good.
  12. I'm a big fan of Cpop and was always proud of the fact that I wasn't following the Korean wave like everyone else, I always knew Kpop was popular but never knew why it was so big. I would listen to some of their songs and I could see how catchy they were but I never really followed any group as a fan. I started watching more Korean variety shows like Invincible Youth and Nicole goes to College and Family Outing and fell for their friendly, cute personality's. I started to listen to their music and became a bigger fan as they are really talented, I never knew I would become such a fan. Learning more about them everyday just makes me love KARA more and a bigger fan.
  13. waa they have so many fans from Japan that would go to see them! nice to hear KARA is well known in Japan. haha at using hand sanitizer, no doubt they would need to clean their hands frequently, you never know what some people have touched
  14. end of September?? omg it's September right now! lol, can't wait for their new mini album, I'm still excited about Lupin still since it's such a great album. No doubt their next album will also blow me away! go KARA!
  15. I'm not surprised at all to hear of this news, it's rare to find a group with the same charms and talent as KARA. Awesome that they were the first, making records all over Asia! Nice and modest comments from Gyuri too
  16. That's quite the award list!, mostly from M-net though. Still considering their talent(in my mind they are the MOST talented!) they should so deserve more. They have been around for some time too, but only became more popular from the Honey song which may have affected their earlier award chances.
  17. That's a great song list that they chose. I love all those songs and oh my gosh! they included AHA, I love that song from ages ago. I'm sure Japanese Kamillas will love this album for sure! Wowzers! those album pictures are stunning, would be very hard to choose, like choosing from evil black and angelic white. hmm, I would probably choose the white one because it looks slightly more pretty.
  18. My vote goes to Nicole!! every picture I see of her she is gorgeous, she looks very cute. Her smile and eyes look really good, you can't take a bad picture of her. But!!! Nicole is also videogenic also! was that a word lol. but I don't think that counts for this thread hey.
  19. I'm 20 years old!, for some reason I feel embarrassed saying that haha, even though it's the majority age group. Should of changed the poll for like 18-2# so I won't feel old lol.
  20. definitely Lupin, that song is very different to all their songs they have done and the sound of it is really great. I listen to it all the time and never get sick of it. It's got a more mature feeling to it but still keeps some cute elements to it.
  21. I really like their latest album Lupin, Lupin is my favorite song at the moment, and from older songs I like Mister!, who doesn't lol. AHA is another I really like and Same Heart. but really I like all their songs, I listen to them all.
  22. KARA in Japan!! cool, doing variety shows are good, lets the audience understand KARA better and gain more fans, but I bet KARA already has heaps of fans in Japan already. Good speaking Japanese? waa they are so talented!
  23. wow they didn't try to hard on the mv lol, KARA deserves more hmmph! lol. Even though the mv is very simple, they still look great and are glowing. The song sound pretty good, but I like their other songs more, especially Lupin!!
  24. Her super duper cuteness, her face is so bright always smiling. Her eyes look out of this world, I wish I had eyes like that. She has a very cute personality and you can tell she is a very good person with a big heart.
  25. omg!!! she still looks super cute like that, you can still see her cheerful smile and eyes that everyone loves! she looks like a little girl in a lot of them.