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  1. Hello, I do not want to bother you, I just come to thank you for the posts on the page of "Goo Hara". I really enjoy reading them! bye :)

  2. Sorry to bother you but the first link for Metafriends Ep 4 is dead so I wondering if you could reupload it :(

  3. Hey miss you ! please chat with us on sbox !

  4. i just noticed that the 4th episode is also missing on one of the mediafire links

    one of the mediafire links is missing..

    sorry for bothering you (again)..

    thank you so very much..

  5. could you please reupload the links for this video:

    [Tv Show] 2009.06.23 MetaFriends Ep 5

    there's just megaupload link which is obviously not working and no mediafire links..

    it would mean a lot to me..

    sorry for bothering you..

    thank you very much..

  6. Please check your PM :)

  7. Yep yep yep.. looking forward to it! ^_^

  8. hey you too! if karasia ever happen in sg, let's all go! :P

  9. heyy anne... jz drop by to say HI! ^___^

  10. sure. just credit sweetmelodix. :)

  11. Excuse me, can i get your permission for upload [TV Show] 2008.11.11 MBC That Man is Coming to Youtube? I want to share that funny scene to everyone. Thanks ^^

  12. Merry Christmas~♥