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  1. I thought she should have one of her own spazzing thead too. Since the rest are having theirs. I'm pretty sure there are many moments of her you would like to just spazz out randomly. ^ Pretty old picture, but this is my first time seeing it. Yoo gave this to me and I thought she look really pretty here
  2. <embed src= 'http://swf.imbc.com/broad/radio/fm/enjoy/swf/introSimSim_KyuriDong.swf' quality='high' pluginspage='http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='480' height='320'></embed> http://twitter.com/mbcsimsimtapa 신동 박규리의 심심타파 SHINDONG AND PARK GYURI'S SHIMSHIMTAPA Post all Gyuri's Official DJ Pictures here! Spazz about her and Shindong too. Official Site: iMBC Shimshimtapa Schedule: Korean SSTP Schedule How To Listen Live: Everyday at 12AM - 2AM (GMT +9) Radio Guide or Tune In How To Watch Bora (Viewable Radio) Live: Tune in at 12AM Korean time (GMT +9) on Wednesdays (and sometimes Monday). Register: Foreigners Official Pictures: 2010.05 May 2010.06 June 2010.07 July 2010.08 August 2010.09 September Download Audio & Video >>> Click here.
  3. Since Jing forum always always need much more love and that she's the only one without a spazzing thread yet, I thought I should start her one. lol Starting off with a bit of her sponsor items...? ^ so cute. I think it's awesome that Jing was the one who picked their outfits for Mister. It also shows that their opinions matter to DSP and that they consult the girls first. For those who might not have any idea what I'm talking about. lol At the end...interview part. Let's show much much love for our Maknae~~
  4. Recording: Official Pictures: --------- I didn't really like the song. Maybe it'll grow on me later on. It seems like Seungyeon made new friends through this CF too. There were some Seungyeon-Uee moments during the MBC Dance Battle.
  5. Since Kara's comeback is nearing and everything will be released soon; might as well create a single topic where we can just go and spazz about it. All = including their MV, performances...anything, as long as it got to do with Kara's promotions for Pretty Girl. ------------ I honestly think or hope that Kara's comeback for Pretty Girl would be much much better. Maybe they'll even have their stage decorated instead of plain like for Rock U. -.- Yes, i'm a little slow..Kara's preview/teaser makes me anticipated for so much more. and knowing that they had the same people who produced Hyori's 3rd album...makes me to look forward to it even more.
  6. <embed src=" http://i1003.photobucket.com/albums/af152/harafied/HARA%20G7/100622_main.swf" width="600" height="361" /> Where can I find IY's Eng Sub Episodes? Soshified iHeartFX DivaDetention&Aff(x)tion PikeYenny weeklykpop I'll edit later (: As you guys are probably aware of, Hara is the permanent guest for Invincible Youth. Airing every Friday on KBS. I'm glad that she's getting another opportunity to be a permanent on another show. The last one for Mnet was disappointing. http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii182/wootspice/h1.jpg http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii182/wootspice/h2.jpg more pictures: http://www.karaholic.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=224 Hara with a Kid at the filming site? lol http://i33.karaholic/2wpnyo6.jpg I read on SSF that they recorded for Invincible Youth for two days this week. Anyways, I'm really looking forward and anticipating this. haha. I loved FO...the things they do at the countrysides. I hope this will be as awesome.
  7. ☆Nicole's Official Twitter/Instagram Thread☆ @_911007 Instagram: http://instagram.com/_911007nicole/ ღ Tweets List ღ 2010 Translation updates from November onwards is on the next post ღ People Followed by Cole ღ ღ Cole's Family, KARA Members & DSP Family Ms Shirley (Nicole's Mom) | @Preshi619 Park Gyuri | @gyuri88 Han Seungyeon | @fateflysy Goo Hara | @_sweethara Kang Jiyoung | @kkangjii Manager Yun | @gamza09 PD Han JaeHo | @pdjaeho Kim Kyujong (SS501) | @2kjdream Heo Young Saeng (SS501) | @mystyle1103 Park Jung Min (SS501) | @JungMin0403 Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) | @HyungJun87 ღ Other Celebs 2AM - Im Seulong | @2AMONG 2AM - Jokwon | @2AMkwon 2AM - Jung Jinwoon | @2AMjinwoon 2AM - Lee Changmin | @2AMCHANGMIN 2PM - lee Junho | @dlwnsghek 2PM - Kim Junsu | @Jun2daKAY A'ST1 - Han Byul | @onestarL A'ST1 - JangMoon | @innermostJM After School - Bekah | @__BEKAH After School - Jung Ah | @AS_JungAh After School - Lizzy | @p_Lizzy After School - Park Gahee | @misskahi After School - Raina | @raina57 Bae In Shik (GomTV CEO) | @ournowadays BEG - Narsha | @flyx2NAL BEAST - Dongwoon | @beastdw BEAST - Jun Hyung | @Joker891219 BEAST - Lee Gi Kwang | @B2stGK Beige | @beigeluv Big Joe (rapper) | @bigjoe1978 Dalmatian - Daniel a.k.a Drama | @dalDrama Davichi - Kang Minkyung | @iamkmk DBSK-JYJ - Jaejoong | @mjjeje DBSK-JYJ - Xiah Junsu | @1215thexiahtic FT Island - Choi Jong Hun | @FtGtJH FT Island - Lee Jaejin | @saico011 G.NA (Gina Choi) | @G_NA_love Gekidan Hitori | @GekidanHitori Hwang Bo | @Estella816 Ian Somerhalder | @iansomerhalder Infinite - Nam Woo Hyun | @wowwh Infinite - L. Kim | @INFINITELKIM IU | @lily199iu Jewelry - Eunjung | @jewelry_jjung Jung Il Woo | @J_frog Jung Ka Eun | @missmiko2001 Juno | @JUNO_Japan Joosuc | @Joosuc78 Kim Jedong | @keumkangkyung Kim Sooro | @KimSooro Lady Gaga | @ladygaga Lee Chaeyeon | @chaeyeon_lee Lee Ji-hoon | @leejeehoon79 Maeda Atsuko (ex AKB48) | @Atsuko_100 MBLAQ - Yang Seungho | @MBLAQSH MBLAQ - Mir | @BangMir Mighty Mouth - Sangchu | @SANGCHUKANGCHU Mighty Mouth - Shorry J | @soddong01 Miss A - Jia | @missA_jia Miss A - Min | @missA_min Navi | @Navi_0322 Noh Hongchul | @LUCKYHONGCHUL Oh Jung Yeon (KBS Announcer) | @jyworld83 Psy | @psy_oppa Sean Richard - actor | @seanrich84 SHINee - Jonghyun | @realjonghyun90 Super Junior - Shindong | @ShinsFriends T-ara - Park Jiyeon | @pjy1234 X-5 - TaeFung | @TaeFung428 ZE:A - Hwang KwangHee | @hwangkwanghee many thanks to mae and tine (firewater07) for compiling the tweets />/>/>
  8. Fan: If I go like this, you won't recognize me right.. If a person goes to a sauna, will they fight? (Its a play on words: fighting = ssa-u-na) Hehehe Gyuri: Do you want to fight with me? Fan: My cyworld BGM is Pretty Girl! Gyuri Nuna Sleep well~ Gyuri: Sleep well~ Bye! >_< Fan: Your baptismal name, give me Gyuri: From now on, my baptismal name is 'Give me' Caps: DcKara Translated by Coffeebeanie @ KARAholic Take out with full credits. Do not remove or add in anything else.
  9. When you first listen to their songs, whose voices can you distinguish? -------------------- For me, in the first blooming, it was easy to tell all of them apart, actually. Sometimes i had troubles telling Gyuri's and Sunghee's apart cause they sounded the same in some parts. lol But Nicole and Seungyeon's were definitely easy to pin point out. For the current Kara, whenever i first listen to their songs, I could tell Nicole's apart easily. Her tone is much deeper than the rest, so yep. It's easy for me to go, "oh. that's nicole."I could only figure out the rest after I listen to it a couple of more times. lol. Seungyeon and Jing sometimes sound alike too. Because of their soft tone? lol Hara's...it's kinda difficult for me because she always received so little lines and her lines are always "in between" of the other members'.
  10. Some gifs that I made. Pardon the quality of the gifs. lol credit: me.
  11. I was at Gyuri's forum and realised that Jing didn't have any Go Go Summer Official Thread yet. We don't our lovable maknae to be left behind, no? Will try to add in more goodies. I'm still struggling to keep up with their music shows. i wasnt able to download any yet. (sucky connections T,T) but but but! YOU should contribute tooooo ~ Can i just say for the millionth time how beautiful our maknae is growing up to be? I know our girls will do well in the near future, but of all of them, I'm really looking forward to what Jiyoug has in store for us. These are from the BTS of GGS PV: ^ she was cheering Gyuri on when Gyuri was filming her part of the PV. ^ i wish for you~~ our baby dino:
  12. Small girl, Hara. haha! she was petite back then and still petite now.
  13. Im sure there's at least one member who caught your attention and sucked you into Kara. So, who is it? for me, it was Sunghee. Good looks, awesome voice... haha. definitely caught my attention. I knew Kara when Pops In Seoul featured them during their making of If U Wanna Mv. At that moment, no one caught my attention..yet. So, i went on Soompi and back logged their thread (wah, its like KARA's informative center there lol) and checked out their past videos on youtube. While in the the process of backlogging and watching their videos, Sunghee really really caught my eyes. Her personality, her voice... just awesome. lol. and then..after getting over how awesome Sunghee was (still is), i began to notice the awesomeness of other members too. so yea, who is it for you?
  14. Such a cute stalker. Sorry the quality of the gifs is....bleh. lol credit: me!
  15. Sunghee's younger sister - Kim Youngjoo.
  16. Other than her voice, I miss Sunghee's loudness, quirkiness and mischievous and boisterous ways. Now that she's not there, the atmosphere of the group seemed..quieter and calmer. Before, whenever Sunghee is around the members, we can expect for her to do something silly..something "Sunghee". Actually, not expect..we know that she's up to something everytime and whatever it is, it'll make us laugh out loud.
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  18. haha, just for laughs. and because jing's forum needs a boosting too. the wonders of baby jing~
  19. Jiyoung is the maknae in her family as well as in Kara. No doubt, she has a lot of aegyo. haha! the way she talks, her actions...are all very makner-ish. LOL. Her cuteness is different from Seungyeon's. Seungyeon is naturally cute because of her choding-like looks and small frame. lol. While Jiyoung is..aegyo cute? am i even making sense here?
  20. We know that Jiyoung is usually very smiley most of the time. But Jing has her moody moments too. Haha! Moody or just spacing out? Okay, the last one isn't exactly moody, but it's just too darn adorable. lol
  21. DISCOGRAPHY: - 2 0 0 7 - Title: The First Blooming For More Information: - 2 0 0 8 - Title: 1st Mini Album For More Information: Title: Good Day, Season 2 For More Information: Title: Pretty Girl For More Information:​ - 2 0 0 9 - Title: Pretty Girl [special Edition] For More Information: ​Title: Same Heart, i-Musician For More Information: ​Title: Revolution For More Information: Title: Revolution [special Limited Edition] For More Information: - 2 0 1 0 - Title: Lupin For More Information: ​Title: We're With You For More Information: ​Title: Mister For More Information: Title: KARA Best 2007 - 2010 For More Information: Title: 2Me [We Online Part 2] For More Information: Title: Jumping For More Information: Title: Girl's Talk (ガールズトーク) For More Information: Title: Jumping For More Information: - 2 0 1 1 - Title: Jet Coaster Love For More Information: ​Title: Go Go Summer! For More Information: Title: Step For More Information: ​ Title: Winter Magic (ウィンターマジック) For More Information: Title: Super Girl For More Information: - 2 0 1 2 - ​Title: Speed Up / Girls Power For More Information: Title: Pandora For More Information: Title: Kara Collection (KARA コレクション) For More Information: Title: Electric Boy For More Information: Title: Girls Forever For More Information: Title: Kara Solo Collection For More Information: - 2 0 1 3 - Title: Bye Bye Happy Days For More Information: ​Title: Thank You Summer Love For More Information: DVD (Limited CD+DVD Gyuri Edition) 01. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Gyuri Version) 02. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Making of (Gyuri Version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Seungyeon Edition) 01. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Seungyeon Version) 02. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Making of (Seungyeon Version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Nicole Edition) 01. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Nicole Version) 02. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Making of (Nicole Version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Hara Edition) 01. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Hara Version) 02. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Making of (Hara Version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Jiyoung Edition) 01. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Jiyoung Version) 02. "Thank You Summer Love" (Music Video - Making of (Jiyoung Version)) ​ Title: Runaway (둘 중에 하나) For More Information: Title: Fantastic Girls For More Information: Title: Full Bloom For More Information: Title: French Kiss For More Information: DVD (Limited CD+DVD Gyuri Edition) 01. "French Kiss" (Music video - Gyuri version) 02. "French Kiss" (Music video - Making of (Gyuri version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Seungyeon Edition) 01. "French Kiss" (Music video - Seungyeon version) 02. "French Kiss" (Music video - Making of (Seungyeon version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Nicole Edition) 01. "French Kiss" (Music video - Nicole version) 02. "French Kiss" (Music video - Making of (Nicole version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Hara Edition) 01. "French Kiss" (Music video - Hara version) 02. "French Kiss" (Music video - Making of (Hara version)) DVD (Limited CD+DVD Jiyoung Edition) 01. "French Kiss" (Music video - Jiyoung version) 02. "French Kiss" (Music video - Making of (Jiyoung version)) Title: Best Girls For More Information: - 2 0 1 4 - Title: Day & Night For More Information: Title: Mamma Mia (マンマミーア) For More Information: - 2 0 1 5 - ​Title: Suma☆gic/Sunshine Miracle/SUNNY DAYS For More Information: Title: In Love For More Information: Title: Girl's Story For More Information:
  22. I've always like Jing's dimples. Reminds me of Sunghee's too. There are many other pictures, but these are all I have for now. Donate yours if you have any!
  23. I was debating on whether i should make this topic. lol But hey...more love for our Honey right? picture updates: 001 . 002. 003 ^^click on the links To those saying that "SHE'S SO SKINNY, SHE DOESN'T EAT" The members just like herself, have mention tons of times that this girl can eat a lot yet not gain weight at all.Ever heard of High metabolism?! There is way too many articles mentioning this. Of course, Nicole even purposely over feeds her to make her gain weight.lol.click here to read more.
  24. In the canteen: In the classroom: credit: KARA-T.com