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  1. Awesome! Of course I look forward to whatever they put out. I certainly hope that they don't overwork themselves though, we can wait a little.
  2. Eh what? I just think they're cute performers. Performance and their real selves are two different things, and I just see them as regular chicks with performing talents, and so I wouldn't dream of dating any of them till I was right comfortable around one of them anyways, as in we had a lot of other stuff in common. Nah, they're just very cute performers in my books, and I love them for being great eye candy performers.
  3. Dunno, I felt Seung Yeon fit this well. She was uber cute. Hara came in second in my books. As usual, unabashed cuteness from our model with a dazzling smile. Gyuri was something new in this vid. She was a lot more girlish and cute than the usual elegance and coolness I see from her.
  4. Kara does well in both sexy and cute as a whole. I wouldn't say Gyuri, as gorgeous as she is, lends herself well to cute, cause she's more mature sexiness than cute. A couple other members do alright as well in cuteness, but are better suited to sexy. As a whole, and especially since Jiyoung became more mature and sexy, I'd say Kara lends themselves better to sexy.
  5. Pure Kamilia! Dunno, I've watched a lot of other K-pop groups, and they're talented, but it'll always be Kara.
  6. 52 plays so far on 2ME Online MV. The original that brought me to Kara. Still love Gyuri and Hara in this MV.
  7. 1. 2ME - the MV that brought me to Kara. Love Gyuri and Hara in this one! 2. Break It - Gyuri and Sung Hee shone in this vid, and this is the incredible talent that Kara was. 3. If U Wanna - Seung Yeon and Nicole were incredibly cute in this one! 4. Jumping - This was where Jiyoung really shone! Not just the cute maknae anymore, but mature and sexy in this one!
  8. Hara and Nicole have amazing smiles, but I'd say Nicole's is fun and cute, while Hara's is just dazzling, so I'll go with Hara.
  9. Whether they are five or split, I'll always remember Kara four and five. I'm just happy they existed to bring us great stuff.
  10. Nicole, but she didn't keep my attention. She's awesome, but I moved from Nicole to Seung Yeon to Hara, and then finally to Gyuri, and I have stuck with Gyuri for some time, and I don't see myself moving from Gyuri any time soon. I can say that Jiyoung in the last vid was amazing, but it always comes back to Gyuri. Goddess.
  11. I saw an YuTube video on the homepage as one of the vids being watched now,it was 2ME by Kara, and I loved it, Honestly, had I seen any of their other vids first, I woul've passed them off as yet another cute but 'characterless group'. I was an immediate fan.
  12. 2ME, it is the vid where you can see every member is distinct and have their own styles and charms.
  13. First it was Nicole in 2ME. Really, she and Hara really stood out in that vid, but then I moved to Seung Yeon as my favorite, then to Jiyoung after I saw she could be sexy and mature in Jumping, but after watching a lot of Kara vids, Gyuri really won me over, and while at times the other members come close to stealing my heart in certain vid or variety shows, Gyuri always keeps it.
  14. I had a dream that at the end of this all, they became Kara6 with Sunghee joining them again. Oh well, it was just a dream. Anyways, I'm not going to try placing blame or anything like that cause I don't know and won't ever know much about it. Just hope Kara sticks together, and if not, I'll probably just end up following Gyuri's activities most (occasionally I'll try to see what the others are up to as well).
  15. She's beautiful natural, but can be stunning all dolled up as well. She'd be perfect as she could enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon at home with no make up and still look beautiful, but also look gorgeous when she goes out all dolled up.