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  1. Nicole is who I would say is the most charismatic. I think onstage and offstage she is a totally different person.
  2. One word to describe Kara would be ... DILIGENT. They've worked so hard and gone throught so much trying to reach the top. When they first debuted I know enough about them to care as they didn't look like much special to me. However I think it was because of how hard they worked and the perserverence they had was what made them what they are today and also what made them into my #1.
  3. Hara I thought would be the most stand out as she was one G7 which was everywhere online. Though I can understand how Nicole would be what people would vote for. When it comes to the most overlooked it would be either Seungyeon or Jiyoung. Though in the end Jiyoung really does appear the least, I voted for Seungyeon because I feel(this is truly my opion; i'm not trying to offend)that she has so much more to offer.
  4. I think they all look great. Nicole, my bias, is really fit and works out. Gyuri is always in her beautiful goddess-stance. Seungyeon is so small and bright I want to put her in my pocket. Jiyoung is the cutest and most adorable with the height of a model. However I feel that in this Hara has the greatest body as she's really proportional.
  5. Kara is my favourite band and as soon as I heard what was hapening I started to feel scared of what was gooing to happen and that they were going to be another DBSK. I really am praying that they stay together as 5. I don't have the right to give an opinion as though I love the girls I also want to be fair to the company.
  6. DVD

    I watched the first episode and thought it was adorable. Nicole though having a total of 5 seconds was adorable. The only thing I was questionning was why the girls woould want to be love spies after they had just seen Gyuri break down from the repurcussions of being a love spy. However, I guess that's how it's going to work if they want to continue witht he drama.
  7. Gyuri at all ages is beautiful. Though I truthfully find it very interesting the transformation in her eyes in between when she was a baby and a child; she only gets prettier .
  8. I think why people would use that term to define Gyuri is for the reason that the character she portrays infront of a camera is a mature and confident person. They don't realize that it's her way of entertaining and making the viewer or fan laugh.
  9. so many new weapons to use on omona they didn't on kara posts!! thanks for providing
  10. It's great Hara is friends with everyone because whenever I see her she always seems a little untouchable and so to know that she's friendly with so many diverse people it's increases her good repuation with me. Also, I think her being friends with Seung Ri is really cute because it's really fun to see her interact with him.
  11. I really would love to see Gyuri in an Xman type show from a couple years back. So, if they couldn't make a 3rd Xman than I'd like to see her on Running Man. Though my first choice would be Xman as Running man alrady has Ji Hyo and Lizzy.
  12. Thinking about...red lips, white skin, dark hair.... she kind of is Snow White.
  13. It's a wierd feeling but, when she puts on glasses I feel all of a sudden very close to her and that she's a normal person I could see on the street or in my class.
  14. Gyul's eyes are gorgeous, as is her skin, though the picture emphasizes the wideness of her face and so for that I turned away a little. Though in the end she's still a goddess.
  15. Need more shows with Nicole other than SGB!!