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  1. i sure can relate to how the regretful guy must feel... just gotta bounce back i am only now hearing about this show. it is brave of her to be transparent with us about her past
  2. *sees it* O_O ...nice...nice her cheeks were so pudgy in that one though hahahaha
  3. haha the video ID "rsGH4LQY9S" only contains 10 characters, when it should be 11. and no one has changed it yet haha fail. someone should volunteer to play a lottery with the missing last(or first) character XD you'll get it eventually in the mean time let's all enjoy Hara throwing the ceremonial first pitch: ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="566" height="345">-> (maybe i'll edit it with a Jing video later, i don't have one right now :/
  4. too many favorites to name haha there were some gifs in there too: im guessing she wasn't on any basketball or volleyball teams in highschool = P
  5. wow this is awesome! i think my CPU just took a hit here. but it's worth it ^^ i like this one: http://image02a.search.daum-img.net/02/a.04.93.CF_1Bi3N_L38M_309_0.gif cause i just wanna pinch her cute little cheeks
  6. hahahaha a SeungYeon impression, looks like to me. just noticed they kinda do look a bit alike. all that's missing is her pigtails and i would have wanted to be there ^^
  7. lover her white skin. her with those pigtails and overalls are so pretty, she looks like a pretty little archer girl. she hardly looks any different today then she did then
  8. hahaha gangsta JiYoung, then Robocop JiYoung it just brightens my day
  9. cool, i never knew that her ideal guy was one that had a good sense of style or something sure JiYoung would make a great stylist, but i think Hara would make a really good stylist. she has the tendency to get really 'hands on' with other women. heh heh it's true
  10. well alot of people probably know this, but, Korean netizens have been known to be crazy. like seriously crazy. best to play it safe before some idiot netizen comes up with some story about a girl-group member becoming 'overly exploited' are some bullocks like that doesn't really have a huge affect though, revealing less leaves more to the imagination... that is, if your imagining it to begin with = P well unlike what has been said here, i have know Kara to be well known for their looks. alot of people say that looks are an important aspect of the group. i also kinda think that Kara usually is more revealing, take for example T-ara, they hardly ever reveal any skin. not even that much during songs like "너 때문에 미쳐" and "Bo Peep" sure is a waste tho, to have someone pretty like JiYoung in the group and not let her wear what the other group members are wearing.
  11. the title is fine, i expected it to be her dressed like a boy(only at a more recent time of her age) dang and i was really looking forward to JiYoung in that whole reverse-trap look
  12. this is interesting well i got into Kara pretty late actually. there were several other kpop girl-groups that i knew of before Kara what would they be without Kang JiYoung?
  13. as for the most innocent... she hasn't been involved in any online video strip chat or anything *cough* you know who *cough*. well i wonder if any other maknae are more or less innocent. to be a maknae in this business, one must have a lot of determination, i believe. and where there's lots of determination there can also be alot of greed perhaps... who knows the cutest. oh yeah!... wait, SeoHyun is the a maknae too, i forgot. mmmh this is a tough one funniest? probably not, she's to pretty and there are a lot of very funny maknae, and very dorky too. we'll see
  14. Kang Ji Young is great because: 1. she is hard working and full of courage, great in front of the camera 2. enthusiastic about life, has leadership quality and is a winner for sure 3. her body is great, her legs are perfect, and her face is super cute and pretty. saranghe! - liking the propaganda here ^^
  15. well what most people consider to be rap, i do not consider to be rap. sure i could see JiYoung as a rapper. if they can't rap by the time they're a certain age, they'll never be able to. so it's good to learn to rap while you're young..... wait what and yet you have time to put 'center' tags in all your posts...