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  1. former......? i wont believe anything other than Nicole or DSP statement. all those reporters, they just....... wanna hype up things
  2. If she really said what she meant, then, knowing her determination personality, i've got nothing to worry about

  3. i remember them backing our girls when they're in crisis. they're like family for kara n i absolutely love their sweet song here's the article: pd han jaeho tweet at that time:
  4. i sense that the concept must be something fierce like LUPIN. its gonna be daebak!
  5. i initially dont like the fact that she wanna quit being a goddess but lately, i've seen a lot of her new self. humble, quiet... i kinda interested to know her more
  6. hello, thanks for adding me :)

    1. haro


      LOL i should thank you for accepting me ^^

  7. Hello Kamilia MAlaysia :) keep in touch k

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      ahhh,welcome.hopely ^^

  8. also, the most disappointing moment of my Kamilia life, Kara didn't receive our Gift when they come to Malaysia. We worked hard for it. The bd wishes. The flowers. The food.. We even fought because of the gift planning. hmmm.. still hurts remembering those moments.. i was not there when they tried once again when Kara depart.. but all i heard from other admin is that they saw, but only look.. dunno whether its because of the security, or because they really don't want it Still hurts u know.. Its amazing i'm still a Kamilia after what happened. haha! I <3 KARA. still believe in them *p/s: sorry, if this post can cause uncomfortable to other Kamilia*
  9. I've met them when they were in Sg & Malaysia. Few times already. 1- K5J event (they walked infront of me! *starstruck* ) 2- Welcome at KLIA airport (gave Jiyoung our MySweetKara gift) 3- Meet & greet ( i don't get the tix, but after that event, they were in their van, All member so busy with their phone EXCEPT Hara. She waved constantly at us. N Hammie also looked a few times at us. but it becomes awkward coz they keep on staring at us. Seriously, it was supposed to be fans staring at Kara n not Kara starring at us) 4- MTV World Stage( they were sweating like it was raining..what to do, Malaysia is a natural sauna haha) 5- Kara departure ( i was holding Gyuri's fanboard. She waved at me n said "thank you" ... so we just keep on walking with them and all MYKamilia keep on saying, "tq for coming" " Come again" .... So i also wanna butt in la and say something too.. haha! ... I said softly "Gyuri~"...and she looked at me! She actually looked at me n slow down her pace just to walk by my side! at that time, i already a bit shock so in the end, i just said "Don't be mad.. anymore" -- coz she was tweeting early in the morning bout antis -- her micro-reaction that i can capture: why she said that? -> ah i remember now -> smile/smirk/laugh -> and the she bowed at me but then... there's this girl with cam said himnae to her (see on youtube).. and that the end of it 6- GDA .. there's nothing much to talk about. i bought the farest tix.. so my experience are not that memorable like the other MyKamilia... plus, we fail to gv our gift to them. ended up, we gave that HaJing cupcakes to other MyKamilia to eat
  10. I can't remember most of my dreams but i always dream about Kara.. almost every week crazy heh? Actually, yesterday, my room mate said i was sleep-talking "Kara~ Kara~" ​ Embarrassing stuff!
  11. btw, Thanks for saying good things about MySweetKara :D

  12. eh? how u know i dun hv any bias in Kara? this is weird. r u...stalking me????lolol! perasan >.<

  13. u must be Seungyeon bias.rite??

    i found a great tumblr

  14. owh, yeah i went to mtvws..and also Kara's arrival n departures ..huhu.. sweetest moment ever :D u have bias in kara?

  15. from selangor..u? u when to mtvws?

  16. ah? for what that tq for O.o