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  1. Personally I didn't find her to be that whiny, it was ok and you can tell she's trying to make things interesting. Can't fault her for that. Adnywa, it is the PDs who decide who gets cut in or out.. By the way , anyone know what was the cake for? She was really cute when they starting singing and she didn't know the whole thing was planned for her.
  2. I am posting in case anyone is interested about News on KARA arriving in Japan last week. T_T i entered the topic wrongly.
  3. it's so sweet and cute of her fanbase. Out of all KARA fanbases, Hammie's must be the most strong.. in Korea especially. Come on where are all the Hammies. We should all come back to spazz more since KARA is already back ... I miss the days.
  4. Overall they performed really really well.. I am so happy.. thanks for the fancams ( Ii know there are a LOT more fancams on the way ) Looking forward to seeing more to spazz.. we need to start the KH spazz engine again.. for quite some time it's been rather quiet around here..!
  5. ^ she was super hot last night.. I saw on twitter she was like #2 on nate search ... must be everyone searching for her pics.. Yeah it was a very short screech/crack but honestly it's nothing.. really.. Seeing her tears at the end + Hamcole moment.. so touching...
  6. I rather Hara have a lesser role here since she needs time to hone and develop her acting skills.. However I thought that her acting is actually improved through URAKARA In fact I didn't feel it hard to watch KARA acting during the last few episodes of URAKARA... Although she is casted as a "front" character, most likely she will have limited screentime, so we should adjust our expectations accordingly.
  7. Ham has become so thin recently , even when she puff up her face still can see her V-line.. She looks absolutely gorgeous @gel♥pgy pictures when they were going to the airport to fly to thailand. Her face and body looks... perfect!
  8. Thanks a lot to all the Sweet Melody Subbers. The start of the series was pretty decent. Although they got lots of help, it still had that flow of the whole process of setting up the bakery. The first 5 episodes were the most enjoyable IMO. I really loved to see the girls being themselves around each other. My favorite moments were during the cake baking and when they were looking to rent the place for the bakery. But after buying all the oven etc, I am kinda disappointed that those were just props that weren't used at all. I was expecting them to be baking in the bakery etc, even if it is just a scripted instance. The last 2 episodes were rather weird and ending was abrupt ... Heh. Anyway despite the poor production of the show, I still love to watch it since KARA is in it.
  9. Even though they have been doing the interviews in the same clothes and 26th of April has passed without any news, we should still remain optimistic. After all, all this time they have been saying all that they will be continuing as five. @0:56 I don't understand what Gyul said but it must be something positive because Terry ito was clapping. I love this video because Gekidan and Terry who are stanch supporters of KARA are there We should really put our faith in the girls! KARA fighting!
  10. Thanks for all the updates Yoo/Hasomy and all the staff of this website. Although it has been more than a month since they returned to Korea and no official news is given, I think things have been progressing ok behind the scenes. To some people, the progress may not seem as fast as they would like to. Still, we should be patient and wait for them to fully resolve this matter. Because they are communicating through lawyers, things can take more time. It is not good to rush it and then have problems again later. There are also a lot of opinion based/speculative articles these days. You can tell them apart because it just discusses what "might" happen. I have all the confidence in the world that they will be back as five. It's a strong gut feel. KARA and Kamilia fighting! .
  11. thanks Ben!! it is nice to cut this as ringtone.. looking forward to your second verse..
  12. Becky is super cute.. i super love her too.. She is a kind and nice lady.. of course very beautiful like KARA.. From the start of the disaster she had been actively helping and contributing, from pets to people. She went to the disaster areas personally to cheer the kids up a few weeks.. Lots of Japanese love and know her. Yea i loled a little at the same clothes again ><
  13. Yeah agreed, we can't stop people from saying bad stuff on the internet. But i hope that she can find comfort and strength from those people around her, especially KARA. She isn't new to controversies and I believe she has the strength to tide through this again. It is not easy for anyone to face these comments, in reality. We can say she is strong and such, but it is not something that is easily overcome. Hara had always seem to be more interested in dance, variety and perhaps acting. I never expect her to be super good at singing and I thought that the video wasn't too bad honestly. It just seems like some people are bent on humiliating her than anything (comparing her to SNSD Jessica?). In any case, things like these just make me a stronger kamilia.
  14. Ahh.. this thread needs more love... keke.. Jing is so beautiful in the Ima Okuritai Arigatou MV and she is so grown up... Becoming a beautiful lady...