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      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. Single

    Me... 45K first day. 110K first week.. I would have predicted more if it was a normal promotion. Whatever the case, i hope it sells well since all the proceeds will be helping those in need.
  2. Spazz

    Haven't seen anyone post this yet... Ham's so cuteee... Prayforjapan
  3. DVD

    I hope KARA's music will bring happiness to a period of downtime for the Japanese. Japanese are very strong people, no doubt they will bounce back by this year I am sure. After all they are until recently the 2nd largest Economy in the world.
  4. Spazz

    i really used to come to this thread more often as it was right next to the release threads.... So right after i spazz there I come over here.. Anyway.. congrats to KARA for another #1 on oricon... Btw its a shame that this thread is not as active as previously as more people are moving over to the release threads... Let's make it active again huh ..!
  5. Hello Yoo, thanks for helping to fix the link ... CHeers ^^

  6. @tna don't put it in such an extreme way. All donation counts. KARA's popularity and the earthquake are two entirely separate matters. People will pay less attention to all entertainment media now, not just KARA, because right in front of them is a problem that affects their physical lives. Please don't be too extreme, either way. I feel this topic should not exist at all.
  7. Single

    Although I had really looking forward greatly to the comeback of KARA (first performance after the controversy), I didn't feel that disappointed because the situation that happened in Japan has eclipsed all these. I think its a good move that they move the dates back. It gives people who still want to buy the single an even better reason to buy it, now that all profits go to help the stricken. Still, I am very looking forward to this single. I think the 2nd song especially will be a huge hit.
  8. @Palaverist... Hmm english Songs ? I don't have man , you could try the mediabox ? I think they sang some during MTV Meta friends right? Also nicole sang this english song during MJ tribute. Think you should be able to find them in mediabox :)

  9. Single

    Don't know if this is shared but I reuploaded the 1080p version onto youtube.Its not the upscaled version. It is really very awesome
  10. Spazz

    Has this been posted yet? seems like its been recently recorded...
  11. DVD

    ^ Going back to the URAKARA House episode, there was the part when the Director was tasting the food prepared by Nicole. And the robot started spouting nonsense... It was really funny that part... Everyone was giggling I could even hear the production crew. Hara said "please control yourself lol"
  12. ^ Speaking of fanchants, I will never forget dream concert from last year..
  13. FAQ

    thanks Yoo & Hasomy also whoever helped to provide news in the shoutbox. I find the news posted here the most reasonable. Although I wouldn't say news else are completely false, they do deviate from the true meaning so that it is sensationalized.
  14. ^ its not quite possible for everyone to buy the repackaged albums since most of them would have been new fans and just got to know KARA, prolly they also have bought GT + KARA BEST which includes most songs already. Waiting for 23 March hehe.
  15. I think there must be antis.. especially if you read AKP all the time, you feel alot of people hate KARA now. Truth is, that website is a breeding ground of trolls and ignorant and uninformed people. It is so because they rely so much on AKP for their news. I often read those comments, those are a band of hardcore Kpopers who follow up on every news and poke their nose into whatever issue is hot. It does not reflect the general consensus.On the contrary, i think most people are pretty sensible to know that the problem is due to the greed of the girls or anything too negative. I myself think that while it can be worrisome, there must be a genuine problem that they must do this. They are still in the top10 of oricon, which also says alot.
  16. @JJW the translation is said to be wrong (aceham tweet) . He was referring the DSP's leader, not gyuri
  17. Lawsuit is out already, but it can still be withdrawn. We hope positive forces tide them through this. I think KARA only a very small chance that disbanding will take place because of these reasons - Generally there is still a positive support for them from the fans. We still want to see them. - The members, parents and company have at some point of time expressed their desire to put KARA as 5 as priority and to work for reconciliation. - The members are still pretty much working and no rife between them. - Of course, with everyone praying and giving them strength, I think they will be blessed. I strongly believe a lawsuit will not be any good. Will believe in KARA all the way.
  18. I took this video from Kara-t cause they uploaded it on some slow streaming side. The atmosphere turned bad in like 10 seconds...>< poor girls
  19. yeap (: you answered me le... heh.. anyway, i might go check it out one day at HMV.

  20. Btw guys, I don't know if you guys heard it but when i turned up the volume with head phones, The singaporean guy asked Nicole if she has any plans for a concert, but she said no, they are busy promoting in Japan and Korea.
  21. DVD

    Yeah, agreed with most of you here, Jiyoung acting is thus far the best and most natural. SHe has alot of potential really in acting, since she is so young still. Nicole is pretty good too, no awkwardness with her acting. Next episode feels like introducing Korean food and language... still looking forward to it.
  22. ^ I am pretty sure Sunday numbers will be the highest, lets cross our fingers now. :thumbup:
  23. This week is the week guys!! We have a chance to get #1 if it jumps up on Sunday like last few weeks :tongue: Regarding the single, although I know KARA is very strong now.. I will wait till MV and full audio to be out first... No matter how popular the artist, music comes first but I have confidence in my girls..
  24. Spazz

    ^ Mixi fanclub is not really the official fanclub numbers though, I think total may be higher like 2 times or so.. DBSK number in Mixi 100k but Bigeast membership is 200k.. so I kinda used that to estimate...
  25. KARA is on fire in Japan now.. seems like all the issues is pushing their popularity to the peak... The girl's talk album refuses to go down and is still selling like its only 2nd or 3rd week... its crazy... I mean with 300k Japanese albums sold... KARA is already the 3rd best-selling korean act after DBSK and Boa... Legend