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  1. Wow... how did they do that....!? J-Kamilias are daebak.. 300K almost.... even for DBSK, their highest selling Japanese original album was 300k-400k...
  2. FAQ

    For myself I maintain a positive outlook on the girls... Whatever it is, I am sure they are working out something to carry on as KARA 5... have said it many times but will say it again... Its to no one's advantage to break up anyway ... As for the future, meaning after 1year+ , we don't know what will exactly happen. I think these girls will know the importance of maintaining KARA for at least a few more years. After all, they have got so much potential waiting for them in Japan and they themselves take pride on it.. One day I will see KARA in Tokyo Dome!
  3. FAQ

    Hello All.. Thanks Yoo & Hasomy for their super efforts again... Hmm based on reading this.. 1) The girls/or their parents are strong on their stand to fight for some more rights 2) DSP is kinda pressured to mend their ties 3) Pretty sure all the girls want to continue as 5. The girls/parents probably know that a split cannot be possible at this point. This will probably result in terrible consequences for all parties involved. (Reason is because, once split, the golden goose is killed and UMJ will start to fire their cannons at DSP who might go after the 3 parties. This is not including the CF companies etc (Mobile, Beauty shop) They are just holding ground so that DSP gives in more..Kamilias, believe it. They will come back soon.
  4. Hmm I read the news and was kinda happy. Its a big step for a person to be staying by herself, I think she will grow alot during this time. Btw you guys know, it is not easy to stay with the same person for many years no matter how good their friendship. Good friendship does not mean seeing each other everyday and talking everyday etc. Good friendship means that when you are in need of help, even when you have no contact the person for 5 years, he will still turn up at your place immediately. But anyway, Hara will be so busy this will prolly just be a place to sleep at night...
  5. I know both sides are really going hard on the negotiations now so there is nothing left to do until official news come. I am pretty angry at how some parties and media have made this situation so bad for KARA. I just felt Kim Kwangsoo and KEPA had not been professional. If they felt they had the right to intervene, they should do it without telling the whole world. If they have the authority, do what is needed, then make the needed announcement after result is confirmed . It makes me think of their intentions ( or perhaps even lack of thinking) on this action. What's the use of announcing to the whole world about your own opinion when research and action have not taken place? It is typical of many politicians.
  6. Spazz

    I heard the newest song Jet Coaster love released on 16 March ? any confirmation ? haha.. I think this will be a breakout single..
  7. I don't know if some of the request put out will be fully complied but I can only hope for the best. But I think, they also have known that huge support is behind them not to disband now, especially from Japan. I have confidence that even if it takes along time, things will turn out well. :thumbup:
  8. @kara_stalker, I understand where you are coming from especially if you are a hardcore drama watcher. But right here, we are just comparing among the girls themselves. I know the girls have a long long way to go in terms of acting. You can't say that there is none as it is unfair to the girls who have tried their best. My vote goes to Ham. I think her natural cuteness and hamster like behavior have made her acting seem more natural. Gyuri & Hara 's acting are a little more forced for me but maybe due to the pressure of the main character.
  9. Spazz

    Thank XXoo for the caps. My mood has been down the past few days but has picked up significantly as the things didn't get so bad. Watching URAKARA helped alot My favorite is where she is spazzing over that golfer . I thought that she actually stole this episode in acting. But of course, Hara is amazingly gorgeous in this episode so I don't know who to choose. I heard the ratings are 8,2% this episode. It is daebak! Love the J -Kamilias for the support. (In my heart, I know nothing will separate the girls now.)
  10. Firstly, Everyone should calm down and refrain from saying bash-like comments at anyone. I do have a few things I am 80% sure of 1. The girls still want to work with each other... I am pretty sure.. 2. They seem to have big issues with agency because of lack of communication esp on schedules and overwork. Many people have already raised question about DSP way of promoting. Maybe with communication before they accept any schedule for the girls in the future, this can be solved. 3. With Hara and Gyul on board, it is highly likely that Ham with her old ties to KARA4 + father encouragement, will do so. 4. Regarding Nicole and Jing, not so sure, Nicole mom seems quite strong for this and personally even twitted for the legal action. It is a source of information we cannot ignore. But she also said that she does not want to destroy her child's dream. Right now, the way I see it, the only way the dream can be restored is restoring KARA to original. 5. I don't know what to say about Jing. Hope she can follow if 3 or more of her unnies do. 6. DSP is opening their doors to KARA which is a damn good thing. Although the way they put their announcement now may hurt KARA or KARA's parents, I think it they did admit some fault by saying they are open to concessions now. That point proves that they did feel sorry about how they had treated KARA previously. They are working towards reconciliation which is the best option for now. 7. Now the crucial part comes : Will the concession DSP make and fulfil what the member's and parents want. But it seems from their announcement, they are willing to make enough adjustments to take KARA back. 8. I don't know what to say about the Lawyer's making those flamboyant statements. I didn't like it a bit. 9. Future and what people will think of KARA now. Honestly, I think that people will be able to forget this incident, and the industry will take it as a good lesson that many underlying problems exist in the structure of remuneration for artists. This problem was not caused by the individual behavior like greediness, but by a failure of a system. I think it won't cause much hurt to KARA reputation.
  11. Wherever KARA wants to go I go... Honestly I was shocked but not suprised. We have been talking about how DSP overwork the girls to noeffect.. poor marketing for a long time.. I guess it has really come true now. I am more confused about why they didn't inform Gyuri. Is there kind of a internal conflict? So many questions unanswered. Right now I am at work and I usually don't log on but then its such a big issue.,, I just hope they can continue to perform and sing whatever happens after this.. Lets all pray for the best for KARA...
  12. ^ lol i just wish that we can jump that bit more and take no. 1... hehe Sigh... so close to number 1....
  13. DVD

    Rewatched it, I think its still a fun drama.... @xchigo I think you have your point that you are free to express your opinion.But i was also curious as to what type of standard are you using to look at the show. Personally I thought that of course, as a "real" drama, this would no doubt get thrashed. But I think it is more of a KARA realit+drama show , meant for KARA fans. Topping it off, the girls seems like they are playing themselves so I didn't feel much awkwardness aside from the lines..
  14. I like how KARA is the first one in for this new Hallyu wave and begging all the records first hehe. Its not why i love KARA of course, but its nice to know. @Diane
  15. KARA makes the world so colorful. keke milk sounds good, but i am more of a beer person :D Ahh i want to see KARA in person ....

  16. yah I am online everyday haha... KARA is soul food..

  17. DVD

    Oh i wanted to add that it feels like watching an episode of power rangers lol... 30 mins.. Have a mission , beat the boss, robots etc. Well I never expected a deep drama from the start. Maybe its too unfair to expect anything more, since they are just singers suddenly pulled to do this drama.. Remember how we were all so confused about the concept at the when they first announced the show? Edit: I think my low expectations helped me to enjoy the show. I also spotted a editing mistake - Ham giggling when they were pulling their manager back at the air port hehe But based on the preview, it seems next episode will be more deeper in story.. Looking forward to it...Whatever it is, I think the girls are showing a natural side of themselves and it will help promote themselves ..
  18. I love this episode... Especially IU-Cole interactions. They are really good friends... Since most points have already been covered, nothing much more to say. But I want to add that they did do a good job of distributing airtime this episode, among all the heroes members. I wonder if it is due to 2 missing members, but hopefully they can continue to divide airtime well and show us more shots of Cole....
  19. Spazz

    I love the song... not sure about u guys... The bossa nova style is totally refreshing and their vocals really shone through this song. They make it work without trying too hard to impress like some artists do with ballads. Are those really Hara vocals? Cause they are awesome....! Man I am so proud of the Girls....
  20. I think from the trend... its clear that KARA is gaining alot of new fans at the moment hence the number is so strong... even outstripping Ayumi and Utada already (Ayumi is newer release though, Utada is same week). I think rather than the total numbers, this trend gives an even more positive note than the total sales that KARA 's popularity is growing very quickly now. Sometimes I kinda wonder if it was all because of Mister and butt dance. Therefore I hope that they don't use Mister too much now hehe.. In any case if all goes well the J-Kamilias will love all of KARA songs.. cause all their hits are good for me.. I think they will eventually see it that way
  21. Its not in these videos but they also named the Japanese artists they liked later on Gyul - Juju Ham - Juju, Exile,Hamasaki Ayumi Nicole - Exile, Misha, Kana Nishino Hara - Aoyama Thelma, Yui .. & someone i cant hear Jiyoung - Yui, Perfume (Neee )
  22. woah she can go shopping alone ... ? wonder if she would get lots of stares now... Hehe.. make me crave for food now too Omg
  23. ^woah number 3...lol daebak... Btw you guys know the sales for New year period is esp low because many CD shops are not opened..
  24. Spazz

    @xichigo Ah i see.. Cause I kept thinking of Lotte world.. haha. Anyway I went to research and found that it is a brand spanning both countries, founded by S.Korean but headquartered in Tokyo. So i guess its both correct! ^ I surely will visit this restaurant the next time I go S.Korea!!
  25. Spazz

    Right now, I am hoping people take note about KARA"s other songs instead of just Mister. This is perfect for it. I mean for us International and K fans, we already love all the KARA songs not just Mister, therefore I hope the Japanese will start to love other songs equally and not to put too much emphasize on the butt dance anymore. I think it will happen but many parodies are creating this effect that KARA = MISTER. But KARA = KARA .. Hehe. Anyway it is great for this CF . and I look forward to more by the girls..but isn't Lotte a Korean brand ??