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  1. ^ Actually Slod, KARA has exceeded way beyond many people's expectation and their sales have been more consistent and sticky then many other artists... they are managing to attain similar numbers as legends like Utada after nearly 6 weeks of charting.. most artists go down to single digits(in thousands) by 3rd or 4th week. hehe ...
  2. This is the toughest question.. Hmmm... My personal preference is Ham! But others have their advantages as well... Nicole would be fun to date she'll be like super hyper.. Hara is so pretty if you go out with her all the guys will be envy of you... that applies to Gyuri too... And Jing is such a cool girl your mood will be very good when going out... all of them are way too good..
  3. Album

    ^ I don't know about last time but alot of artists don't seem to be doing goodbye stages nowadays ? Or I am hoping DSP is preparing a little surprise in the form of a second promotion.. hehe
  4. ^ Its amazing an amazing fact. I just watched their most recent TV appearance and am 100% sure the number will stay .. Its too difficult not to like them ... Meanwhile, I think we can get ready for Platinum article in 1 or 2 weeks time.. Edit: screenshot from Oricon
  5. I just finished the last episode. It is so sad but I know it has to end. Now its nearly impossible to expect Hara to be back to IY again. I think one of the reasons G7 stopped is because Hara can no longer keep up with the filming schedule. Anyway I have downloaded all the shows, its gonna be a nice memory in the future!
  6. Hihi Fitry's... how do you do....

  7. ^ the 6 album thingy shocked me at first but I think this is not gonna be heavily promoted, more like a fan service thing so that J-kamilias who want to buy old albums can buy them more easily now. I won't expect crazy sales for those but I am sure there are those who want to collect the full set of KARA releases without wanting to spend money to ship it themselves.
  8. Hi Everyone, Just bought these headphones too. I am not a music producer or anything, just a general end user. I was looking for a pair of good headphones for music and to have some sort of privacy and noise cancellation as i share my room. Hence, I pretty much don't know about headphones, but I will just give my most direct thoughts regarding this. I was reading reviews online and it seems equation rp-21 headphones has its own cult following and is pretty much a solid choice for an affordable pair of headphones. What to Expect Once you start playing music from high quality files, you will start to hear stuff u don't really hear from your usual speakers. All the details and instruments come out and all can be clearly heard. This is probably the strongest point about the headphones. Voice clarity is good, bass and midrange are also good. The earphones make you feel you can turn them up real loud without your ears bursting.. I wouldn't recommend that you try though.. It is quite comfortable even on the 1st day to use, even for someone like me who isn't bestowed with a small head like Hammie. It looks big. So if you want to bring it out... get ready for some people to stare..I am keeping mine at home Driving the headphones. Basically it is pretty easy to drive without amplifier. I plugged into my phone (LG optimus one) and bass was still moderately solid. You can also plug them into the headphone jack on your speakers, but I won't recommended to plug direct to audio out. Build quality is Okay. Not luxurious but its decent IMO. About live performances - If you have a high quality live performance, prepare to hear things like out of tune & cracking. This headphone's purpose was made so that people can hear any flaws. However, you will also pick up some random fangirl's scream. Note that because of Open mics, there tend to be alot of noise in live performances. What Not to Expect A great surround sound type headphone (giving a good depth of sound that 2.1 speakers dont do). This is not it. Some earphones can achieve that but not this as this is a tracking headphone meaning people want to hear what has been recorded exactly. Any differences in quality if your source quality is not good in the first place. Well I ll add more later on after I used it more... Hehe. So far I am extremely happy about the purchase.
  9. ^ Woa number 4 .... can't believe we are actually only ranking beside Ayumi who was 2 weeks old release only..... totally daebak haha :thumbup: That number is gonna jump when URAKARA broadcasts...
  10. Hi Skysaber, just type in the shoutbox :) Be sure not to spam...

  11. This guy is a hardcore fan...! Anyway I think its most important to spend within your means, but some people have more spare cash lying around, its not really that much. After all people spend so much on handbags which I don't understand too :confused1:
  12. Oh so he IS Terry... I was wondering who was it... He appeared on a few shows with KARA already... must have been charmed hehe
  13. I think they should put HaYeon on WGM...lol ... That would be new But then Nicole would get jealous...
  14. DVD

    ^omg that HaJing photo.... :eyelove: I also want to lie like that and learn Japanese with them...
  15. Single

    ^woah .. how did it jumped so much ... lol... Anyway i think KARA has a v strong footing in Japan now... totally looking forward to the next single.. Which I think has potential to do 100K a week too. (of course thats a new record). Especially afeter URAKARA airs.. Everything is positive for KARA now, I know the trend is gonna continue and more Japanese are going to like them. I think the Super Live MuStation did alot to the sales. it was so good.. honestly I was replaying their performance so many times myself... so I reckon it should have a big effect... Personally, I think KARA should be quite difficult to overtake even with so many Kpop groups debuting in Japan next year because of their unique style that suits Japanese... I am just totally looking forward to their drama and next single!
  16. ***    mister      jumpin     kara best    girl's talk    第*1週   *5/29,238   *5/54,977   *2/50,666   *2/107,403   第*2週   11/10,877   14/14,938   *6/14,003   *6/*35,193    第*4週   13/*7,799    20/*6,125  12/*8,452   10/*18,727    第*5週   17/*5,595    22/*5,061  17/*7,051   *8/*21,933    第*6週   21/*3,969    27/*3,421  31/*4,929   **/***,***   第*7週   24/*3,273    27/*3,233  17/*5,156   **/***,***    第*8週   26/*2,772    **/**,***  27/*4,800   **/***,***   第*9週   38/*2,102    **/**,***  33/*4,262   **/***,***    第10週   28/*2,664    */**,***   36/*4,511   **/***,***    第11週   24/*3,257    **/**,***  44/*4,338  **/***,***    第13週   34/*2,291    **/**,***  45/*3,666   **/***,***   第14週   34/*2,736    **/**,***  39/*4,514   **/***,***   第15週   34/*2,726    **/**,***  **/**,***   **/***,***   ~省略~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 累**計   **103,851   ***97,221   **125,790   ***206,845   This table is taken from the 2ch forums. I took out SNSD values as I don't want to create trouble for us.. haha
  17. I couldn't resist when I saw this banner on UMJ website today... hope they can keep that banner for a few more days hehe :thumbup:
  18. How did KARA get 22000 for 5th week beats me... and so close to Hikki who sold so much more the first week...... > :confused1: :confused1: KARA sales is scary these days lol :thumbup: :thumbup: Congrats ! Happy...
  19. Today #7 ... still very good haha *1 10,981 浜崎あゆみ *2 *7,918 いきものがかり *3 *6,157 BUMP OF CHICKEN *4 Mr.Children *5 少女時代 *6 宇多田ヒカル *7 KARA *8 嵐 *9 福山雅治 10 (DJ KAORI'S JMIX Ⅳ)
  20. I feel like ordering that Mister Single .... so pretty in that pic....lol... I know its already posted in AKP (i did give a tip there) but then congrats again!
  21. I always thought this was super cute lol.. love Hara alot... Sad.. Last episode of IY.... can't see my Hara anymore.. .><
  22. DVD

    Oo new dedicated thread... Thanks for making it! So far I think the anticipation to URAKARA is pretty good.. I know its not a real drama in that sense but I think many fun moments will come out of this project. If the objective was to make more people like KARA, I think this project is awesome.
  23. ^ i think we don't have to be over obsessed about getting awards.. They are doing well, i am sure they are well liked and recognised in Japan so that's more important for me..
  24. Yeah its number 10 today.crazy huh. Top 5? Hmm ... highly possible.... *1 70,609 浜崎あゆみ *2 21,271 少女時代 *3 *7,305 BUMP OF CHICKEN *4 mothy 悪ノP feat.鏡音リン,鏡音レン *5 いきものがかり *6 Mr.Children *7 宇多田ヒカル *8 神聖かまってちゃん(つまんね) *9 神聖かまってちゃん(みんな死ね) 10 KARA Haven't post this for long time haha... after first week GT.. however I noticed that the usual 2ch thread about new album is not around anymore!! Anyone knows where it went?
  25. Nice.... GT is the sticky like the other 3 powerhouse albums... Hikki, Ikimono and Fukuyama's.... Hehe... I love to see them on oricon everyday for the past 1 month.. On the other hand... isn't that Ninki prediction for SNSD album abit on the low side?