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    ^ Its digital which isn't compiled by Oricon. Oricon only tracks physical sales I believe....
  2. Single

    Oh wow... yeah someone quickly tip AKP gogo lol..Platinum !.anyway the result is expected but I am super stoked weee! What a nice year for our girls.
  3. I just watched last week's episode ( lol delay by one week) ... Nicole is so hardworking and inspirational and so serious in doing things... Although she is young, her work ethics is really something that many people don't have.. Nicole forever... She is pretty lady but the most beautiful thing about her is her heart! So looking forward to this episode , guess she is doing waitressing in the evening..
  4. i like her voice here, it actually overshadows the male singer. But they compliment well and Jing is extremely cuteeeee!
  5. Album

    ^ thanks pig3head for the deduction! i knew they would be somewhere near the Gold for Mister, its such a Hot song in Japan, everyone knows it but I know the singles sales must definitely be higher and since that's not reflected in physical, must be digital! its quite hard to describe how big KARA is but in terms of Japan girl groups, but definitely 3 or 4. I heard people saying that most people in Japan know KARA and the butt dance, so no surprise they are the most parodied Kpop act! Yay so Happy!!!!!
  6. Cool, even the Taiwan media ( from the tone of the woman speaking, sounds like taiwanese to me) reports on them.. However I would prefer KARA not to try enter the Chinese market atm... just concentrate 2 country :D
  7. HaYeon love... is too :eyelove: :eyelove: Hmm.... they are too cute I love all of them.. keke. And they look so pretty here!
  8. Album

    Me too I thought that KARA wouldn't win anymore so stupid of me haha how can I forget Kamilias support. These girls to me are the symbol of hard work >> raw talent. They are so special as they aren't from the big 3 company but managed to claw their way to the top ... Love KARA!
  9. its crazy, their album sales stickiness are like the big name albums like Utada, Ikimonogakari and Fukuyama... Super impressive. It shows the depth of penetration into the Japanese market. Not only Kpop fans are liking KARA now!
  10. I love the episode too! suddenly Heroes become so interesting and of course the theme being food Nicole is super interested. 1. During the voting when Nicole was pulling voters the captions read " Even Hallyu Stars resort to pulling voters" Haha... The random Jumping dance after the vote was too cute. 2. When she was pounding the pork chops the chef commented her technique is the most correct.. She also asked the chef about frying temperature etc .... Her expressions are so daebak , can't wait for next episode. This is what Heroes should be like!
  11. Album

    ^ yeah kinda bleh.. but well Jumping been around since soo many months ago, its good that it got 2 actually ... we still have tmr to look forward to wee!
  12. Album

    I think new Kamilia like me have alot to learn from the old Kamilia who really stood by the girls despite the tough times like a member dropping out and a long hiatus. We are happy if they get good sales but then it shouldn't even affect our liking of KARA! Anyway I must say their performances lately are hell of impressive!
  13. ^thanks for the update .... its still quite strong (always half of Hikki I notice!) Normally album there is a possibility to sell more than 2x of first week due to its long tail distributions. So hope and pray URAKARA would boost this sales to platinum!
  14. Spazz

    I randomly took a snapshot in Itunes Japan top 10 songs just now 02 December 2010 Japan 1. 流星 コブクロ 流星 2. ジャンピン KARA 3. On Your Mark 〜ヒカリのキセキ〜 三代目 J Soul Brothers 4. Poker Face Lady GaGa 5. トイレの神様 植村花菜 6. Goodbye Happiness 宇多田ヒカル 7. ミスター KARA 8. Can't Wait 'Til Christmas 宇多田ヒカル 9. I Wish For You EXILE 10. Beginner AKB48 Mister is there like forever...lol
  15. Album

    ^ its really so bad huh. any idea why the Koreans don't like it ? After all the songs are all pretty solid and half the songs are in Girl's talk which did so well. even though when Jumping has been re-promoted. I've been looking at Hanteo and noticed it always hover around the top 5 still for the past few weeks.. Its weird that its still so quite low
  16. Yeah i expected it to be dominated by SNSD already. Still pretty good I guess, all 5 managed to go into the list
  17. Album

    ^ if i am not wrong Korea doesn't have a public sales chart? Different websites compile their own sales and the company will also sometimes release sales figures. But I know there has been alot of dispute because companies have been known to overstate sales before. Its really different from Japan.(Edit: my own guess is 10-20k range )
  18. Single

    Oricon monthly chart for Jumping 1.
  19. Monthly chart, copy and pasted from Tokyohive. 1. “Ikimonobakari ~members’ BEST selection~” – Ikimonogakari : 11/3 (821,853) 2. “THE BEST BANG!!” – Fukuyama Masaharu 11/17 (474,445) 3. “Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION Vol.2″ – Utada Hikaru : 11/24 (230,979) 4. ”Greatest Hits” – Bon Jovi : 11/3 (123,183) 5. “Girl’s Talk” – KARA : 11/24 (107,403) 6. “STAR” – Nakashima Mika : 10/27 (68,684) 7. “Enka Meikyoku Collection 13 ~Nijiiro no Bayon” – Hikawa Kiyoshi : 11/10 (59,450) 8, “Speak Now: – Taylor Swift : 11/10 (57,016) 9. “Togemaru” – Spitz : 10/27 (51,755) 10. “Houkago Tea Time II” – Houkago Tea Time : 10/27 (50,281) Today's mid day, still at #6 (although fallen behind Fukuyama and Ikimono) 23003 ミスチル 2651 ドリカム 2391 宇多田 いきもの 福山 kara rip ブリーチ ACIDMAN yuki
  20. Album

    ^ Like what everyone said, I guess this song has been heard way too many times before their comeback. So naturally, there isn't really much hype. Their teasers were heard as early as October am I right? But their performances in Korea have been nothing short of 100%, including trying to give us a surprise by some changes to the dance. In fact, everytime I stream music shows with them,I realize their charisma really outshines other groups. The simultaneous promotion strategy didn't really work well but no problems. At least KARA has gained one more experience through this, and Jumping is no failure at all overall. I don't expect any trophies, just the performances are good enough for me. Still #1 in my view. PS: This week is the last week of promotions right?? So any possible wins must be this weekend?
  21. Single

    I guess total Jumping is now 80 k ??? Is pretty good too :thumbup: After all its an original song.. The next hit will sure be like Girl's talk ( I really really hope DSP concentrate on the music first, worry about promotions later)
  22. IMO 200k is definitely reachable. ( Best did 50k+ first week, already surpassed 100k) . Now will we see that Platinium for this album ??? You guys think ? My guess is , the chance is there.
  23. Looking forward to next episode . This episode features too much talking which Cole is not good in... Nothing much in this episode also booo hooo. The show's themes seem quite interesting but I wonder why its not as entertaining. (At the beginning Kahi Vs In young was interesting. It creates a competitive atmosphere. but later they become real life good friends so no more rivalry, show starts to go boring and everyone seems to be lurkers now . Kahi seldom talk last few episodes too.. IU & Jiyeon are cute but kinda quiet. The rating for this show also poor compared to Running Man(I think this is like single digit), I hope it picks up soon.... Ahhh need Kim Jedong to partner with Nicole, during Star golden bell, it was the best variety show that Nicole was on and only he knew how to make her shine... But at least, we get to see awesome Nicole reactions sometimes. Shall look forward to the charity episode I'm sure it will be better. Thanks for the clips!
  24. 2010/11/29(月) 17:25:40 1 23,796 宇多田ヒカル *2 12,465 福山雅治 *3 11,103 いきものがかり *4 KARA *5 ヒルクライム *6 ボン・ジョヴィ *7 シェリル・ノーム starring May'n&ランカ・リー=中島愛 *8 久保田利伸 *9 テイラー・スウィフト 10 倉木麻衣 seems like Ikimonogakari + Fukuyama rebound...??? This figure are early so they may not be final yet. KARA best today is #16 . Besides KARA, the only other people who have released album this long ago on the list are Utada, Mika Nakashima and Juju i think. Jumping is #15 Single Chart
  25. ^ oh sorry... lol my sarcasm detector failZZZ ...... :tongue: i m like super excited for the weekly numbers now. it will be announced tomorrow evening maybe 5-6 JST, keep an eye here.