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  1. mid day 2010/11/29(月) 11:08:44 4792 宇多田 2450 kara 2305 福山 いきもの ヒルク ボン 倉木 マクロス 久保田 Utada Total sales
  2. @red Yeah well I was thinking we should wait for the weekly chart to come out for finalized numbers otherwise its confusing for them too?
  3. Their dressing sense is really good.. they dress v casually (pants and sweaters) but look so pretty and trendy! No wonder the Japanese girls love them! :thumbup:
  4. 2010/11/28(日) 18:13:46 JST I am not sure if this is true anot.. haha *1 22,727 宇多田ヒカル *2 11,217 KARA *3 10,783 福山雅治 *4 いきものがかり *5 ヒルクライム *6 シェリル・ノーム starring May'n&ランカ・リー=中島愛 *7 ボン・ジョヴィ *8 久保田利伸 *9 テイラー・スウィフト 10 倉木麻衣 Edit: pretty much 100k is certain even if it drops tmr. Weekly bonus should be at least 4k (Jumping single was 3k)impressive= ....
  5. Today figures is daebak :thumbup: *1 22375 宇多田ヒカル *2 11836 KARA <------Dropped so little????? *3 10238 福山雅治 some Japanese called them Sticky KARA... haha think their sales is so consistent. We might see another 10k tmr..
  6. Nicole mentioned Kimura Takuya haha... ( I think the host asked which Japan artist do they like ? not too sure) ... Well I am pretty sure KimuTaku would like to meet her too haha
  7. If they maintain 8k average for 3 remaining days(Tues is not counted) + 5k(say 5k bonus) = 29k 29k+ 68k = 97 k (Yikes short of 3K) Hope it maintains its consistent trend! Anyway First week 90+ K is more or less certain.. no joke KARA is one of the top selling Kpop group in Japan now. This will be hard to beat.. keke Total so far
  8. Today seems higher than my prediction of 12k 2010/11/26 18:33:28 *1 *26,843 宇多田ヒカル *2 *13,142 KARA *3 *11,221 福山雅治 *4 いきものがかり *5 ヒルクライム *6 マクロスF *7 清木場俊介 *8 久保田利伸 *9 ボン・ジョヴィ 10 マイ・ケミカル・ロマンス
  9. Album

    ^Think the skirmish was over.. Now all station are careful so they will be broadcasting the Asian Games instead. Talking about the charts, AKP reported that MuBank (and probably Inki) will still have awards. MuBank will announce their winner on Monday. Do you guys think KARA could win this one?
  10. wow u guys are too optimistic.... For me more realistically today maybe drop by half~ 12 k , 8k maintain for 2-3 days. It won't hit 100k but will be very close. Half day figures today 2010/11/26 11:36:32 5739 宇多田 2839 kara 2223 福山 いきもの ヒルク マクロス Utada 清木場 久保田 ボン
  11. 2010/11/25(木) 18:32:08 JST 40,742 宇多田ヒカル 19,214 KARA <------ 13,749 福山雅治 ヒルクライム いきものがかり シェリル・ノーム starring May’n&ランカ・リー=中島愛 清木場俊介 Utada マイ・ケミカル・ロマンス 久保田利伸 Edit: Confirmed by Oricon chart. Continuing at this rate, it is very likely to see 2 week RIAJ gold.
  12. Single

    Sales for Jumping for jumping for 23 + 24
  13. I think the publicity caused by KARA friendship and interaction with other artists cannot be underestimated at all(is someone counting the number of artists), we may be look at 80k sales this week O_O. Its really daebak but I will cross my fingers for today's sales figures for a better estimate. For those who wants to see 1st day full chart (Extra day+1st day)
  14. Not sure about the trend in Japan and how holiday sales work but on conservative side 10-15k tmr should be easily achievable (considering Jumping did 10k and this sold more) Anyway this week sales is gonna be so daebak
  15. ^i think the numbers are about right.... morning 4.5k which is about 20% of this figure... O.O Hikki's sales not high as expected today The weekly figure will be daebak this time.. Oh and this, jumping still number 16, not too bad for 3rd week single 16 Down ジャンピン KARA 11/10 レビュー(投稿)を見る
  16. ^ thanks for the pics she looks so friendly and pretty these days.. The last episode of Heroes was .. The vote conducted from 200 reporters, which Artist would they most want to interview. Nicole got no. 10 .... Not sure why for a hot Idol....lol Each team were given specific themes to interview them about (mostly sensitive topics to the interviewee) Nicole's mission was to interview asked them Cultwo (the Duo) about rumors of not getting along well. Nicole randomly asked a question which I can't be sure off might mean " During meal u guys understand each other very well right?" Haha not sure what it meant but Nicole = Food. PS: She has that reporter look with that hairstyle..Keke. Of course her face is too cute to be a reporter.
  17. Spazz

    Well I feel slightly disappointed cause it would have been historical for a debut group to attend .. but I guess the committee didn't feel like breaking the rules this time.. Japan opinions may also differ from what we think. I think KARA just needs to continue to release albums and sell well, they will be invited sooner or later!! I have that confidence because look at how many Japanese artists have mentioned KARA which is unprecedented. Anyway, this is over and let's look forward to other works from KARA.
  18. The midday number looks good. It is usually 20-25% of full day figures so we can expect ~ 25k today..(That meanst first day 13+25k = 38 k ? :thumbup:
  19. Album

    Me too. I feel Inki camera work did not capture the dance well... And I prefer MuCore triangle outfits.. Don't like Horizontal Lines Outfit... But Inki was more "perfect" in terms of vocal ..
  20. I am also quite confused now lol because Ninkie predicted 500k for Utada? so that means at least 200k for 1st day right? http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/ja/d/ That number right there seems quite far from the prediction by factor of nearly 10. Cannot be so off right? Well but I guess its a good thing that KARA 's numbers are close to Hikki because she is going to sell a heck of alot Ninki:
  21. I noticed Nicole didn't talk much with EXILE... she is like.. so unconfident of her language while Jing and Hara were ranting away.... Noticed she was very stiff throughout the show too! I hope she would show her 4D side to the Japanese audience hehe. <3 her hairstyles these days...
  22. Single

    But initially, I was attracted to Lupin promotion. Mister came very much later for me... Even before Mister, Honey was popular among Japanese. Honey, Lupin dance was memorable and so was Jumping. (Honestly after I saw Jokwon parody, I think the Jumping dance is quite interesting LOL) For those yet to see....
  23. Hmmm u know at first I was really positive about the album as the songs are so good, but I wonder what the Japanese think? Cause if I were them, I might be expecting more Kpopish songs right? I fear that the novelty of KARA as Kpop would wear off as the album sounds so Jpopish ... But I understand, DBSK had these kind of songs in Japan as well.. (Luckily the 4 rehashed songs still got that Kpop feel especially Jing rapping in Love Is ) But I like the album haha Oh man its really hard to say at this point My guess 30k/70k
  24. Well based on pre-orders and the album being viewed so positively, I would say first day 30k/70k first week Think I'm getting Ver B myself keke.
  25. Spazz

    Yeah, no point go out to prove our point to the other group, it won't change the fact and its just gonna cause hate hehe KARA rocks any outfit anyway, the way I see it, its even better.