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  1. Only actors, no idols. Even though Seung Gi is an idol too lol. Kim Bum Yoo Seung Ho Kim Soo Hyun Lee Seung Gi
  2. Lol, I would love to try Nicole's ramen some day.....but it sounds really spicy xP I have a sensitive tongue, but if Nicole made it- I don't care!
  3. I have a lot, but one particular SGB episode I love with Nicole was with Hankyung. I don't even speak Korean, and I found it hilarious without any subtitles.
  4. I can't imagine KARA without Nicole......in fact, I can't imagine KARA without any of the members!
  5. Lupin and Wanna are my all time favorite music videos of theirs in Korea. In Japan, I like Mister because that's my favorite KARA song.
  6. Nicole is my bias, but I think Hara has the most fans. But I think Nicole might have more international fans, especially in the States.
  7. Because Nicole is so lovable <3
  8. I don't know if Nicole's reaction was immature, it's not like she laughed or giggled. She was just uncomfortable, and there are many mature adults who would react the same way.
  9. Just liked to add more pictures to the Nicole's Hats collection, because she's just absoluely adorable
  10. I loved Nicole's and Minzy's dance the best. I'm sorry, but GaIn's looked like it belong in a strip club and Hyuna, honestly, looked kind of awkward. Also, Nicole's outfit is just the best! Omg so sexy!
  11. Nicole may be adorably dorky, but she's actually really deep and bright. I like her philosophy "Effort doesn't betray you, if it ever did it's because I didn't put in enough effort." That quote has actually inspired me.
  12. Honestly, I think Nicole is the next Lee Hyori. She has talent and is a triple threat- she can sing, dance, and rap. Nicole is also both sexy and cute, she can pull off any concept. I think Nicole will succeed the most as a solo music artist (I don't think she's interested in acting), along with Seungyeon. Though I know Nicole doesn't really have any interest in acting, I would love to see my favorite kpop bias in a kdrama!
  13. I love how on stage Nicole gives a sexy-charisma, but off-stage she has such a cute personality and charm!
  14. Nicole jumps so high! Omg, amazing! And so adorable, it totally fits the Rock U concept.
  15. just posted a new chapter for my story Oh My Baby! hope you all get the chance to read it :)

  16. On the poll I voted Jungmin. When I watched Intimate Note with ss501 and kara, Gyuri and him matched almost perfectly with their characters! lol I also think Lee Joon from MBLAQ should be added. He also has a "godly"-complex and very confident of himself lol.
  17. Is that G.NA?! Omg, she looks American to be honest, but she's Canadian right? Was this recently? It's so great to see kpop artists hanging out together! Nicole is so popular
  18. I would love to go there one day. Good food and the possibility I might even run to my favorite Kpop artists? That sounds pretty great to me! lol
  19. lol, I would have the same expressions too if my teacher said erection, penis, etc. every other word! Though, I wouldn't be as adorable as Nicole
  20. OMG, FINALLY! Someone who likes HAECOLE There's rarely any shippers for that pairing, but I just love them together and Hyukri, SeungSung, & Jingteuk couples are just awesome! Though, I never thought of Hara with Siwon before.....lol I agree about the whole Minra vs. Mincole thing. Honestly, I've never been a fan of keycole or minra because I just love MINCOLE way too much But I do understand that Key and Nicole fit each other so well! It's just that Minho is my Shinee bias lol OMG, you just read my mind! I totally agree Gyuri and Jungmin is just love! And I love the JOONGOLE couple, they surprisingly fit each other really well
  21. After watching Intimate Note, JUNGMIN and GYURI were just meant to be in my mind lol. Omg, they were just the highlight of the show. And I love how Jungmin was faithful to Gyuri from start to end throughout the whole show I noticed some voted for Hyun Joong, but I ship him with Nicole- they make a cute 4D couple! lol
  22. listening to GD&TOP, HIGH HIGH!

  23. I actually wouldn't mind if Nicole went out with Lee Ho, he's such a good friend to her and not to mention extremely good-looking!