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  1. Bingo you are right. People would think criticism and backlash would die down when artist themselves speak up. Maybe in a perfect world, but in this world, views of the artist will always be construed and with their high emotions on the subject, they will make a mistake which will cause more backlash.
  2. Entertainment companies these days will slave their performers. Theres a reason why you dont see much major discord in the YGE family. They understand the limit of what their performers can do. Money is the only thing the companies is worried about, without money, there is no company. Some companies care about money, but they know that the only reason why they are getting money is because of the performers themselves are the one bringing in the income. THey know you have to protect your source of income. Some of the companies dont care and milk their performers dry till they come crashing down, which is happening a lot now. As for the whole, why are they not speaking and only the parents and such. The parents are the authoritative figures in the Asian household, they hold the power. In Korea and Asia where they respect the elders, you do as you are told by your parents. It is to be believed that the parents knows whats best for their child because they have been through more life experience then their childrens, of course there is always the exceptions.
  3. I read this entire thread and I cant believe what I am reading. I cant believe many of you guys call yourself fans of Kara. Fans do not turn on their own group during crisis such as this. They dont go placing blame where it should not be placed. Do not even try and criticize their moms when you do not know how a mother feels like seeing their kid going through the routine that Kara goes through. I know you guys are upset but atleast think before you criticize. Placing blame on the wrong person will just spread the lies and deceit in all this mess. I am not a hardcore Kara fan, but I will support the girls in whatever endeavor they will go through with.
  4. One of the various things I love about Seungyeon is her natural beauty. her face doesnt need any thing to enhance her features. The eye smile is what I think makes her natural beauty so define
  5. I cant imagine Hara with short hair, its unfathomable for me!!! Her long hair is pretty much part of her identity.
  6. I love both Seungyeon and Lizzy (though I am more of Raina ) I do notice that the way they talk is the same. I dont mean their accent, but more of how they say words. Its like, when they speak they move their tongue towards the back more.
  7. I like the yellow sweater and blue dress. it gives Seungyeon a bright personality (pun intended )
  8. Im a Sone at heart but am also a T-ara, BEG, and Afterschool fan. They are my top groups, but I actually love all the groups. They all have their own style and differences.
  9. Youtube I was searching kara related vids, then came across some video of fancams and stuff and people directing viewers to here
  10. everything she does is cool lol Truthfully the response kind of surprised me, I though she wouldve said something along the line of "Really?, Maybe I should make a scandal!"
  11. I wouldnt know what to do if I see Seungyeon cry in front of me. I practically died from when she cried during Strong Heart I see her as a cheerful person lol
  12. when I saw pictures of her with blond hair, I had to do a double take which I rarely do unless its something thats very surprising lol I must say, the blond grows on you, it makes her seem more cheerful and innocent
  13. I love the fact that she says what she says without caring about what other people say. That shows strong will.
  14. in everything she says, I never took to it to see her as being arrogant or shameless. I see it as her being confident, and believing in herself. People often mistake her words but those are the people that are quick to judge people.
  15. LOL Saw that episode many many times I swear, some of her best one liners are in SGB. In ep 258 of SGB Solbi: gyuri is confident, not so easy being self confident so young Hyunmoo: Gyuri, do you agree that you have a strong personality Gyuri: I am suppose to be a female idol, I didnt know my personality was this strong. Hyunmoo: Park Gyuri, do you change when you meet men? Gyuri: Theres a false stereotype about me, most of my fans are attracted to me because of my sexy charisma (thats true ), but I am very timid and feminine. Sukjin: How many of the guest do you think are attracted to you? Gyuri: Im not sure, but theres certainly a few who are heartbroken (I laughed so hard when she said this) Kim Taehyeon: I feel heartbroken everytime I see Gyuri, ending up like that at so young an age (I laughed even harder at that lol I love Kim Taehyeon!! usually when Gyuri says her one liner sentences he always retort back and its freaking funny) During the x equation game, the question was "after seeing Gyuri you were heartbroken" 6 people answered and Sukjin asked Gyuri how she felt, she said it was like her birthday LOL Changmin voted because he felt threaten by her character making everybody laugh.