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  1. i'm in love with b1a4 Jinyoung now.

  2. I have nothing to say right now, but Kara needs to stay together!!!!
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT GUYS!! Great job with it! ^___^
  4. Oh that sucks. It doesn't seem too revealing though. But honestly, I kinda don't like their outfits :X Can't wait for their comeback!
  5. I tweet random crap. HAHAHA <3 mostly about hjb. :X

  6. oh, i'm slow): I'm doing well~! How about you?

  7. You're an alumni now?!

  8. HI LOUISE! How've you been? :D

  9. HAHHA NEW YORK. Like i'll ever get to NY ): ;__;

  10. *other girls are called Goddess when Gyul is goddess obviously! *when she does her hair flips
  11. Hmm, I'm putting in Gyuri or Seungyeon. Seungyeon wants to be a house mother and Gyuri has goddess charm. We'll see we'll see! >:]
  12. LOLOL. She's so cute! And the bunny Ham + Bunny = ♥
  13. Kara left their mark in the Japan music industry <3 SO PROUD ;_;
  14. I will soon =) The picture is temp for now haha

  15. No, I haven't watched it yet. x) I'm too lazy right now hahaha

  16. Yes, your SY icon is so adorable!

  17. yayyy! I am happy for them They are going to do greatttttttttt in Japan<3 hehehe