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  1. yea i just went to allkpop an read that Seungyeon, nicole, and jiyoung are filing a lawsuit aganist DSP again, and i don't think they can back down this time, sewing your own company for the second time will make working together hard. But as of now there is no info of that their parents are the involved in the second lawsuit, but since this is the first news of the lawsuit, there would propbably be less info about it now. just have to wait till more info comes out.
  2. it's the parents even ham and hara said she did not know of the termination according to a DSP representative but I don't trust it since it was said by a DSP representative, i want to hear it from the members, i hope that not only gyuri but hara, ham, nicole, and jiyoung did not know about the terminatin and that they will come back!!! the source i got the info about a DSP representative saying hara and ham not knowing about the contract termination is from allkpop and the article can be found ----> Here <----
  3. dont know what to say their was another update when i just came home on akp, rite now im really nervous and at the same time confused. My head hurts from all this.
  4. but it was told that the japanese company contacted with gyuri's mother before they contacted the 4 other members mothers, so the first one who should have known about this shouldive been gyuri, unless her mother didn't tell her. and from what it sounds there were even a meeting'(s) with all 5 KARA members mothers with the japanese company. about HARA all i can say is she never really mentioned about her parents, she only mentions being raised by her grandmother. yea i think the parents did the lawsuit thing without telling all 4 of the members.
  5. i was thinking the same as soon as they mentioned hara was not gonna go for the law suit, hara been known for a while to have a bad relationship towards her parents, i won't be suprised that their parents lied to them saying all members including gyuri was gonna go for the lawsuit. and jiyoung she just turned 17 do you think she really thought of a lawsuit. but the leader of making them do lawsuit is nicole's mother, i dont't really know if nicole really agrees on the lawsuit thing but if i remember what i read before, nicole's mother didn't want to come to korea because she doesn't like it their (maybe of the way korean culture or things are done in korea)
  6. it would if DSP promises to inform them of their schedules before hand, and that the members of kara are being paid of what they deserve, and that the reject the contract from the japanese company. but even so Kara's mothers excluding Gyuri's already submitted a lawsuit, so even if the 4 kara members stop the lawsuit do you think DSP will still be friendly?
  7. ok i was wrong on the idea about gyuri. but I don't really believed that gyuri did not know about this. so far i read all the articles, the japanese company asked gyuri mother before they asked the other 4 members parents and unless gyuri mother did not tell her i surely would think the other 4 wouldive told gyuri. so in my opinion the decision was made by the parents and the parents made the other 4 members agree to so. i mean jiyoung just became 17 do you really think a 17 year old girl thought of going to another company just because she was not getting big money?
  8. it's fishy, i can't shake the fact that gyuri is one of the many reason that the other 4 members are breaking up from DSP, like the crazy thing she said at the variety show, like being naked in their car while waiting for their clothes. Also reading the article it looks like most of the decisions weren't made by Seungyeon, nicole, hara, or jiyoung but more by their parents, , cuz if it really was cuz of money and the crazy schedule they wouldive talked about that with her, cuz if it really was cuz of money and the crazy schedule they wouldive talked about terminating the contract with gyrui. gonna try to dig up some info as much as i can to understand the problem.
  9. thx for the upload!!! i love this song!!!!
  10. its too purple, i thought itt would be more colorful with more varitey of color.
  11. lol, it looks like more of a cartoon show!!!
  12. they are ending because of money issues and ratings, so if its money issue i doubt they would have season 2, plus the ratings have been dropping so it might not have season 2
  13. so meaning you are watching IY because hara looks like a doll? Am I rite or did i misinterpret?
  14. what do you mean by graphical satisfaction?
  15. y does it feel like Kara and SNSD is doing a race to see who can be on the top longer?