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  1. their popularity in Japan as well as Korea is sky-rocketing! amazing! Their ability to learn Japanese in a short amount of time really surprised me too. It also made them closer with their Japanese fans.
  2. LOL! Who wouldn't get shy in front of our beautiful Hara? xD she's sooo pretty ^^
  3. reminds of Kara Bakery!! HAHA and her infamous *butt-cake*!! LOL buttt aww Hara actually looks like a real baker...she has some talent there!!
  4. I think it would be interesting if she did a solo song. For some reason, she always seems like that type to me...not sure if dance song or ballad. But a ballad would be nice if she sings it
  5. HAHAHA LOL the transformations are incredible, she looks goddess like even as a hot hahaha
  6. I often see her tweet, but i never understand it..because i can't read korean :'( thank youu so so much for the translationsss. wowww i wanna see black hair gyuri againnn
  7. haha better yet i want kara to have their own Hello Baby ^^ they stilll seem like very ummas xD
  8. hmm lemmr go check *bounces on itunes*!looks like it's mister haha!!! however recently relle likee jumping too!!!
  9. im turningg 19 this yr - Im a 1992er!! feels a bit old tho but kara welcomes fans from all ages and brings them tog!!
  10. all their dances are so good!! i remember pretty girl..and at first i didnt no who they were! i still relle like mister tho haha highlight!!! lupin is of course good too
  11. bwahahaha she's so funny..i love her immature jokes. I'm kinda like that too xD
  12. i woulddd loveee to find out who Nicole's "perfect" man would be...her and her future boyf will be such a cute couple!! I'm squealing as i think abt them alreadyy haha *kyaaaaa*
  13. they look beautiful on that cover of the magazing!!! Kara so daebakkk, getting better and better! And this is only the beginning!!!
  14. cuteee!! i never kne she liked cereal so much!!! makes me love it moree!!
  15. eow!! natural beauty!!! her no make-up face is flawless..stunning she looks good either way