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  1. Single

    Pretty bad quality, but better than nothing right?
  2. Single

    I guess the middle one is how the MV will look like right? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SET!!!
  3. Single

    @ih8skl I think you got it wrong mate. First of all, Kara's JCL and GGS are their best selling singles so far. Both have sold over 200k which is great for any group out there. Furthermore, GGS is a digital monster. GGS was #1 for 3 weeks in RIAJ digital chart making Kara one of only the 10 artists to ever achieve that. And the first foreign group to do so. General people loved GGS and JCL as people in Japan love cute. Second of all, Japan loves ballads. Group ballad or solo's Japan loves it all. Especially seasonal ballads. Unlike Korea where releasing a ballad can be suicidal for an idol group. For example THSK released more ballads than dance tracks in Japan but in Korea I don't think they ever promoted a ballad. Third of all, people these days underestimate Kara's talents and releasing this ballad single might just prove to general public Kara are not just pretty faces but people with talent as well. Overall I think UMJ is doing the right thing. Kara are already known to general public so by releasing a ballad might bring new fans!!!!
  4. Awwww poor gyul!! But success comes through hard work so I applaud her for trying so hard!! I saw the Kara live show on youtube and I WAS SHOCKED to see her vocal improvements! She was a good singer from the beginning but now she is GREAT! Gyul is seriously the BEST leader in Kpop and she is a really hard working individual. I hope this musical will have a breakthrough success. And people will recognize her more for the talents she possesses.
  5. These kamilians are awesome!!!!!! I see that guy in the middle (the rock and roll one ) almost everywhere where Kara makes an appearance! He is a faithful kamilia! I didn't know they listened to Kara in public during those stupid anti-hallyu wave protest As usual Kamilians are so cool and awesome!! I'm so proud to be a kamila now!!!!!
  6. Album

    ^ I don't think the choreography is for step either It might be for the other track. But I wonder which one :confused1: Rider maybe????
  7. Album

    Ok so I was watching this video again for like the 50481038131932701th time. I didn't notice until just now that @ 0:23 when they are practicing the dance they have MIC STANDS!!!!!! So their new choreography will have Mic stands!!!!!!! Did u guys notice this?? Ever since I saw them performing 'Nobody' with mic stands I always wandered how cool it would be if they had their own song where they sing in stands LOL. AHHHHH SO EXCITED FOR THE COMEBACK!
  8. Album

    As a kamillia, I'm desperate for some more information about the comeback. DSP why are you not releasing some pictures?? :sulk: Craving for some new information about Kara :ah: Things I want from this comeback 1) Super Awesome Song 2) Super Awesome dance to go along with the song 3) Super Awesome MV to go with the song and the dance 4) Super Awesome Concept to go along with the song, dance and the MV 5) Super Awesome Improvement in their abilities as singers and dancers These are the five things I want for a Super Awesome Comeback! 6th September come quick. I want to sleep and not wake up until 6th September
  9. awww yayyyy another 1D fan XD

  10. Album

    ^ Thanks for sharing I'm really curious/nervous about the songs because I'm not familiar with the names up there expect Sweetune and the guy that produced Rania's song. Hope all the songs are great and that they are not too cutesy. Side note: @Louise, I love your sig. I love 1D!!! Did u hear their new song??
  11. Album

    I like the track list so much, probably because it has an intro and an outro. This source states that the release date is 5th of september! So they should start releasing teaser photos next week or even before that!!!! http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=kara&no=2403034&page=1&bbs= I think this has more details about the tracks. Seems like the title track "Step" is produced by sweetune again, because it says Han Jaeho next to it. And to my surprise I think its the only track produced by them. Plus seems like the people who composed Afterschool Rania's "Not yet" are composing "Kara4u", "Eh, oh" and "Rider". But I'm not sure, so don't rely on my information because I'm roughly translating what is written underneath the songs LOL As far as I know, Kara's previous albums were 60% produced by sweetune so this time it's a surprise that they only have 1 song by sweetune. I think Kara are trying to change their future sound. I AM EXCITED!!!! I love cute Kara, but it will be pretty cool if they have more mature music from now onwards.
  12. Album

    I don't know if you guys know this but Nicole and Jiyoung seemed to be tweeting hints for the comeback. Nicole tweeted something like : Starting from now, spend all your time together with me, Kang Jiyoung!!!! You're mine You're mine You're mine!! ㅋ Jiyoung then replied : ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Unnie, you too, you're mine you're mine you're mine! Bounce, bounce, be~ mine~~ Nicole replied again : I see, therefore unnie will take responsibility for you until the end. The reason is because I like your smile. Ai~n ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ uhaha my stomach's empty Hara then tweeted : Heehee, such cute kids. Giving hints like that is... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I got this from twitter so the credits for translation goes to the translator. BUT OMG THOSES SEEMED LIKE LYRICS FOR THEIR UPCOMING TRACK RIGHT???!!!!! :scared: SOOOO EXCITED FOR THE COMEBACK!!!!! :adore:
  13. OH Nooooooooooooo!!! Gyuri looks really tired :scared: I know she is a really hard working person and has insomnia BUT... :crying: Look at her eye bags and dark circles, I hope doesn't over do herself and I hope she rests a lot!!
  14. I LOVE remix!!!!!! Thanks for uploading!!!!
  15. I agree with people here, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that KARA need to step out of the current image and sound. I'm posting this video because I think people have forgotten how much KARA had to change and transform both visually and musically in order to adapt to their current image. Therefore I don't think it will be very hard if they went back to this kind of image and sound. This is also one of my favorite covers done by KARA. Although Jiyoung and Hara are not in this video, this video proves Nicole, Gyuri and Seungyeons skills. I think people often think KARA can only sing sweet and cute songs, but I think Nicole's voice can be very mature and can be suited for BIG songs. Gyuri can be so dead precise in her notes and Seungyeon's voice stabilizes the chorus and blends all the voices rather smoothly. As for Jiyoung her voice has matured and improved so much, I personally think jiyoung has the best quality of voice in KARA. And Hara needs to take some serious vocal lessons because she is the only one I'm concerned about vocally. Nevertheless, I think Hara's voice is really cute, her voice is kind of like Yozoh. Yozoh's songs will really suit Hara's voice. And as for Hip-Hop sound that some people are suggesting, I'm not sure. I mean Kara are versatile but Hip-Hop is not a genre that can be pulled off by a Pop group. Nicole's 'rap' isn't exactly rap. Gyuri is a far better rapper for me (already one year cover). Even 2ne1 and Big Bang cannot be classified as hip hop group. Hip-hop and dance pop group simply cannot be put together.