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  1. Hey i really like your signature photo with nicole and goo hara xD I'm wondering if you have a link for a higher resolution photo? :o Thanks xDD

  2. This is a hilarious idea, but it's probably very effective! Nov, thanks for sharing those pics! Cole looks so lovely in the Benetton pic! Her hair color looks great. Also, that pic of Cole from DC is so fierce and sexy! She really transforms on stage! Wow look at her abs!!! Hahahaha I can't help but smile when I see that picture of Cole and the hotdog mascot! Thanks for sharing the pics Nhung. Thanks for the link to the Go Go Summer clip Tine! Cole's voice sounds so adorable and positive! But she does sing in a really high range. I'm sure she's practicing hard to so she can hit those notes in their live performance! I'm really excited to see Cole in the Go Go Summer MV now! I find the caps she's wearing on the album covers so cute!
  3. Single

    I'm really excited for this new single and for that photo book! Nobody can beat KARA when it comes to being cheerful and cute! I wonder if "To Me" is the same song as "2 Me" they sang for that game before. I hope they perform "Go Go Summer" live on Music Station!
  4. I'm gonna reserve my HaNiness spazz for their thread! So cute~ It sounds like Cole is having a lot of fun these days. She's meeting up with friends, eating yummy food, and making food for others. She really cherishes her friendships, her buddies are so lucky! Hahaha I can imagine her screaming in excitement when she saw G.Na again. And I'm so glad she shared those backstage pics from DC! Thanks for all the twitter updates Nhung!
  5. Yeah, I wonder why Cole fancams are so rare to come by when her stage presence is so strong! All I could do was replay the fancams of the other members and watch Cole when she was dancing next to them or in the background. At least in the official broadcasts, the cameramen tend to focus on Cole a lot, like in last year's Gayo Daejun. I hope they did so again in this Dream Concert! I'm also curious about Cole and the K-Kamilia.
  6. Thank you for sharing all these fancams! Their performance was so powerful and full of confidence! I was also expecting a remix of their songs and a new dance break, but never mind that, I'm just overjoyed to see them on stage again!
  7. Cole, you belong on stage!! Her new tweet is so sweet, I wish I was there cheering with the K-Kamilia!
  8. I just watched the Dream Concert fancam and looked at the new pictures! Cole does look tanned, especially when she's standing next to pale Jing! It's either she went tanning, or she stayed out in the sun a lot when they were at the beach. Cole rocked the stage in these performances, so fierce and full of charisma! Nhung, I love how she changed some of her dance moves in Lupin, especially that throat-slitting move! And she sang "Yeah!" more powerfully in Jumping too!
  9. Whoaaaaaa Hara looks absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing this, Yoo-nim! She looks serious and intimidating in the photos, but in this video, she has that kind smile in between shots! Omg her eyes are so...
  10. tms, yeah I also think if Cole took a short break in the US, she would pick up English just fine again. I think she feels quite nervous or shy speaking in English sometimes, like in the Heroes episode, so it's understandable why it sounded a bit awkward. Thanks for sharing that clip of Daniel calling Cole! mae, Ms. Shirley looks so cheerful in the pic, and in the clip as well! Thanks for sharing! She and Cole totally have the same eye smile. Thanks for sharing that sponsor pic too! Tine, everkara's animator is so awesome, thanks for sharing that drawing of Cole by him/her! It's really cute!
  11. Thanks for translating the news Yoo & Hasomy! This article is making me even more excited for the Dream Concert since it emphasized that the girls will have creative control over the performance of the second song. I think it might be Lupin or Mister. I'm thrilled to hear that there will be a new album in the fall as well!
  12. Thanks for sharing Nov! Since the subs aren't out yet, I wanted to know what they were saying when they suddenly got teary-eyed in one part. I feel so relieved to hear them say that everything is alright between them now. Baek Ji Yong's advice was so touching!
  13. Gotta say Hara is looking even more radiant these days. Also I can't believe how her face can be so perfectly symmetrical, it makes her ridiculously difficult to draw. Hara's so busy, it's impossible to run out of things to spazz about her!
  14. I also hope that they ask Cole a more serious question in the next episode of SH. She didn't say anything about it at all in this episode, but she did look sad when the other members were crying. I guess it's just in her personality to keep it all inside and keep smiling all the time.. I think Cole hasn't been fluent in english for quite a while now. But it was finally confirmed by someone who knew her. I feel kinda bad, she knows three languages but isn't fluent in any one of them. Well, it's a result of her job.. I hope that Cole eventually picks one and studies it well so that she can express herself better.. Nov, thanks for sharing those caps from SH, I love Cole's expressions, they're so cartoon-y hahaha! tms, thanks for sharing that info! Cole knows practically everyone but I'm still pleasantly surprised cause I love Rino & her choreography!! It would be a dream come true to see Cole perform one of her challenging dances!
  15. Thanks for sharing! I got the feeling that the episode with the kidnappers in Urakara somewhat prepared Hara for the kind of acting she'd be doing in City Hunter. She had to be cute and cheerful then suddenly turn serious. Even her angry, shouting face is lovely!