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  1. #ThankYouKARA I only know Kpop because of KARA, so thank you for introducing me to Kpop and for always forever being my favourite girl group We, KARA & Kamilia, have weathered some tough times regardless of when you became a fan, be it during the first member change/contract dispute/2nd member change, KARA has never had it easy. These girls have my utmost respect for the way they have always persevered no matter what happened. Today is not about ending, its about new beginnings. KARA will always be a part of Gyuri, Seungyeon & Hara (just as its part of Nicole,Jiyoung, Sunghee & Youngji) no matter what they go onto to. It's time for us Kamilias to support these girls in their careers I am happy with their decision because I want them to tap their full potential and hope that with guidance & attention of their new agencies they will flourish. No sure if its ever possible, but I would love for them to be able to work together as a group or a collaboration Thank you KARA for all you have done!! I am & will always be a Kamilia <3 Also, thank you KARAholic, staff, translators & everyone who has contributed with news & updates!!! As an English speaking Kamilia, I really appreciate all that you've done to help other Kamilias!!
  2. Does anyone have any info about Hara's new nail book? I know she collaborates with a well known nail designer, and the site is in English. I was just wondering if the book is in English too? Or is there an English version?
  3. Thank you for including the video! It was very informative It seems that the book will be in Korean, which is a shame because it would be difficult to understand if not in English for me Great opportunity for Hara, hope it does well!
  4. AWesome! Love that KARA is expanding into more countries
  5. Aren't their contracts good until the end of this year?? I thought that Seungyeon, Gyuri & Hara renewed at the end of 2013 for 2 years.
  6. Thank you! Can't wait to hear it
  7. The new song is called that? That's a fantastic title!
  8. This is such sad news She was my favourite in Baby KARA & was hoping that she would be making her debut with April. I wish DSP had placed her in the group as the leader, she was perfect for it and she already had a fan base building. May she rest in peace and my condolences to her family, friends & other Kamilias.
  9. When exactly does their contract end? I thought they signed for 2 years last fall, so that would make it upto fall 2015 if I'm right. Also, KARAHOLIC is a community for Kamilias. It's a place where we should be able to freely and respectively be able to voice our opinions among ourselves. It may not be the popular opinion but it is what a person will chooses to feel. We all have that right and I think we should all respect that right. People are so caught up in trying to convince others in why the way they think is right that it becomes intimidating to post on here. That is not what this forum is about. In the end we all come together to support KARA and that is all that matters. So please be patient with all during this member transition. There are some who are so excited to have Youngi into the KARA family but are not realizing that there are some who are having a hard time during this member transition after losing 2 beloved members. It will all come together, it just needs time. Even if our views are different, our belief is the same. The belief in KARA
  10. Of course we trust & believe in you!! Can't wait for KARA's comeback
  11. I get that fans are upset but I agree with the comments saying that these types of actions only hurt Gyul, Hammie & Hara which is definitely not cool! KARA will be getting new members, whether fans like it or not. So its time for everyone to suck it up and support KARA just like we have always done. It will be hard, it may hurt but with time we will get use to this "new" KARA. Jiyoung is happily studying, Nicole will be going solo in an environment where she feels most comfortable in, so why not support Gyuri, Seungyeon & Hara on their journey? It's so sad to know that only 1000 fans came out of protest :/ all this is doing is showing DSP that KARA project will help to generate new fans. EDIT: Ok so after seeing this video of the GyulHamRa performing STEP at the Kamilia Day, I really think that they would have been able to make it as a trio, Check it out: search on ytube FANCAM)2014.05.24 KARA FAN MEETING - STEP I will support KARA no matter what >> new members added or not. But I really hope that if somehow after the KARA project show that they decide to let the 7 girls debut on their own and let KARA be as a trio That way they get some publicity this way and everyone was is happy. This of course being what Gyuri, Seungyeon & Hara want as well
  12. Yay!! Such great new!! I really hope that they release this on DVD with English subtitles!!! As well as the KARA animation
  13. Agreed!! Support for Gyul/Ham/Goo & Jing/Cole!!
  14. Is it still verbal???? I thought that it has been confirmed that Gyuri, Seungyeon & Hara renewed their contracts Does anyone know about this? Looking back at the surprise banner presented to KARA at the Kobe concert, I noticed that while all girls teared up, it was first Jiyoung and then Nicole who thanked the crowd. Gyuri, Seungyeon & Hara were bawling their eyes out.....it was because they knew what had been decided. It is important to support and wish Nicole and Jiyoung well however I agree that its also very important to show support to KARA3. Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara will have it much harder than Nicole & Jiyoung in my opinion. Many will support Cole & Jing because they are going solo but who knows how fans will react to KARA 3 and whatever changes follow. Lets support KARA 3, Nicole & Jiyoung Kamilias!!! (And if a miracle can happen that somehow DSP can negotiate on terms that Nicole & Jiyoung agree with, then even better!
  15. Looks great! Thanks everyone
  16. Album

    Thanks for the tip Does anyone know if xbox is region free also? Thanks for the link! I will definitelu be checking it out
  17. Album

    This is a Japan release so its DVD region 2? If I may ask, how are you able to watch it if you aren't in the region? Is it possible?
  18. Album

    KARA the animation dvd set!! I really hope that it has English subs!! Wasn't the anime suppose to air in Korea too? Whatever happened to that? The drama too?
  19. Thanks for compiling the posts in one topic! Hopefully they can find a solution that everyone can agree with and KARA can be as 5
  20. Does this mean they will learn English if they advance into Europe? They did learn Japanese for advancement into Japan. Hmmm.... So they will sing in English!! I'm so interested into knowing what this will be like!
  21. Does that work the same for the other members too? I mean they all must keep the earnings from their individual activities.
  22. This was exactly the piece of news I was hoping for in 2013!!! Who knew it would happen so early??!! Gyuri as a lead in a drama!! I hope that this will help her shine as an actress