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  1. wow.. shocking picture, really full of stuff on her room,well its really like the condition of my room so i think maybe we could get well,haha
  2. interesting, i like the photo more than the video because the pictures are much sharper than the video. really a minus point of japan MV,
  3. hara makes the show more lively.. after the left of sunny, i think she substitutes sunny position as a gag man so well
  4. natural..fierce looks, ahh he is good at any condition though anyway,it will be better if you put some picture of her look
  5. wow..i've never seen this before nicole really was looked like a pro .. great walk!
  6. 5-6 years? really don't you wanna ge the gap closer? because i'm waiting right here for you nicole.. haha *what a crap talk it is*
  7. yeah that's really her.. she likes to stick out her tongue, cuteee
  8. so nicole is the chef? i've never known it before, well since i'm new as kamilia i want to have a piece of nicole's toast too..huhu
  9. great!!.. number 1in oricon, that's hugee does it contain FULL HD format or what??
  10. hi chingu me also from '88 generation .. yeah time goes by and we didn't notice it
  11. Nicole was the first member that give an impulse to my heart..haha now? Nicole still do the same to me
  12. Mister.. no doubt, this song is the KARA'S best for me i love the song, the dance, and the outfit
  13. Pure KAMILIA? hmmm.. not sure to answer because it means i like KARA only well frankly i'm SONE, and also KAMILIA pure on one side? why do i have choose 1 if i can get more.. hehe
  14. jiyoung, she is so cute and cuter with her smile eyed no doubt she is our maknae
  15. in one word.. of course i can't just write it down because there is the minimum word requrement hmm so let me think of it DAEBAK!!!