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  1. I'm waiting for this, actually it was almost a year since this was announced, because the settings and the story were promising. (Anyways, I'm tired of the word "Original", why they call Hara & Jing originals, why not 2nd Gen as After School's members)
  2. You areleady should know that is going to be the DVD with the A / B version of an upcoming single / album so.... Don't worry, just wait. ;D
  3. I can't wait to this and I hope to be awake to watch the comeback...
  4. Excellent, I really liked all the KARASIAs but I hope they do something cool and colorful as the 1st Japan (Which is my favorite because it's consistent with the story (During all the concert intermediate videos showcases the adventures of the dolls of the KARA house) And even that I love the solos of Tokyo Dome and the production and the performances of Electric Boy, Pandora & Orion the story is lost so quickly.... =( also the bonus Disc lasts MOAR xD
  5. Those photos on Ultra HD look so gorgeous, I want to do stuff (Printing as a poster and on) with this.... I expect lots from this, and I dunno but I feel it's going to be a ballad....
  6. I love how she looks youthful, pretty and sexy in this one.... (Also I like green but anyways) I love how she always shows us her smile and confidence....
  7. Forever Maknae, no matter how she grows up, she can always pull a cute charm everywhere.
  8. Hello um... I'm from México and I'm a fan of KARA since late 2010, when I fell in love when I listened Wanna and some other songs, but somehow Wanna had something special for me and I starting to knowing more of the hallyu and on... (but I remember seeing Honey on Arirang when they were promoting it back in 2008 and I still remember Jing her teddy bear as something I liked lots of it.) But I fell in love with the girls of KARA which seemed gorgeous sexy and cute, but somehow with the time I starting to love JiYoung deeper but also I knew better the other girls and I liked stuff from each one like as Gyuri's voice, Nicole's dorkness, Hara's eyes and dacnes, and Hammie's smile laughs... And then I started to like her more and their songs as were realesed like Jumping, JCL and on... I'm happy to be a Kamilia also because I started to listen to them in a bad moment of my life but along with this new stuff happened and well I'm happy to be here celebrating this day. ¡Have a nice Kamilia day!
  9. I loved the PV but really Hammie being "Forever Alone" even in this is sad... All of it was lovely and fun, and the most important thing... It had a story the thing that most of KARA videos lack of... It could be the best PV of KARA's until now...
  10. Time has passed since I answered this so... I choose Daydream Tokyo Dome concept... So sexy, powerful and I say that Daydream is strongly based on something lives of lived with a man...
  11. Jing always is the little school girl, also so good looking as if she was sort of important stuff, I hope she does well and take time to finish it because with all those schedules going everywhere it will be hard.
  12. Those are good CFs also if you stop the making at 00:58 you look the conceptual art of them using some funny individual photos, I always think that most of the Girls Forever songs need more use and attention.
  13. Because of my overflowing emotions, I have something in common with most of the concepts, so maybe I would like to see something more mature like "Let It Go"'s performances or something like Rainbow on Sweet Dream... something more... classy too...
  14. Bare beautiful faces always are looked at... By the way, always is a good time to explore, taking a stroll walking or climbing a hill or something.
  15. They look like close friends (Jing-Lee Min Ki) too bad for Hammie (Imaging as a drama/series) Because she is seen as the secondary caracter that supports and helps Jing's relationship but finds her boy later or close to the end of the series... They look so good anyways. =3 And I still dream of hugging Jing too xD.