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  1. lol nicole looks like a snsd member in that pic. this should be interesting, I wish it was airing sooner
  2. She looked so pretty in this performance omg. She sounded amazing too. Thanks for posting
  3. yay they're stream it! I was really hoping they would. It will probably be on very late for me though since I live on the west coast I'm glad sweet tune is working with Kara again, they make awesome music!
  4. soooooooo excited. The mature look really suits them. I hope their mini has a mature sound for the most part as well. Jiyoung looks really different, I thought she was Hara at first lol.
  5. K-Pop isn't popular where I live. My little sister likes k-pop though. I tried to get her to like KARA, but she's not really into girl groups.
  6. thanks for sharing, I think I'm going to give it a shot Hara's makeup always looks so flawless.
  7. I saw her in city hunter and she needs more practice. She actually got rated 5th in a worst idol actor poll http://www.allkpop.com/2011/06/arirang-rates-the-worst-idol-star-actors She wasn't too bad in URAKARA though. I think she just needs more experience since she hasn't acted in much.
  8. Both look really great to me! I think it would be cool if she went back to black since her hair has been brown for so long. Or maybe blonde? I would like to see her pull that off.
  9. I know people make fun of her a lot for being a bad singer, but really she's not that bad. Her tone is good and her technique just need some more training.
  10. Honestly her rapping isn't that great. Most of Kara's songs don't even need raps anyway. I love her singing voice though! Such a pretty tone So less rapping more singing.
  11. Style 2 is the cutest. Her hair is usually always cute except when she doesn't have bangs
  12. hmm idk I'm torn between Lupin and Pretty Girl. She's one of the few female idols who can pull off both fierce and cute imo. Most can only pull off one.
  13. The first KARA mv I saw was Pretty Girl and she definitely stood out. She's so freakin pretty. She has this exotic look to her and I thought she was possibly mixed with something non Asian lol. She was my favorite member right away, but now I don't really have a favorite. I like them all so much ^^
  14. About time seriously! I'm so proud of them and I bet the girls are super excited. I can't wait for the DVD. I hope they each get their own solo stages.
  15. oh wow this is great. I'm not a fan of covers usually, but this one is good. Me gusta! Kamilia are so amazing.