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  1. sunghee look so gorgeous there...whaaaah she always look so pretty no matter what she wear.
  2. aigoo...thank you for your birthday wish...hehehehe

  3. happy 23rd birthday (:

    have lots of fun today on your special day.

  4. when she's not happy..she will pout ! and that will make her look even more cute.. aish Jing <33
  5. uwaa...I will update My angel boy later.. much to do these day T_T

  6. i love the pink one...the comeback special #2 but second choice is the purple one..
  7. Of course I remember!! Adorable JingHo and sexy beast Taekyeon!! LOL!!! Sad to hear about what has happened to you but don't give up and good luck on everything!

  8. I really love FTi meets KARA it's Jaejin with Minhwan routes for NIC...haha
  9. I wanna go with KARA and 2PM...I can't choose..OMG ~ lol..those who get the chance was so lucky
  10. I miss Jing chubby cheek and cute finger.. OMG they should stop or they will look unhealthy
  11. I agree..some of them idn't know KARA but they know nicole from and they shocked to see Nicole perform with KARA..
  12. Thier performance really cool. I could read most HOTTEST happy and amazed on them. Only mic problem and their voice hard to be heard..aish but overall, THEY'RE AMAZING
  13. haha..could it be Boom ? it could be him..OMG but I love Boom
  14. I love LET IT GO..somehow that song real;ly different and gives vibe.. and it's kinda similar to WHAT GIRL WANT from 4minutes to my opinion BUT of course Kara came out with it first still different in so many ways
  15. haha..I love Amber..I love Nicole.. Nicole really friendly..who doesn't love her I wanna see their interaction in any shows now..woot