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  1. BOF fans too~ =) I wanna eat nicole's cooking too... =( ROFL
  2. How cute From watching SGB with subs, It's really confusing Cute :]
  3. I didnt know kara's manager like seohyun XD ahaha snsd's manager cried when kara won LOOOL!
  4. I love her princess illness, it's quite unexpected but when you see more of it, the funnier it ge
  5. nice to see that a lot of ppl love the girls wish i could be there
  6. Haha! You can tell that Seung Yeon like to be in the spotlight. Clumsiness is one of those lovable flaws, so I wouldn't mind it. x)
  7. thanks for translating!
  8. I am glad the group will finally get a break from their busy schedules. Here's hoping they become even more successful when they come back.
  9. yay thats great for jiyoung a new couple to look out for!
  10. how cute! i miss sungja and all her stuffed animals XD