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  1. uh i think pearl peach suits them just fine thats a perfect color for them
  2. i got seungy ^^ lol buttt i love nicole the best so that will never change!
  3. honestly i wanna see a sporty one but hiphop would be another gr8 option to go to
  4. first love - hara wife - nicole mother - gyuri daughter - jiyoung best friend - all
  5. they give me strength in a way i guess a better word that i would use is motivate because they do that well for me
  6. i would so definatly use hara goo she would be the best model easily,but you cant forget the amazing nicole
  7. Nicole - a baby cub Hara - Doe seungyon - hammmmmy
  8. yeah i never hated them i just didnt care for them much because im a sone i didnt like annyone else as much i was really bias but kara changed me
  9. yeah harder question but i always loved nicole but hara is really pretty as well idk though this is hard
  10. im new but ever since i started this i have been on it every single day i believe multiple times!
  11. yeah i wish they were on more variety shows as well but i feel like there way to busy wil those at the moment but soon they will be
  12. whoaaa i want a pair of those! how much do they cost again? o_O
  13. yeah i could definatly see uniforms and phones they would do good with those i would enjoy a food one though
  14. wanna and honey fer sure i dont really know though
  15. i chose hara because she gives of that vibe hara goo is a princess