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  1. OMG! Ji Young looked so cool with her guitar. I have tears in my eyes; GOOSEBUMPS!!!! So nostalgic. Perfect camera shot and angles. 5:14-5:16 I am addicted to this song now. Last time I felt goosebumps on a solo...was Taeyeon's.
  2. Hi. Priceless expressions Jingly, truly a natural beauty. PS: She's upset being wet
  3. Episode 29. I can watch this back to back. Ji Young looked amazingly pretty and cute. Classic gaze... OMG! So cute Want more? http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/2133563/+140 More than 50 gifs. Some were mixed with Suzy. I love watching them so close together; like best friends.
  4. Hi. Sorry for MIA Episode 29 was entertaining...hillarious. So sweet watching Ji Young burst out in laughter. I lol'ed when Suzy fooled Shin Young. My cheek hurts of laughing too much. Non stop watching that clip. Ji Young and Suzy looked so stunning. And I lol'ed a lot; funny episode. Will post gifs later. Anyway these are from episode 28. Ji Young cute and hyper as usual. Love hyper girls. She saw the Ostrich...cute reaction. She's running...so cute. As a cow...so cute :wub: :wub:
  5. Love Ji Young in this one. Cute ~
  6. I miss her long hair too. I bet she can rival Suzy in 'IY2' Long healthy hair does make a difference. Suzy is so beautiful in 'IY2'
  7. Fits her like glove. Surely a lot of sponsors are chasing her.
  8. Priceless. I love it when girls being independant.
  9. How can you not love her. Sweet smile ] Ji Young doesn't care She knows we all lover her no matter what Me too. She misses Suzy...that's why. I hope both of them became good friends. Emmmm...I'm not really fond on Sulli. I think it because since KARA are resting. So Ji Young ate a lot Taeyeon was dumbfounded with Ji Young's behavior Wah! I know him in some dramas. Very handsome and stylish. But I think he'll choose Suzy Suzy is amazingly beautiful but blunt and oblivious
  10. Ji Young looks better with a hat. Taeyeon made a correct decision not wearing it.
  11. Just ignore the negative comments. Ji Young representing her country; Hallyu. Just like any other idols. In episode 22, even though I love Taeyeon, Ji Young totally steals the show for that episode. Her weight issue and her magnae rant Even Taeyeon lol'ed on Ji Young's dance on the scale. Hillarious Episode 23 was funny as well. Ji Young arrived a bit late though. As always, each time she came...she light the room. Her hyperness and full of energy are so loved by everyone. This caption made me smile :wub: IINM, 'Ji Young bright and loud as always' I love this kind of person since I'm a bit quiet myself. FYI, in variety shows there's this character building. Each members has their own character given by the director. Since episode 22 we saw Ji Young's magnae rant Maybe that's her character. PS: Love Suzy's Western shirt
  12. Episode 22. I don't see any problem with Ji Young's behavior/angry eyes . Very funny episode. I wonder who's 'Bbong' was that? Have to watch again it again. So cute when she pulled out the plugs Ji Young's 60kg...hehehe... It's ok. She's healthy...I like it
  13. ^ Ji Young always cute as usual. She always wore custom made head scarf; either Mickey Mouse or a ribbon. Her smile are just :wub:
  14. She's growing up now. Surely prefer different hairstyle. But I love her hair long. Lovely.
  15. Hello everyone. How tall is Ji Young actually? At first I thought she's 5'7" (170cm). But Suzy looked taller than her...and Suzy is 168cm. Either Suzy wore insoles which is unlikely.
  16. Episode 19 was the best for me. I LOL'ed a lot. Episode 20...I LOL'ed when Hyesung was hit by the gourd; and it did not break See how Ji Young sat on the chair? So cute~ I want my girl to sat like that. Other episodes not yet.
  17. Some girls are sensitive about weight, looks etc. If it worries too much, do something about it. Ji Young looks fine to me. Have you seen Ji Young working out? She even used a barbell...AMAZING girl. Heavy drinker; truly giant baby Even Suzy, she gained a lot of weight after 'Dream High'. Was really fit during her debut. Ji Young's upset Cute~ It's a good thing Boom was not heavily beaten Episode 20. Suzy's amazingly strong huh? I thought Ji Young was the strongest. Ji Young has a really beautiful body. I won't argue with that I thought she's wiping her saliva It was her lipstick. Cute~ Make sure you drank a lot of water to neutralized the acid from apples. It can rotten your teeth. Cute~
  18. Watched episode 19 again; rerun on KBS World. Still I LOL'ed. Sore my cheeks/jaw 'Ujjujju' Ji Young's 'Ujjujju's dance was the best This made me LOL'ed hard When he exhale the water. Poor Hongman. Suzy's expression; priceless. Zoning out...then... And...oh...the splasher was Ji Young's manager After Shin Young join, it gets better. 'IY2' > 'IY'
  19. For those who still doubting Ji Young. When she arrived, she took the episode by storm. So cute especially when she's shy. Episode 19 - "Yeppi" I LOL'ed a lot. Shin Young's as MC helps as well. She lost a lot of weight...she will be very energetic or even dating soon I see the ratings are rocketing. Shin Young a champ in comedy. Stay FOREVER. Shin Young again.
  20. Finally, Ji Young into acting. I need her daily dosages of hyperness. :wub: :wub:
  21. Scary magnae Cutie magnae
  22. Episode 13. :wub: :wub: Adorable; both of them. My fav. idols alongside Taeyeon.
  23. Episode 14. She was moody at Hyunwoo during burning the wood to cook the eggs. If it's too much, I don't think KBS would air it. Too bad if viewers felt upset with that. Ji Young still a magnae. As an older guy, I just smile when girls getting moody like that. I hope 'IY2' using new format. Which is, the girls can be substitute and came back anytime. Not just fixed with the same girls all the time. This way, all idols can participate. Since some idols had to leave because new album is coming out etc. Helps the rating; everyone kept yakkin about ratings. And compare it with 'IY'. Making me sick sometimes. Especially SOME of those SNSD fanatics. No offence. I just LOVE ANYTHING that Ji Young does