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  1. lol Nicole got scolded by her sunbaenim this week she was trying to explain dolls so she names the dolls on her bed (Pikachu, pig, etc.) as a clue, lmao.
  2. i don't mean to be stalker-ish. but can you check your pm, please?

  3. Key barely answered the questions last time so the MCs commented on how he got them this time around. Key said that while they were waiting he asked Nicole to go easy on him and maybe tell him how to answer/understand the questions. Nicole replied saying that it was all up in his head and that he was going to more or less have to use his brain since she wasn't going to tell him, lol. But I think she took his request into account and gave him a simplier question
  4. ^ the .gifs make her new hair color more noticeable. i like it, it suits her bright, energetic demeanor and the summertime season
  5. lol today's episode overall was really hilarious. totally recommend to everyone just because everyone's reactions and physical comedy was just off the hook Nicole was so cute. There was a couple of parts where she was just incredibly adorable. When it was Chae Yeon's turn, she was doing some animal sounds and she asked Chae Yeon to name the chicken sound but Chae Yeon was kinda panicking and asking what was a chicken sound which made Nicole panic and get confused. Her confused looks are one of the best because her eyes get all round and shiny like a cartoon characters and she just looks so lost that you can't help but want to hug her She got surprised by the stream of air that blasts whenever time goes over. She must've been really concentrated because she liked jumped and then had the cutest expression like "oops". Aigoo, what am I going to do when her segment ends? Life is going to get so much more boring
  6. wow, i agree with mae. it really surprised me when i read the part about DSP. usually companies know all about their artists and what's going on... they respected her privacy and didn't inquire about it. makes me like them a bit more
  7. lol, the pictures show that Nicole was the type who grew into her looks. Some would say an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. I like to say it's like watching a carefree child grow into a cute adult whose personality is what makes her physical beauty stand out
  8. Nicole was adorable as usual. So glad that they aired today. Lol ooooo, Nicole and Hongki were flirrrtttiiinnn~ Hongki was saying how Nicole's segment was the only thing that he thought about whenever he came on the show and Nicole praised him by saying that he always answered the questions well. MC Jae Dong reminded them that they were here for a show, not for a date
  9. lmao gyuri's expression of extreme shock always consists of mouth turning into an oval O as she draws her head back a little does anyone else love the time difference between the first one and the second one? makes me miss her short hair and appreciate her long hair
  10. wow and whoa at all these celebrities showing up and giving support. some of them are really surprising and they makes fans realize that behind-the-scenes entertainers are very suportive of each other. after all who else knows all the hard work you put in and go through save your peers? I find it awesome how people are supposed to be in Japan (DBSK,BB) or in the military (Kangta) or just plan busy working have time to come to this humble shop and have some good ol' ramen. Either Nicole is very popular or peeps just like to keep tabs on each other Red Kitchen 대박나세요!!
  11. First Love: Sunghee Wife: Gyuri Mother: Hara Daughter: Seungyeon Best Friend: Jiyoung Daughter-in-Law: Nicole Setting jokes asides, I truly think that Sung Hee is every Kamilian's first love. She is that girl that you just loved with all your heart but things came inbetween and you had to separate. They say that a man, no matter how much of a player is he, always remembers his first love. And a first love is not only someone you'll always remember, but also someone that will never stop making you hold your breath the second you see her. Therefore, our Sungja is our first love
  12. lol Seungyeon knows English but the way she interprets Korean is how an average Korean would interpret it so she and Nicole are like never on the same page. Gyuri seems to understand a little where Nicole is coming from and gets the answers a little faster than Ham. Mae, the part about the old guy, Choi Yang Rak, was that he was/is a very famous comedian back in the '90s. You could say that he was the Yoo Jaesuk of the '90s. Anyways, he had a really well-known gag/joke and they asked Nicole if she knew about it. She knew the basic concept of it and when they asked CYR to explain it he said he'll do it later after the show was over. He showed her the gag and Nicole burst out laughing. I thought her laughing when no one else was was really cute
  13. I always thought that KARA had a bit more chubbier bodies than their peers because their arms or faces will always look more fuller and it wasn't until recently that I saw that their were in shape and had a even better physique. The girls really are just a group of girls who are confident in themselves and enjoy food.
  14. awww, Nicole was adorable in today's episode
  15. lol, uhh i don't think Gyuri needs any rescueing from anybody concerning herself and/or the group