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  1. I really fall in love with her rap in Honey Cute but still was a great rap.. I hope she can do more rap in next album
  2. It looks delicious.. Maybe i can try it sometimes But, the problem is how i can get Kimchi?
  3. Maybe she's doing couple sign? Like all the idol do? Hohohoho... just kidding.. Maybe she just said hi
  4. She still looks cute with bangs up She looks very close with Nana Are all of the 91 idols really have great relationship?
  5. She's so cute in Honey MV I love her rap part, cute and great All looks pure
  6. I'm not surprise She's known because of it right Min, Hyoyeon, Jinwoon and the others...
  7. Sticking out her tongue? I like it.. She do it usually when she's nervous right? Kekekkeke.... So cute
  8. You're right! I'm gonna do anything to get those abs... Really envy her
  9. Whoooaaa Thanks for the quotation I love it too... I'm really moved
  10. Yeah, she has it But, you only can see it if you zoom it It makes her face more attractive
  11. Hehehe... She looks cute when she asked Minho height.. Maybe they can be a couple
  12. She's really cute But, i don't think she's the only one did it.. I've seen many..
  13. She doesn't look happy Kekke Maybe because she really love her long hair
  14. Even when she's angry she still looks cute Kekekekke I wanna see her face when she's really angry
  15. She looks different but still sute She looks like Taeyeon in the first picture..